The Macrovision Remover Helps You Protect Your Dvd Collection.

The Macrovision Remover Helps You Protect Your Dvd Collection.

As any avid movie fan (read: DVD Collector) knows, the quality of the movies we buy on DVD is far more superior to just VHS. Often times there are special features, additional footage and even little games on our favorite DVD movies that we simply could never have hoped to enjoy on VHS tape. The only problem being of course is that DVD discs are simply not as damage proof as VHS movies were. All it takes is a little touch or a tiny scratch to make that $20.00 – $30.00 dollar DVD investment turn into nothing more than a coffee cup coaster.

Not to mention of you have kids that now know how to use the DVD player. They’ll be handling the DVD movies the same way they handle their toys, putting them down anywhere, touching the bottom of the disc with reckless abandon, and potentially scratching up your precious DVD movies beyond repair. And that’s where the word backup comes in. In order to protect your expensive movie collection from damage, dirt, dust, or dirty fingers, I would recommend to all DVD fans a simple solution. Backup your DVD Discs. By making a backup copy onto a VHS tape, your kids can still watch their favorite movies without you having to constantly replace them.

I myself love my DVD movies, and often purchase anywhere from 5-6 movies each and every month. And I swiftly make a backup copy of the most watched movies onto a blank VHS tape. Now, in a perfect world, this would take nothing more than connecting my VCR to my DVD player and simply recording the movie. There is however a problem. DVD movies contain something called Macrovision Protection. For those of you not clear on what this is, think of the green fading screen that you see if you’ve ever tried to backup your DVD to a VHS tape. While this green fading screen does not appear when you’re watching your DVD movie, it is always there. And for this reason, if you want to backup your DVD movies to a VHS tape to protect them, you’ll need what’s called a Macrovision Remover. The Macrovision remover is a little device that connects between your DVD player and your VHS machine. When connected, you will be able to bypass the Macrovision protection on the DVD disc, and easily record your DVD movie to a blank VHS tape.

Now, before we get into the lower quality of a VHS tape, it’s important to note that recording a DVD disc to a VHS tape will still provide you with a better quality viewing experience than buying that same movie on a VHS tape from the get go. More important than that though, you’ll be able to protect your DVD discs from getting damaged to the point that they simply will not even play in your DVD player. Great if you have kids or, you simply want to save that special collector’s edition of the latest movie and keep it in new condition.

Just what is Macrovision protection? Well, the Wikipedia has this to say about Macrovision: A VHS videotape or DVD (no laserdisc or video CD players implemented it) encoded with Macrovision will cause a VCR set to record it to fail (excluding very old models, modified VCRs, or those approved for "professional usage"). This is usually visible as a scrambled picture as if the tracking was incorrect, or the picture will fade between overly light and dark. A 6-head or 8-head VCR (most are 4-head) can minimize this fluctuation, so it is not as noticeable. A DVD recorder will simply display a message saying the source is copy-protected, and will pause the recording.

This is achieved through a signal implanted within the off screen range (vertical blanking interval) of the video signal—either physically recorded directly on the tape (as with VHS) or created on playback by a chip in the player (as with DVDs) or the digital cable/satellite box (as with all HDTV programs being down-converted to standard definition).

Now that you have a better understanding of what Macrovision is, I want to stress that it is both illegal and immoral for you to make a copy of your own DVD movie for the purpose of giving it to friends or family. After all, a lot of money, time and effort goes into making these great movies. Having said that, it is perfectly legal for you to make a backup copy of your OWN movie, so that you can protect your original DVD disc and keep it in perfect condition.

Far too often, we buy the newest movies and end up with a scratched or damaged disc. This is the only gripe I have with DVD movies. I felt the same way about Compact Discs when they first came out. I would strongly urge any movie fans or movie collectors to use the Macrovision Remover in order to save their DVD movies from damage. You can follow the links in my Bio for more information on the Macrovision Remover / DVD Decoder.

Want To Watch Movies On Your PSP?

Want To Watch Movies On Your PSP?

The Sony PSP was originally developed for playing cutting edge video games. This is what the PSP can do best. It has got superb display and sound quality and a media called UMD (Universal Media Disc) for mass storage.

But besides playing games the developers had another cool application for the console in mind: Watching movies and video clips. The display of the PSP has the perfect ‘wide-screen’ format to display current movies in their full wide-screen format. It turns out that the resolution of the PSP display is able to render movies in a quality that you normally wouldn’t expect from a small device like this.

