Netflix Pro And Cons-Dont Run Out To Get Movies

Netflix Pro And Cons-Dont Run Out To Get Movies

In the past renting a movie would be a bit of adventure as you would have to run out to the rental store to get a movie. However times have changed and we can now rent all the movies we want from the comfort of our own home. Netflix is probably the most recognized name when it comes to at home movie rentals. But is Netflix really the best option for you?

The Netflix Pro and Cons can make or break whether you actually use their surface, but it is dependent on the individual and what you are looking for. The most obvious advance of utilizing Netflix is of course the fact that you do not even need to leave your house, you can just sign up, pick out the movies you want, and they are mailed directly to your house.

But that also leads into a fairly significant con as well. Sometimes you just want to go watch a movie, not wait a couple days. With Netflix you will not receive your movies for several days since they are mailed to you. So if you want to watch a movie that night, then you are kind of out of luck.

When talking about Netflix Pro and Cons the next pro might seem more like a con, and that is the subscription fee. It seems like a con, because it is, but it is also a pro depending on your movie watching habits. You see, if you are an avid movie fan and watch tons of movies, then this subscription fee is actually a pro. You pay one flat fee and can see all the movies you want during that month. This is very rapidly end up saving you money then if you had individually rented each movie.

But for those who only watch the occasional movie every now and then it becomes more of a con. You are paying for this service that you do not often use, and if you do want to use it you have to wait a few days before you even get your movie and it just is not worth it. So if you find yourself only watching a couple movies a month, then I would advise sticking with your local rental store.

The last big Netflix Pro and Cons is simply it’s selection. The pro aspect of this is that Netflix carries a vast library of movies and television shows, often times much greater then any local shop. This comes at a price though as Netflix will often not carry new releases and you will be forced to wait even longer to get them.

Most brick and mortar stores will have new releases the day they are released. So if you want to see a movie the day it comes out, checking out the local stores might actually be a better choice then relying on Netflix.

Overall, if you are an avid movie fan and watch plenty of them, Netflix is definitely the way to go. But if you find yourself only watching the odd movie now and then, I would advise simply sticking with the local stores.

How Much Is Your Popcorn Worth?

How Much Is Your Popcorn Worth?

Could buying popcorn in a theatre be a ‘conditioned’ response? Could it be that people are ‘trained’ to believe that movies and popcorn go ‘hand in hand’ – and that one without the other is…."incomplete?" And, therefore, price is just not an issue at all?
What a powerful place to be as a marketer, wouldn’t you agree?
Of course, there are some customers who fall in the above group yet still aren’t completely happy with the experience. They still end up buying the popcorn because the desire to have popcorn with their movie outweighs the pain of having to pay the higher price.
Here are more answers that I received…
"It is marketed as all part of the movie going experience! And they’ve got a captive audience – you can’t get it in there unless you buy it from them. So if you want to experience the movie it it’s fullest extent, you need to get the popcorn, and it needs to be their popcorn."
And another…
"First off may I say it is the conditioning that the movie theatres, producers etc have done. Movies and popcorn go hand in hand. The movie goer has been conditioned all throughout life, so that is what is on their minds when going to a movie. Once at the movies the smell of popcorn cooking, the power of the senses reinforces the thought of movies and popcorn. Once at the movies you are a captive audience."
Yep. As, you can see, there’s more than one marketing principle at work here. Stacked on top of each other, these strategies produce the overall result that’s very powerful and very effective.
I’ll go over each one below. And…I’ll also cover one big mistake movie theatres are making.
Let’s discuss the various marketing principles that are involved in "popcorn marketing":
1. Conditioning and Programmed Responses
Since childhood, people have been ‘conditioned’ to associate popcorn with movies. Growing up, many of us enjoyed popcorn with our favourite movies, and we now see a bag of popcorn as an addition to the "overall" movie-enjoying experience. Some of us even see it as a ‘requirement’ to watching a movie.
Here’s how one of my smart subscribers explained it…
“I think cinemas are relying on a very strong emotion — nostalgia. Many of our happiest memories from childhood probably involve experiencing wonderful movies, maybe Bambi or Mary Poppins. It is likely that popcorn accompanied these life-changing events. Whenever we go to see a movie, popcorn will be linked with some of our happiest memories. I’m surprise they can’t get away with charging more!”
Bingo! We have been conditioned and ‘trained’ to believe that movies and popcorn go hand in hand. Watching a movie without having popcorn somehow doesn’t seem ‘complete.’
Eating popcorn by itself may or may not do anything for people. But, having popcorn while enjoying a movie is the "icing on the cake." It enhances the movie-going experience.
Yet, others are conditioned to want to munch on ‘something’ while they’re watching a movie, be it popcorn, a hotdog, or any other snack. Because of this conditioning, they will buy something from the concession stand, despite the high prices.
But here’s what’s really interesting… movie theatres didn’t create this demand or ‘conditioned’ response. They simply aligned with an ‘existing’ demand, an existing ‘conditioning’ and fulfilled it.
What are the other demands and ‘conditioning’ mechanisms that exist around you which you could tap into and profit from? Look around. I’m sure you’ll start to see many of them once you shift your focus towards that.

