Rent Movies on the Web

Rent Movies on the Web

Renting movies on the web can be a huge time saver for most rural living individuals who have to commute a fairly large distance to rent their favorite movies. Today, we will be examining why movie rentals online are gaining so much popularity.


Convenience is truly a luxury worth having these days. People are looking for ways to save time and effort. Everything these days has to be fast and easy. Movie rental companies on the web provide that and much more. First of all and most important they deliver the movie right to your front door. No more wasting your gas going to your favorite rental store, only to find out that the movie you wanted is no longer available and won’t be available until you make that drive again. Gas is too expensive these day, who wants to spend all that money driving to a movie store when you can easily accomplish the same task on your home computer?


The average movie store charges from $3.00 to $6.00 dollars per movie rental. As you can see, this could get very expensive, especially if you’re renting numerous titles per week. Most of the well known movie rental clubs like Netflix, Blockbuster Online, Intelliflix and DVD Avenue only charge $12.95 to $19.95 per month for unlimited movie rentals. So let’s say you rent 2 titles per week at the local movie store. That equal around $30.00 dollars per month compared to $12 to $13 dollars per month with the online alternative. This is a large savings at the end of the month.

Not only does this become very cost affective for you in the long run, but you also get a larger selection of movies to watch from the web as well, which brings us to the next point.


If you thought that the selection of movie titles was incredible at your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, you ain’t seen nothing yet. When you rent movies on the web, your not only renting some of the newer release titles, but you also get a choice of classic selections as well. Due to the fact that most of these online rental clubs have many warehouses all over the nation that can be shipped to your address at the drop of a dime, you get a massive selection of movies at the snap of a finger. Now, not all movie rental clubs were created equal in this world of movie rentals on the web, so if your looking for selection, I would personally stick to the top rental clubs. At this point in time, Netflix, Blockbuster Online, and Intelliflix have a great selection of titles at prices you just can’t beat locally.

With all the advantages mentioned above, you should definately look into signing up for an rental movie club on the web. There are a few places on the internet where you will find detailed reviews of the top online movie rental clubs in the US. For more information, please read below.

Godzilla Action Figures

Godzilla Action Figures

Action figures are very popular and seem to come out all the time for various movies. Children, especially boys, love to use them for pretend play. Godzilla is a very well known monster from the movies and so you will find plenty of action figures out there that are from such movies. With 28 different Godzilla movies released though you will find there are many variations to the look of Godzilla out there.

Even though there hasn’t been a new Godzilla movie out for a while, most toy stores still carry a good supply of these action figures. You may want to order them online though if you want a particular look. In fact, the look of Godzilla action figures from Japan is quite different from what you can get in the United States. You can easily have those more unique models shipped to you.

Godzilla is well known for the various types of action in his movies. Therefore it is no surprise that so many of the newer Godzilla action figures can perform various movements. Some of them have built in sounds that you can activate by pushing a button. Others are able to walk or to do various stunts so kids don’t even have to use their own imagination any more. In fact, some children will be very bored with just a basic Godzilla action figure that doesn’t do very much.

Not all Godzilla action figures get played with though. Many of them are in the hands of collectors and they remain in their original packaging. Some of them are extremely rare and so they are extremely valuable. Others are easier to get your hands on but collectors and enthusiasts still want them. They may be hoping the will increase in value as more time goes by.

There is no shortage of Godzilla fans out there though and new ones continue to emerge all the time. When there are films on TV of Godzilla or a new movie comes out there is a segment of viewers that are new to the images of Godzilla. They will then begin to look for such action figures as well. Of course there are also older fans that remember Godzilla from when they were a child and so they too search for fun action figures either to collect or to buy for their children.



Many of us were uncomfortable when movies on VHS began being phased out by the DVD. Yet we adjusted to this new technology without any problems. In fact, we came to really enjoy all of the features that DVD’s offered over VHS. We didn’t have to guess where to rewind or fast forward the materials to. We also can watch the many bonus features in addition to the main movie. Well, DVD’s now have some competition in the form of the Blu-Ray.