If you have even been on a flight were people left and right of you just watch the board movie you know how it is if you take you PSP and watch your favorite Star Trek episode. You know how good it feels to get all these envious looks. Some people may pretend they are not watching – others will openly ask you: ‘Hey, I didn’t know you could watch movies like that with a PSP – I bought this for my son but I thought it was just for video games.’ So many times I have heard this or a similar statement.

In general people are surprised by the quality of the image displayed by the PSP. If you hold the PSP in your hand you get a sufficient details level to enjoy an entire movie.

There are two ways to watch movies on your PSP: One is to buy movies on UMDs. These are available in most electronic shops where they sell PSP games. The discs are even smaller than the old mini-CDs that the record industry tried to establish.

However, you cannot buy all movies on UMD. Especially TV-series are not usually found on UMDs. Also, if you already have your favorite movies at home on a DVD you don’t want to buy them again. Especially since the price of a UMD can be even higher than the DVD.

The second option that is very trendy right now is to download PSP movies from the net or convert your existing DVDs and transfer the movie to the PSP.

Unfortunately UMDs are not writable so the only place where you can store a movie on a PSP is the memory stick. The memory stick was designed to hold saved games, but Sony quickly realized that people wanted to put all kinds of things on the PSP like music and videos. So now memory sticks with 1GB or more are easily available and affordable.

For watching movie you should have a memory stick of at least 1GB. Anything smaller will not give you’re the full length or quality for a movie.

Fortunately there is software available that automatically converts a DVD into the right format and transfers it to the DVD.

The Netflix Phenomena

The Netflix Phenomena

For years now Netflix has been providing a service like no other. They are the pioneers of the Internet movie renting era. They are the ones that started the entire concept of renting your movies online for less and for millions of people this has meant affordable and convenient renting schedules unlike those of Blockbuster and other old fashioned movie stores.
The days of driving like crazy to the rental store just to get that new release are long gone and it is primarily thanks to the service that Netflix provides. It is ingenious really. You are able to rent many more movies for less than you have paid in the past. In fact, there is no limit to the number of movies that you can rent from this particular service. If you pay the full movie rental package price you can rent as many as you can watch in a month and never pay more than the membership price. The mail is always reliable and safe which is another bonus of Netflix over some of their direct competitors.
There is nothing easier than renting movies online. All you have to do is sign up for a membership and start choosing the movies that you want to watch at home. Netflix has over 45,000 movies to choose from so it is not like you are going to have a hard time choosing the ones that your entire family will enjoy. The movies come in the mail in one or two days every time and you can watch them at your leisure. That is what makes this service so popular with your average movie watcher. Being able to take your time with each movie is priceless. You never get charged late fees no matter how long you have kept the movie.
It is important that you get to know just how Netflix works before you sign up for a membership. You will be able to start choosing movies right away. As you choose titles they will form a queue. You can arrange this list or queue any way that you want, most people arrange it so that the movies they most want to see are at the top of the list. The top three movies will be sent to your home immediately and they will arrive in one or two days. If by chance one of the movies is not available then Netflix will automatically move down to the next available movie on this list.
When the movies are sent to you, there will also be a return envelope that you can put the movies into when it comes time to return them to Netflix. For every movie that you send back another from your queue will be sent out to you, this assures that you will never be movieless on a Saturday night again! And the return package is postage paid as well so you never have to get stamps or get the package weighed or any of that regular mailing hassle.
The fact that there are so many great movies to choose from is what has made Netflix such a hit over the last seven years. They get all of the top new releases right away and they have a great selection of the old classics and cult hits. Everything from action to comedy to animated features is available at Netflix and you can get as many of them as you want per month. And look at it this way, they never close either which only adds to the convenience associated with Netflix.
Netflix has a great range of membership plans for you to choose from and they start for under ten dollars a month. There are never any hidden charges with Netflix, never. You will not have to pay any shipping either to you or back to Netflix so this is never a concern and all you have to pay is your monthly membership plan price. And for those of you who are thinking that this sounds too good to be true there is a free two week trial that is available so that you can see just how easy and convenient Netflix really is to use.

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

PSP (PlayStation Portable) was released by Sony Computer Entertainment into the U.S. markets in 2005 as a full-service, handheld entertainment system capable of delivering most every media source in a single tiny portable device. Since that time Sony has recorded sales in excess of 31 million units worldwide. Technology in the entertainment field has grown exponentially in the past two decades.

Movies are made of higher digital quality, video games are of absolute higher quality, and music is received and shared much easier with the advent of higher technology, including the Internet. Now all this is available in the palm of your hand. PSP movies, music, photos, Internet access, other video sources, and games are all compatible with the PSP system. A memory stick accessory will help to facilitate or enhance many of these features available to users.

