Television VCR combo — the classic home video system

´╗┐Television VCR combo — the classic home video system

Televisions are not only used for viewing TV shows, but more homes utilize it to watch movies and videos. There are those who prefer just to stay in the comfort of their homes watching their favorite movies, than going out and watching it with everyone else in the cinemas. Also, there are times when teens have sleep-over and they end their night enjoying a chick flick or a recorded sporting event or a horror film. Oftentimes, when there aren’t any good shows on TV, people opt to just watch movies on TV.

Thanks to the television VCR combo, television DVD combo, and television VCD combo, that people get to enjoy their movies while sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed. These inventions have definitely made the movies reach more homes than ever. From the early and classic television VCR combo which was originally aimed to record audio and video but can only be afforded by companies and TV networks, to its modern format and model in the late 1970s that were produced for mass-market consumption. Then came the period of the Betamax and VHS rivalry, and then came the other formats and models of the 1980s competing for consumers’ patronage. But in the early 2000s, the beginning of a new century comes the beginning of new inventions, the DVDs started to rule the market, and gradually, the television VCR combo started to fade out. As more developments are made, new models have started to come out in the market and attracting consumers, and before the decade ends, a hybrid format will definitely conquer the market.

Looking back at the beginnings of the television VCR combo, one can say that it is because of the limited technology they have at that time, that the formats were like that — an hour recording only with a 2-inch tape costing around $50,000 making it affordable only by television networks and stations. But as history shows us, with the improvement of technology, so did those television VCR combos — with compact systems, longer running hours, thinner tapes, and lower prices, making it attractive to mass consumers.

However, in most homes today, one would rarely see these television VCR combos displayed and used, not because it is expensive, but rather, electronic companies stopped its production on these equipments because of the new models of home video systems launched in the market today. Through the influx of improved formats, so will this electronic battle continue, who knows what the next year of electronic equipments have in stored for all.