Why These Two Methods are Used in Autograph Collecting

Why These Two Methods are Used in Autograph Collecting

Autograph collecting can be a very rewarding and a fun hobby. If you are autograph collecting as an investment, meaning you plan to sell part of your collection from time to time, you may be disappointment with some of your autographs. Celebrities may use several ways to provide autographs for you. One methods used for autographs is a designated staff member. This person uses his time to autograph pictures, and other memorabilia for autograph collecting. Secretaries and other staff members practice signing the signature of celebrities and sign a very similar signature for autograph seekers.

The famous can stretch their visibility this way. Time is the reason for using others to do what fans want the famous to do. Many times there is no way to know the difference except you see it for yourself. Autograph collecting requires a human touch and unlike some of the other kinds of collecting can be easily copied. When you get two autographs from the same person and they are just alike, you know that some kind of automation was used.

It is humanly impossible to sign your name the same way every time. Therefore, some celebrities choose to use individuals to sign for them so the autograph is given a look of authenticity. The celebrity business have many requests daily for signatures, so this is one way they choose to accommodate these requests. It is not unheard of for a famous person to be completely out of the country for months and months at the time and still send you an autograph from their address. For the hobbyist, this is acceptable in many instances because they have no interests in making money off of the signature. If the autograph collecting is done as an investment, it is better to get autographs in person, and then you know what you are getting. There are many outlets too that sell autographed pictures and other items by celebrities. Many of these businesses are unscrupulous dealers who are out to make a quick buck.

Choose what kind of autograph collecting you wish to do. If you are just look for something as a reference point, this may not matter to your collection. These autographs are not free. These are businesses and these people earn a living selling all kinds of collectibles not just signatures but any collectible that will generate a dollar. If you do serious autograph collecting, take the time to see the person sign, and then you will know that you are getting the real thing. Another way stars use to send out autographs is by using a stamper. When a signature stamper is used, you will know it because every signature is the same. If you get two signatures from the same person and the two signatures are exactly alike more then likely a stamper has been used or some other form of automation.

With the advances in technology today, it is very easy to duplicate a signature. There are dealers of collectibles who preprint autographed photos of celebrities. If you want to have a true collection, when you are autograph collecting, it is best to get your own autographs.