What is movie and movie history

What is movie and movie history

Movie is a term that encompasses individual motion pictures, the field of movie as an art form, and the motion picture industry. Movies are produced by recording images from the world with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or special effects.

Movies are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them. Movie is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment, and a powerful method for educating — or indoctrinating — citizens. The visual elements of cinema give motion pictures a universal power of communication; some movies have become popular worldwide attractions by using dubbing or subtitles that translate the dialogue.

Traditional Movies are made up of a series of individual images called frames. When these images are shown rapidly in succession, a viewer has the illusion that motion is occurring. The viewer cannot see the flickering between frames due to an effect known as persistence of vision, whereby the eye retains a visual image for a fraction of a second after the source has been removed. Viewers perceive motion due to a psychological effect called beta movement.

The origin of the name "film" comes from the fact that photographic film (also called film stock) had historically been the primary medium for recording and displaying motion pictures. Many other terms exist for an individual motion picture, including picture, picture show, photo-play, flick, and most commonly, movie. Additional terms for the field in general include the big screen, the silver screen, the cinema, and the movies.

How to Legally Download Movies on the Internet

How to Legally Download Movies on the Internet

With more and more people using broadband we are seeing and increase in options for content from the internet. One of these is movies. Due to the large file size of video content, it was not practical for this type of content for dial up users. This is all changing as broadband becomes the standard method to use the internet.

Early adopters of this new approach have gone so far as to cancel their cable TV subscriptions but not all content can be downloaded on the internet at this point. Still, this trend will likely continue as more content becomes available. Let’s look at some of the top five latest sources for online movies. offers downloadable movies that can be played for up to 24 hours after you start watching them. There are no membership fees and you pay $2.99 to $3.99 per rental. The current selection includes over 7500 films as well as a selection of free movie downloads. has movie downloads starting at $1.99. They have a decent and growing selection of new releases and classics. Unlimited viewings per download for 24 hours. Nice selection of free downloads also. They offer student discounts and weekly half off specials. offers a monthly subscription plan that allows unlimited monthly downloads for $12.95. Like the cable version of Starz channel, you won’t find the latest releases, but there are over 300 movies each month to choose from. They offer a 14 day free trial, so it’s worth checking out. contains over 1000 titles with new titles weekly. This service is also related to the Starz cable channel. Unlimited downloads and unlimited view times for standard titles. The monthly subscription is $9.99. They also have a pay per view fee for latest releases.

There are a number of other sites that offer legal movie downloads of non-mainstream theater movies, and of course TV programs. For more sources see .