The PSP system is constructed with a standard widescreen high resolution LCD display and stereo speakers to enjoy these many forms of media. One of the greatest sources of media to enjoy on the go is PSP movies. These can be watched by either saving the movie to the memory stick from the Internet to play through the PSP, downloading through the wireless Internet connectivity option directly into the PSP, or through a pre-recorded UMD (Universal Media Disk) movie similar to a DVD. This allows users to watch movies on their handheld device 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and anywhere they may be.

Downloading through the PSP website is extremely simple and takes only a few clicks. Many free downloads are available from the website for viewing as well, which include game demos, game trailers, and movie trailers. UMD movies are available at most stores carrying electronics. Over 430 UMD titles are in current circulation, consisting of movies and television shows. Titles available include new movies, classics, and recent television hits. Some of the titles available in UMD are Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Ice Age 2, Gridiron Gang, Open Season, The Marine, Scarface, and the Family Guy to name only a few.

To enjoy the PSP movies available, many accessories would be helpful. Headphones allow users to listen to the movie comfortably while not disturbing others while in public spaces. A remote control comes with headphones for added control of the movie experience. Car adapters and AC adapters allow for unlimited viewing without the concern of the battery running out of charge during the movie.

With hundreds of PSP movies and television shows available for download and for purchase as a UMD, this is truly a major highlight of the PSP system. The ability to watch movies on the same system you can also manage photos with, play high resolution games with, and listen to music with all from your hands is astounding. Coupled with Sony’s constant upgrading of the PSP system, software and accessories, the titles will continue to grow as will the features and benefits of the PSP. And the popularity of the PSP will grow as quickly.

My Favorite Movies Journal

My Favorite Movies Journal

The movies–what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I love going to the movies. When I thought about why I look forward to going to a movie, I realized it was like meditation for me. The only thing that was on my mind was what was in front of me on the screen. I am in the moment when I am at a movie.
Remember the movie "Harold and Maude"? Although this was decades ago, I remember it well. I started to cry during the movie and did not stop until late that night. This movie brought up so many feelings for me. I identified with Harold. I identified with Maude. I identified with what made each of them different from most people, yet so similar to each other.
Movies are a wonderful vehicle from which we can learn and feel. We can see more about ourselves and the world that surrounds us through movies. We can consider how we might handle the same situations we just watched in a movie. What we would have done differently, and done the same.
A great way to enhance your movie experience is to keep a "Favorite Movies" journal or diary. You can use a blank book, one that you use only for your favorite movies or add your movie favorites to your existing journal entries. Write down the movie title, the date you saw it and with whom you went. You can even paste your ticket stub into your journal next to the title. Journal if you connected with the characters, what you learned and took away from each and what your feelings were.
Movies entertain us, but they can also teach us. What did you learn about yourself? Others? The world?
Did you hear a memorable line, like: "I’ll be back" from the movie "Terminator" with Arnold Schwartzenegger or "God put you in my path" from the movie "The Four Feathers"?
Was there a memorable scene? Did it move you? Why?
Would you rewrite the ending? If so, why and what would it be?
When you keep a journal of your favorite movies, your movie experience can continue long after the popcorn is gone and the lights are back on.

Unlimited PSP Downloads

Unlimited PSP Downloads

It is not needful that you always acknowledge the music, games and movies you fervor to drive on the PSP. There are acutely options available on the internet where you can blessing of your cuffo PSP downloads.

The PSPs are usually handheld devices where you can ferry the movies, music, software, games, e-books, images and TV shows that you download from the Wi-Fi formidable spots of the internet. This is where you can interest of your free lunch PSP downloads for assistance on the PSP.

The right-hand contemplate these downloads are called for free is because skillful is no godsend for you to check a physical disc to download the programs. They just have to be downloaded to a computer, and then transferred from the computer to the PSP.

The boon corporation you have to execute to rack up for love PSP downloads is to surf the internet for the separate sites. There are many sites on the internet that offer free PSP downloads to PSP owners.

These sites are much gratuitous where you true have to memento wherein you can download all the games, music, movies, etc for mitzvah on your PSP. These sites have two types of offers; some sites dirty deed a daily membership fees while others have a once off membership fees wherein there are no limitations on the number of free PSP downloads you make.

In fact, you are besides permitted to ignite these downloads on a disc.

Collecting gigantic PSP downloads for movies was ludicrous in the year without light rooted holes in our pockets. Watching PSP movies on your PSP past on the affect in the train, car or bus was such an enjoyable experience.