This is a type of high definition video so if you already have a TV set that high definition compatible you will have the very best possible picture available. In addition to being able to play the materials you can also copy information to blank Blu-Ray discs. They hold a great deal of information so you should have no problems at all storing the information you are interested in.

You may have noticed quite a selection of Blu-Ray materials at your local stores. The common ones including Target and Wal-Mart already carry them for all of the new releases. Most video rental stores also carry the newest movies out on Blu-Ray. Since not everyone has this capability it can help ensure you get your hands on those new releases when they are offered.

If you don’t think you will have to transform to Blu-Ray then you better think again. Many of the leaders in the areas of technology are going that direction. In addition, the major production companies including Disney, MGM, and Paramount are also looking at only releasing movies on Blu-Ray by 2010.

Consumers may have no choice but to buy the Blu-Ray discs in the next year or two. They will begin phasing out DVD formats just like they did with the VHS movies that many of us still have lying around our homes collecting dust. Right now Blu-Ray disc movies are just a couple dollars more than a DVD. It is expected that they will drop in price as DVD’s become obsolete.

Those of you that have had problems with scratches on DVD’s before will be very happy to learn that this is virtually impossible with Blu-Ray discs. This is because they use a laser and they have a protective coating on them.

Hollywood’s Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero

Hollywood’s Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero

The public fascination with comic book superhero characters have been exploited by movie production companies for years. Hollywood has been creating feature length comic book movies, movie serials and TV shows to continue to whet our appitites. But as special effect technology and costume designs became better and better, Hollywood kicked it up a notch with feature-length high budget productions. Superman, the Movie and the 3 sequels started in the 1970s and the ’90s and beyond brought us Batman, The Hulk, the X-Men and the now infamous Spider-Man, to name a few.
Why all this interest in producing comic book superhero movies? Big bucks!! The two Spider-Man movies alone have netted about 800 million dollars apiece in worldwide ticket sales. That’s not chicken feed. This kind of income could not be generated without an avid public interest in comic book movies. So if you feel you are alone in your voracious passion for your own comic book collection, think again.
And now a new twist has been added. Directors, screenplay writers, and even actors are writing for, of all things, comic books now. Big name Hollywood writers are helping to sell more comics. For example, Joss Whedon, perhaps best known for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has written stories for Marvel in the series Astonishing X-Men. Back in the 90s, who would have known that all these fan boys had been hiding in the Hollywood woodworks waiting for comics to gain some cultural credibility?
If you haven’t followed some of the comic news of the last several months, Stan "the man" Lee has been fighting his personal battle with His life long employer, Marvel Comics. Stan is probably one of the most well known character creators in the comic book industry. He has characters like Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk credited to his creative imagination.
Seems Stan had a contractual agreement with Marvel for 10% of any revenue acquired by Marvel from comic book superhero movies and TV projects centered on Stan characters. But apparently the high dollar superstructure of the corporate mind doesn’t want to part with all their income. Now this is nothing new, but Stan Lee managed to win the first round for the little guy. The judge presiding over Stan’s case agreed that Stan should receive his share of the agreed on profits.
Now maybe Stan will get his share and maybe he won’t. Sounds like Marvel will be appealing the decision. At any rate, if there weren’t big bucks involved in the production of comic book superhero movies, this case would not have been such an issue.
I believe the near future is going to bring many more of my favorite comic book superheroes to the silver screen. I have already started my own DVD collection and as more comic book superheroes get transferred from the screen to round disc, I will continue to increase the size of my collection. Do you think a DVD comic book movie collection will be worth as much as a comic book collection in the future? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from building my collection anyway.
What does the future hold for comic book superhero movies? It almost seems that we can call the present and near future the Golden Age of the comic book movie. I spend a lot of time researching comic book superheros and creating new content for my comic book site. Is there a movie in the planning stages for your favorite comic book superhero? A frequent visit to my site may inform you as to when you can expect the next comic book movie. See you there.