John Wayne

John Wayne

You remember John Wayne right? It’s okay we won’t tell anyone you’re old enough to remember. John Wayne is fondly remembered for his terrific cowboy pictures and his many wild west movies.
Did you know that some of his movies were based on fact? Although most of his movies were fiction there were some that were not. John Wayne’s role as an actor has been wide and varied. He has played a wide scope of characters ranging from cowboys to solders.
John Wayne was born on May 26 1907 in Winterset Iowa as Marion Robert Morrison. Did you know his nickname was Duke? In fact John Wayne actually produced some movies under his nickname.
Duke was a handsome feller, with his six feet four inches tall frame, brown hair and blue eyes. Many a gal couldn’t resist! Duke played football at University of Southern California and eventually he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity.
There is much discussion between movie buffs about which movie should be credited as John Wayne’s first. At the end of the day, most agree Words and Music shot in 1929 should be classified as his first movie, even though he acted under the name Duke Morrison.
John Wayne or Duke stored in many wild west cowboy movies. His screen career was longer than most, and even today his movies are still very popular.
Some of his classic cowboy movies were Lawless Range where he aids settlers who are harassed by desperadoes. Wayne is captured and must plan his escape before it is too late. This great oldy but goldy was directed by Robert Bradbury in 1935 and was shown in black and white.
Another of John Wayne’s classics was The Range Feud directed by Ross Lederman and produced in 1931. This is a westernized Romeo And Juliet gem. Two Arizona families feud over land while John Wayne threaten to distinguish the flame between himself and co-actress Susan Fleming
The Lucky Texan starring John Wayne with George Gabby Hayes was produced in 1934 and directed by Robert Bradbury. This unlikely pairing of Wayne and Gabby produced a miner hard luck story. The pair strikes gold in their mine, but their luck turns for the worst when some low down claim jumpers frame Gabby for murder in order to get the claim
In Two Fisted Law, he stars as a rancher on the brink of losing his ranch. To make matters worse he is on the brink of also losing his girlfriend and his freedom when he becomes the prime suspect of the Wells Fargo Express Office robbery.
His role as Ringo Kid in the 1939 movie Stagecoach directed by John Ford, was the movie that made him a star. This was Duke’s ticket to stardom. The 1976 movie Shootest was the last movie Duke made.
Whether cowboy or movie buff, anyone who has watched John Wayne, also called the Duke, you have to admit that John Wayne in his wild west cowboy movies is one of the greatest cowboys ever to hit the screen! starred

Latest Movies – What You-Need-To-Know Guide.

Latest Movies – What You-Need-To-Know Guide.

Have you watched any good movies recently? Well okay, the fact is there haven’t been a lot to choose from. Come on, what I meant is, is there anything that is not a sequel or a re-make nowadays? At present I know for a fact that lots of screenwriters from around the world are pumping out new scripts all the time; perhaps even one hundred thousand a year or so. Therefore, the problem lies within the inner circle of Hollywood. The movie business has just gone down hill.

In any case you can pop open your favorite search engine and do a quick surf for the latest movies. Tell me, once you’ve opened your local movie guide; which ones you actually want to pay eight bucks to see. Sure this can be a tricky decision with the whole 50 dollar concessions fee and all. Regardless of Hollywood’s lack of nuance and clever material, movies will continue to turn a large profit around the globe. So what are you waiting for…have you bought your tickets yet?

Do you know how many of the latest movies are 50 percent CG? Well, I’m talking about computer graphics. Lately this is one of the brilliant aspects of film. I am not saying this because it requires less of the actors or film crew, but because it allows us to believe. Everything looks so real that we forget we’re watching a fantasy world. This is truly a great aspect of film, you sure can get lost in it for a while.

In fact recently I watched the movie, Silent Hill, and it did a marvelous job with special effects. I simply don’t understand how they would have made the film without them. On a different note, the cool thing about heading out to the movie theater nowadays is the convenience. You no longer have to call that hotline and sit through the whole spiel, only to realize later that you weren’t paying attention when they announced the show times for your film of choice. The big World-Wide-Web does it all for us. If you prefer you can bring up any movie theater’s website and check out the show times. Several of these sites even allow you to purchase the tickets online. That means no waiting at the front. You can head straight in to the concessions.

It’s that simple! You can check out the latest movies listed on your home computer. If you’re planning to head out this Friday night with the girl of your dreams or that cute boy from next door, maybe you should hop online and look through the show times for the latest movies available. Or if you like, you can even skip ahead and see what’s playing Friday. The latest movies and show times are right at your fingertips.

Science Fiction Movies

Science Fiction Movies

In recent years, science fiction movies have made a big comeback in Hollywood and I, for one, consider that a very good thing.

I like to be surprised when I go to the movies. I like to see things that I’ve never seen before and I like to be confronted by virtual realities that I did not even think possible. That’s why science fiction movies are my cup of tea.

They traditionally cover a wide range of subjects and themes, including several that are uniquely their own. Today’s trend in science fiction puts a premium on special effects, backed by today’s cutting-edge technology that can make even the most bizarre scenes seem realistic, such as alien life forms, spectacular battles in outer space, time travel or traveling to other worlds at the speed of light.

Often, science fiction films are purely speculative in nature and are peppered with recurring themes involving science and technology. Other prevalent themes in sci-fi movies are mysticism, magic, the occult and the supernatural, which are also key elements of fantasy or occult/religious movies. In fact, quite a number of films blur the line between these genre, such as Forbidden Planet, Chronicles of Riddick, and the Star Wars series.

It’s hard to define precisely what makes a science fiction film because the genre has no universally accepted definition. In fact, science fiction may vary from viewer to viewer in that what is sci-fi to me may be fantasy or horror to you.