But once the believe identify statement arrives at your desk, suddenly practice jolts you shoulder onto earth. Your credit mission has been busted and you instantly realize that you have spent all your money building your private collection of PSP movies and games.

Well, qualified is a shortcut to omit this scenario. Let us double o at what are the options available if you are tempted to have your ulterior PSP movie.

We used to be compelling to regulate PSP movies lone in the Universal Media Disc (UMD) format. Anyone who has bought a paragon of these PSP UMD would be schooled that it is not the cheapest initiate of entertainment. Many mankind felt that they did not really have many choices if they wanted to watch a movie on their PSP.

The UMD movies are profitable and the result is limited. The technology has untrue them reasonably unaffordable to teens, which procreate a pragmatic ratio of their target market. Naturally, sales plummeted and many studios and distributors are unwilling to release more movies in the UMD format. It is little wonder why the UMD movies could not take off.

Forget about UMD movies. It is breathtaking how PSP fans came reinforcement with innovatory solutions to this problem. People began to skyrocket movies guillotine DVDs onto their PC before transferring the queue engrossment the PSP. It is possible to do so since the movie format is compatible with the Sony memory sticks.

However, competent are two shortcomings in this unexpurgated works of ripping and copying. Firstly, the cognizance sticks score not have enough understanding mind our hard drives. The quality of the movies is compromised. Secondly, some DVDs are copyrighted, view that they are challenging coded and ace is no routine you can experiment them and streak the blithe off.

You can vision the aggrandized DVDs to be coded in congenerous a manner. It seems that the manufacturers and studios have bowled over PSP users at their game.

It is reasonably ironical due to these users are paragon of the movie watching clump who has been fuelling the challenge for more movies through the years. Then again, its an issue of profits and if you are not paying to rip the movie, they have every right to stop you from doing so.

It seems rejoice in PSP users are stuck in a grid lock. Fortunately, understanding commotion citizens aphorism the flexibility and common membership sites that offer unlimited PSP downloads of movies, games, music, TV shows, etc.

Shopping For DVD Movies

Shopping For DVD Movies

Technology has taken us from Beta to VHS and now to DVD movies. With each new step of technology, the pictures became more clear, the sound more defined and an improved experience overall. However, nothing has matched the quality of DVD movies. With crystal clear images, incomparable sounds and tons of added features, DVD movies are a hit.

Gone are the days when a movie rental was just a movie. These days, a DVD rental includes not only the movie, but also deleted scenes, cast interviews, commentary and often even a documentary on how the film was made. Video store rentals are excellent, but what if you don’t have a local rental store? No problem. Several big name retailers offer online rentals, which means that a video store is now just a click away. For a monthly fee, online rental companies will allow you to create a wish list of DVD movies that you want to see. They will send a movie from your list and, after you watch it, it is returned in exchange for another selection on your list. This process goes on and on without any additional cost to the customer. The only thing you pay for is a monthly membership fee. So, whether it’s online or in person, a video store is a terrific place to rent Hollywood’s latest hit movies.

If you are looking to purchase a video, the options are equally unlimited. Virtually every retail store has an electronic section in which they offer DVD movies for sale. The new releases are generally more expensive than others so, if you’re on a budget, check out the titles that have been released for a year or longer. You may be surprised at the bargains to be found. Another purchasing option is through a video club. With this type of membership, you simply sign up and select several movies at an unbelievable low price. In exchange for the bargain, you agree to purchase a predetermined number of movies over the next several years. Each month, the video club will send a video catalog and selection card. Be sure to read the selection card carefully because you may have to return it to the company. Typically, a director’s selection is chosen every month and is automatically sent to the customer unless they indicate they do not wish to receive it. A customer can indicate that they do not wish to receive this selection simply by marking the appropriate box on the selection card and mailing it back. Or, often times, customers may indicate their wishes online without having to spend money on postage to mail the selection card back. Video clubs are a terrific way to build a nice collection of DVD movies and they offer terrific deals every month.

If you’re still in the market for DVD movies and haven’t found a video rental store or local retailer, check out one of the many online retailers who offer a wide variety of DVD movies for sale. With the internet, a customer’s options are virtually endless. A never ending sea of DVD movies are just a click away.

Enjoying Mountain Climbing Movies

Enjoying Mountain Climbing Movies

Movies depict real lives. That is why through the years, people of all ages have been hooked on movies that movie producers and stars are earning hefty money from sales of movie tickets and other movie-related memorabilia.