Movie Downloads on Your iPod

Movie Downloads on Your iPod

Are you one of those iPod fanatics who think the device is their best buddy? It is not surprising. The music playing gadget is revolutionary and simply phenomenal. What is more interesting is that iPods are more than just your typical music player. They could also do several other tasks like downloading and saving files like movies so you could always retrieve entertainment wherever you are, whenever. If you do not know how to put movie downloads in an iPod, here is the information you need.

Downloading any movie on your iPod could be a breeze. You have just to make sure that your device is movie compatible. Be aware that several models or versions of the iPod, particularly the older types, are not made to be compatible with movie downloads and players. Test your iPod to make sure. Plug the gadget into the USB port of your PC. Click the iPod menu bar and look for the ‘video’ tab. If it is missing, your device is not compatible and functional for downloading and playing movies. The only option you have is to buy a new one or ask the nearest iPod center.

As soon as you determine the compatibility of your iPod in downloading and playing movies, it is time you gear towards downloading movie files. You should know that iPod is particularly using MP4 format, which is an advantage because it could help make sure files are compressed and you could transfer and download numerous files.

Find a software that could facilitate downloading of movie on your iPod. There are lots of them. What’s more? Many of those programs are offering free services. You just have to install them to your computer and you are set. The most popular is Videora, which is a known iPod converter in the Internet. The software could help you convert and transfer movies, DVDs, video files, and YouTube materials into downloadable files. Particularly, such converters are able to transform DIVX, AVI, X264, Mpeg, XVID, and FLV formats into useful and accessible Mpeg-4 files, which could be instantly downloaded and played in your own iPod.

Then, follow specific iTunes instructions, which would be provided on your screen. There are variances in versions of iTunes available for specific iPods. Choose those that are specifically for movie downloading. You could also find such information through your favorite search engine. Return to the iPod checklist. Choose an iPod movie download list or library. There would be specific sites for finding and downloading available movies.

iPod has its own site, so be resourceful to find out about it. Other useful Websites you could use include iPod blender, Feed my iPod, MP3 Rocket, and iMusic. Again, the list could be unending. You just have to be patient and resourceful in finding and using them. You could download any movie you like, as long as it is available and is downloadable. The speed would depend on the source site and your device. You also have the option about how many movies you want to download.

Now you know that movie downloads is easy in iPods. If you want to make your device more useful and more entertaining, it would be advisable if you would download movies right now. iPods usually come in powerful memories and as mentioned, files are in compressed MP4 formats, so for sure, you would not have much trouble.

Film Making School

Film Making School

So you have decided that you want to be an actor. Problem is it seems everyone these days wants to be an actor or get into the movies. While working with movies can be a very rewarding career, it is also probably the most difficult areas of profession to break into.

Competition is cutthroat and often you need more than just talent to make it through your first year of trying to break into the business. What you need is discipline, a good amount of luck, and skills that you have honed to sheen in a film making school.

That’s right. A film making school.

Sure, not many people subscribe to the idea of going to a film making school in order to build a career in the movies. After all, Hollywood big names like Martin Scorcese and Quentin Tarantino made awesome movies without having any formal training. So why would you want to spend that much money on something that may never work?

True. But, let’s not forget Steven Speilberg and George Lucas. These two went to prestigious film schools and look at where they are now. Can you say that the money they spent and the effort they made paid out? Absolutely!

So it’s not about whether you ought or ought not to go to a film making school. It’s about giving yourself an edge over the competition. If you have raw talent, that’s all you have. But if you hone that talent and find some way to focus it into something productive, then you’re set.

Going to a film making school won’t guarantee you success in the movie industry. Heck, it won’t even guarantee you a decent job in the filmmaking industry. At best, it will probably give you credentials to teach other filmmaking hopefuls like you how to make movies. However, if you do have a degree in film school and you have the talent to go with it, then you have given yourself an advantage over the rest. Consider it your stepping stone to your dream career in the movies, whether you want to act, direct, or film your own movie.