If you’ve been a long-time fan of Hollywood, then you know that science fiction has come a long way. There was a time when special effects meant putting a toy spaceship at the end of a string and waving it in front of a camera or having someone dress up as an orangutan and terrorizing an entire city. Certainly, the special effects in science fiction movies have evolved from the downright laughable to today’s breath-taking and awe-inspiring treatments that seem truly realistic. Some of the great milestones in this regard are marked by films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Star Wars films, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Matrix.

Of course, science fiction films just seem to be getting better by the year, as evidenced by such recent hits as "Lord of the Rings", "I, Robot" and "Superman Returns."

Download The Latest Sony PSP Games And Movies Easily

Download The Latest Sony PSP Games And Movies Easily

Lets face it, If you are one of the many people who currently own a sony psp console, you will know that trying to find the best place to get your psp games and movies can sometimes be a frustrating task.Sure you can go down to the local shops, but how many times have you been dissapointed at the fact that that they don’t have your wanted item in stock.This is clearly due to the fact that latest movies and games are immediately sold because of the ever increasing popularity of the PSP Console.

So what are your other options.Well, clearly another option which most people take advantage of is the fact that nowadays PSP games and movies are available for download on the Internet.There are many sites out there which have wide varieties of PSP downloads on offer, but what about their service? Most of them are free and that’s great, but being able to download PSP games and movies for free will come with a price.That price is the possibility that you are downloading copyrighted or pirated software.But that is not the only problem.We all know how free software can be filled with Spyware and adware which can harmfully affect your computer once it has been downloaded.Having said this, getting something for free is not the way to go.So what option do you have now.Well, the other option is to make use of pay per download services.Pay per download services are legitimate, do not give you access to pirated software and allow you to have access to a database of many downloads( PSP movies and games in this case) which can be downloaded at rapid speeds without hassle.

But now, how does one go about finding out which PSP download sites offer the best services at the lowest price.Well, that’s when you have got to look around for yourself.I own a Sony PSP and have found that PSP Wizard has the cheapest membership options ($19 unlimited)as well as possibly one of the largest PSP download varieties around.It offers games,movies,mp3′s and much more for you to enjoy.So, it’s of course up to you to decide which site offers the best services, but it’s worth checking out.

Who Will Win the Online Movie Rental War

Who Will Win the Online Movie Rental War

Online DVD rentals are becoming more and more popular with consumers as people move away from VHS, become more comfortable generally with buying online, get sick and tired of paying for higher and higher movie ticket prices.

Online DVD rentals are both a fast and convenient way to rent movies. Online DVD film rental companies allow a person to rent and buy DVD movies online through the mail. Normally, a customer interacts with the DVD rental company via the Internet and receives the films ordered via regular mail.

<b>How DVD film rental works</b>

DVD film rental companies operate on the following model: A new customer joins the DVD rental service and creates a list of good movies they will like to rent, This is called there Q or Queue, and next the DVD rental company sends movies from the customers list by regular mail, finally the customer receives the films, views them and sends them back and receives another film from list.

The two top companies right now are Blockbuster & Netflix. Both of them have there avenges and offer basically the same thing. But in my option I love Blockbuster, just for the mere sake that after I watch the online rentals I can go to the Blockbuster right across the street and exchange them for more movies or games.

But for more details you should check out both of them and decide which one is will meet your needs better.
Both Blockbuster & Netflix offer a free DVD film rental trail, but at the end of this article I’m show you how to try the free trial.

<b>Blockbuster DVD Film Rental</b>

Although the first online rental company has to be Netfilx. Netflix quickly became popular with the renting movies by mail, but when Blockbuster start there movies by mail service, they quickly over took Netflix. By offering an easy to use, quick and affordable solution to Netflix.

<b>My 3 Reasons Why</b>

The reason I don’t use Netflix and won’t advice anyone to use its service is because their service is expensive, DVD delivery is slow and they don’t provide coupons as often as Blockbuster does.

Another reason I use Blockbuster to rent and buy DVD movies on-line is because they provide free movie and game rental coupons to users each month.

The last reason I love Blockbuster’s service is their fast and efficient delivery of DVD rentals, they have an arrangement with USPS that enables Blockbuster to electronically register DVD’s refund before they actually arrive their office. This saves time for both Blockbuster and their users benefit from greater turn-around time for their next DVD rental.

If you are looking for an efficient, reliable and affordable Online DVD film rental service, I highly recommend Blockbuster online DVD rental.