Because movies are depictions of life, the medium is covering all the subjects that could be of great interest. Now, movies are evolving. They aren’t only confined to stellar flicks with famous celebrities on interesting story plots.

Documentaries are slowly conquering the movie scenes because people patronize them enthusiastically. Thus, mountain climbing can be seen at movies now.

Don’t get it wrong. Through, there are movies that have plots pinning stars to mountain climbing scenes, those about mountain climbing are different. Those movies are documentaries that provide video accounts about a person’s adventure on the trek to a mountain.

Climbing movies, as they are popularly called, are slowly becoming everywhere. With the rising popularity of documentaries, more and more people are starting to recognize the informative and entertaining nature of such flicks.

Thus, people who want to experience the thrill, fear and difficulties in mountain climbing need not actually experience the activity anymore. To know more about the real-life occurrences when mountain climbing, all you have to do is to buy a mountain climbing movie.

Now, you can experience mountain climbing in the comfort of your home. You can actually sit comfortably at the sofa or lay down on the bed, and at the same time climb the steep trek upward a mountain.

That is the wonder of the modern mountain climbing movie experience. You can actually eat while looking at the steep way or appreciating the blue sky and the view from the mountain.

Of course, these movies offer not only that. You will also learn from the experiences of the mountain climber who is documenting the experience. You will learn about the do’s and the don’ts in mountain climbing, as well as the dangers that await climbers if they aren’t attentive enough about the surroundings.

Watching climbers take the trek and encounter many mountain climbing challenges is truly a breath-taking activity. The movies can certainly serve as basis for your own personal mountain climbing training.

Or simply, you could just marvel at the numerous sights, which can only be found in mountains. Mountain climbing movies aren’t expensive, so owning copies won’t hurt your budget.

Get one now and enjoy the thrill of conquering a mountain.

Download Full Version Movies

Download Full Version Movies

Thanks to the internet and high speed Internet connection in most households today, it is just natural that most of us can download full version movies from the comfort of our own home.

Past are the days that we needed to go out to the local DVD store to buy or rent a DVD when we can just simply open our computer and download full version movies right off the Internet.

There are huge advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using the internet as a free source.

The advantages are obvious.

The Variety and the freedom to choose our full version movie downloads are almost endless. Just Google download full version movies and you will get 82,500,000!!! (To date) WebPages, many of them offer to download full version movies for free.

The disadvantage is that the amount of offers you are presented with could be overwhelming. Like going into a huge toy store and try to decide which toy you want to buy.

That wouldn’t be so bad, especially when you are presented with so many free offers. "Toys you can get for free"…. BUT all that "free" stuff offered across the net could be very dangerous for your computer’s safety.

Downloads from an unknown sources could carry viruses and spyware that could attack your computer and cause great damage.

Another issue that must be addressed and to many of us ignore is the violation of copyright laws.
There are quite a few online movie download sites that permit you to download free full version movies but they are illegal.

It is of outmost importance to only download copyright free and piracy free movies.

To enjoy all the current, high quality full version movies downloads I highly recommend signing up for the credited and well established Paid Online Movie Sites.

Yes, its not free, but for a one time membership fee which is about 45$ – 50$ you can download unlimited full version movies including the most current ones as well as get full access to all their archives of games and music – all legal.

Checking various free movie download sites I also found the movies to be of low quality and in many cases the download speed was very slow.

Paid movie download sites, on the other hand, offer superb quality movies and the download speed is much faster.

If you want to download full version movies I highly recommend paid movie download sites.

Free Movie Downloads

Free Movie Downloads

The internet has revolutionized the world in more ways than one. Beginning as a virtual storehouse of all information, it progressed to provide other services like downloading free songs, music videos and movies.

Aside from watching movies in the theatre, you have the option of renting a video and watching it in the privacy of your home. Though movie rentals are still a popular option, the latest buzz is downloading movies from the internet.

The trend of downloading movies from the internet has become so popular that a website has claimed that at least three billion movies, video songs and clips were downloaded in just one month. The claim may or may not be an exaggeration, but it definitely points to the increasing popularity of downloading movies.

One way to download a movie is the file swapping method. This works in the same way as sharing music files. The process is, for the most part, illegal. Those involved gain access to sneak previews of the movies, copy the film and put them on websites. In fact, these movies reach people faster than they do in theaters.

Film companies stand to lose, and it is no surprise that they have tried to take legal recourse to find a solution.

In a bid to stop this menace, movie companies are trying to save the day by offering movies for free downloading. For this, customers need to pay a fee and watch the movie within twenty-four hours or the files become inaccessible.