Know Your Career Goals

When considering a film making school, the first thing you need to consider is what choice of career you want to get into. What do you want to do? Do you want to be in front of the camera or behind it? Do you want to direct actors? Or do you find fulfillment as a cinematographer?

Those are the things you need to answer first. And once you have the answer, then it is time for you to tackle the next problem: Choose the right film making school.

DVD Online Rentals! Rent Movies In Your Pyjamas, And Watch Them In Your Jammy’s Too

DVD Online Rentals! Rent Movies In Your Pyjamas, And Watch Them In Your Jammy’s Too

When it comes to convenience, DVD online rentals have to be the most convenient way to rent your favorite movie releases without having to leave your comfy couch in your home!

Since the Internet opened the DVD rental service market, many individuals and families quickly took advantage of the valuable features they offered, such as free trial periods, and also the low introductory membership fees that lets you rent unlimited movies per month, and you never have to experience late fees ever again.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the rental services through many online movie companies including Blockbuster, Intelliflix, and DVD Avenue, and for the Canadians the rental site, than you don’t know what your missing.

With a monthly membership, you can choose and rent as many movies as you like, however, many online rental companies will allow 3 out at a time. That’s not bad, considering once you get the shipping system down, you can have a load of movies and games coming to your door just as fast as you ship them back!

<b>Top Entertainment Titles From Classics, Comedy, To Adult Videos Are Delivered Directly To Your Door!</b>

Having delivery to your door is the future, and many movie and game rental enthusiasts are taking advantage of this feature, and eliminating frustrating line-ups for good! The rental process is simple, and when you go to Blockbuster’s or the online video store of your choice, all you have to do is visit the your interested categories. Find your choice of film or game, and click the computer mouse and that’s all it takes.

Online movies are sent to you within days, and most online rental companies will let you know the average time it will take to arrive. Then all you have to do is wait until they arrive, and you’re ready to watch them as many times as you like.

<b>Late Fees Are The Thing Of The Past! For The Renters Who Forget To Return Their Movies, No More Worries!</b>

You may remember the times you were charged nasty late fees that ended-up being more than the actual DVD movie you only planned to rent for a day or two. I recall the local movie rental store being so rude and inflexible with the fees, and it made me very angry.

I considered myself responsible, and when the odd occasion I would forget to take a movie back, or I just got too busy and couldn’t make it to the store on time. I would sneak the movie into the drop box, but the next time I went in to rent a flick, it almost seemed that they waited for day to push the fee in my face.

When many of the top online rental companies expressed there were no online fee charges, I was extremely excited, and looked forward to going to my local store to tell them that they would not be getting anymore of my excess late fees, because I was not going to rent from them anymore! I was about to venture in renting my movies from this day forward via the Internet, and the rest was history.

Internet Distribution

Internet Distribution

A friend and I were having a discussion recently. I asked him what he thought the next method of distribution for films and music would be. My thoughts were that we would have to come up with some new method that was convenient, sturdy and didn’t involve compression (as CDs and DVDs do, thereby limiting the picture and sound quality, although not very much). He simply said that it wasn’t going to happen; in the future it’s all going to be distributed on the Internet.
I’ve heard this argument before. My grade ten IT teacher assured us that within five years (and this was four years ago) we would no longer be purchasing CDs. With the advent of broadband we were going to see purchases of music and movies online, streamed to the computer or another device. I’ve always thought this was relatively unlikely. I may be in the minority, but I really like the CD and DVD cases. There’s something a bit more tangible to them, more of a feeling of value for money. Plus they look kind of good lined up on a shelf like some new-age library.
Having thought about it for a while now I have no doubt that the Internet is set to become a major distributor of media. When you think about it, it makes sense. Low to no production and distribution costs; you just provide a download location when people send you money. Cutting out the ‘middle man’ has always been an effective way to save money, and in this case you’re cutting out the shop owners, couriers and manufacturers. This should lead to substantial drops in prices (and loss of jobs… but… I have no defence for that. You’re just going to have to find yourselves a new career. Sorry. On the positive side your entertainment costs will go down, so you won’t need the job quite as much…).
Purchasing movies or CDs can be quite expensive. When you’re a bit unsure about whether or not you really want a particular title, the full price is often more than you’re willing to pay. This leads to trawling the second hand shops looking for a cheaper copy or simply pirating the product. Digital distribution opens up whole new areas for the marketers. Different quality streams could be provided at increasing prices. If you’re just interested to see what a film’s like then pay a little and get a low quality version. If the distributor were to offer an upgrade option that takes into account the amount of money already spent on a film, it could become a very attractive offer. This could also reduce the amount of piracy around. Finding and downloading movies is time consuming and irritating. It often takes around twenty hours to download a film, due to varying connection speeds and quality. If the movies were easy to access, cheap to purchase and the servers fast enough for the user to get the movie in around the time it would have taken to go and hire a film, then many of the reasons for pirating would be lost. In terms of hiring films, providing temporary access to online streams of movies for very low cost would work nicely.
Global distribution becomes a lot easier this way. As a big fan of foreign films, I often have to hope that the movies I want to see pop up on EBay, or wait for one of my infrequent trips to a larger city than I live in to visit their markets and/or Chinatown in order to purchase movies. I’d love the option of buying the movies with greater ease online.
There are already a few sites out there offering the purchase of movie downloads, although I’m not sure how the legality and licensing of these ventures works. The content available from the sites is often quite limited (and we’re talking really quite limited here, the most recent flick I found on one site was from 1980), but the right idea is there. Music is also being sold online through such places as the Apple Music Store and the MSN Music Store. These offer songs for download at about $0.99 a song, which is cheap, easy, quick, legal and more likely to get your money to the artists as opposed to the big corporations manufacturing CDs.
So, I’ve come around to the idea of online distribution and its beneficial application to movies, music, software and even books. I still like my colourful boxes and cases but there are some movies that I own simply because I wanted to see them. The local video rental shop didn’t have a copy, so resorting to buying them is an expensive way to see what a film is like. I guess my hopes for a completely uncompressed format are all but lost (not that it really matters any more with the ever increasing quality of technology). If the distributors will just get onto this idea as soon as possible they can solve many of their problems and ours within a very short period of time.

5 Movies From Your Childhood To Share With Your Kids

5 Movies From Your Childhood To Share With Your Kids

Brand new movies are great! It’s so much fun standing in line at the theater, breathing in the buttery popcorn smell, giddy with anticipation when a new movie is released.

My children love watching the latest and greatest movies, but I just grin when I hear my children singing the songs I used to sing as a kid – “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or “Tomorrow”. Hearing their little off-key renditions is the best music to my ears.

Have you introduced your children to the movies you enjoyed when you were younger?

Swiss Family Robinson (1960)
The Robinson family gets shipwrecked near an island. With hard work and togetherness, they build a majestic tree house. They are faced with many trials – wild animals, weather, and pirates, but their ingenuity carries them through. Great family values!

The Parent Trap (1961)
Twin daughters are raised not knowing about each other, each living with one parent. They unexpectedly bump into each other at summer camp, put two and two together, and work out a scheme to get their parents back together again. This movie is just plain good fun.

Mary Poppins (1964)
Mr. and Mrs. Banks are both so preoccupied with their own interests that their children, Jane and Michael are unhappy. When the magical nanny, Mary Poppins enters their lives, she brings the family closer. Between the penguin scene, the chimney sweep dance, and the magic, your children will be entranced.

The Sound of Music (1965)
The hills are alive with the sound of music. Your home will be alive with the sound of music once your kids watch this one.

Annie (1982)
Oh, how we love Annie! The music, the dancing, the wealthy Mr. Warbucks, and a happy ending. It doesn’t get much better than that!

These five movies are a must in every family library. Share the memories, and sing the tunes. It’s ok if you’re a little off-key. I won’t tell.