Put Some Snap Into It.

Put Some Snap Into It.

The difference between a public speaking presentation that bores you to tears and one that leaves you with a smile on your face and thinking about that presentation is often not the content but the style of the speaker. You can take the same exact written talk and give it to two speakers and one will turn that script into an exciting live event for his audience and the other will leave that crowd cold.

Obviously your goal as to be that speaker that can really make any presentation come alive. The first "myth" to get out of your head then is that how well you do at creating excitement has anything whatsoever to do with your subject matter. While it always helps for you to be excited about the topic itself, you can develop the skills to take any text and turn it into a genuinely exciting public speaking event for any crowd and to do it every time. Its just a matter of knowing how.

Much of how excited your audience will be has to do with your own level of energy, your sense of humor and how much you are enjoying yourself up there. This is one of the great secrets of the really great entertainers or public speakers. If you are having fun, your audience will have fun too. Fun is contagious. Think of the great late night host Johnnie Carson. He always seemed to be having a great time. And as a result the world wanted to join him and have a great time too. You can cultivate that personality and that attitude when you are on stage.

To have fun during your public speaking engagement, you have to learn to have some fun with the subject matter. This is not always easy if the subject matter is mundane and ho hum. But if you see that topic as boring, so will your crowd and your time talking to them will be a tedious trial on your soul and on theirs too. So have some fun even with how mundane the topic is. If you join the audience in their feelings about the topic, you and they become partners to find the excitement in this topic.

But along with finding excitement in the topic, learn to have fun with the audience. You can do that even before you begin to speak on the outline at hand. Take some time to step away from the podium and interact with the audience. Ask them questions and learn who the vocal members of the crowd are. Find out who the big jokers are and the ones who will have some wise cracks to add as you speak.

These connections and spontaneous friendships will pay off as the presentation begins. But you are doing something dangerous there too. By energizing the crowd, you are also giving them permission to jump in during your talk and "help you out". As you begin to speak, put energy and excitement, humor and personality into that text. The excitement of the crowd that sprung into existence because you started your relationship with them with affection and humor will feed your presentation.

Yes, if you put this kind of snap and pop into your time in front of a crowd, you will see feedback come back from that audience, particularly from those wise crackers you took time to make friends with at the start. But as scary at having that kind of interruption is, it means your crowd is energized and you an actually used that for your advantage. You can actually develop the ability to "surf" these interruptions and use them to propel your prevention forward. By teasing the crowd, asking them questions, the funny remarks that come back will actually be pertinent to what you have to say next. You can take your cues from their comments and take them right back to your outline and take the presentation forward to its conclusion.

This kind of public speaking can be dangerous and more than a little scary to learn to do. But because you had fun and our audience had fun, that presentation is full of "snap" and is 100% more successful. And that makes it worth taking the risks to learn this kind of public speaking.

Chappelles Block Party Is A Worthy Watch

Chappelles Block Party Is A Worthy Watch

The elusive stand-up comic with worldwide exposure known as Dave Chappelle recently produced a film that is part music-video, part documentary. Using his fame to give back to the community, Chappelle commissioned several buses to load up people from his semi-rural community and take them to New York City for the block party of a lifetime. Chappelle provides food, hotel stays, and transportation for the invitees, and the look on their faces as he invites them really can put a smile on your face. No tickets were on-sale for the concert; Chappelle kept it largely underground, only informing a few of the local neighborhoods about the performance.

Headlining artists at the super-secretive show included such hip-hop heavyweights as Kanye West, the Fugees, the Roots, and several other notable artists. The concert was provided free of charge by Chappelle to help give back to the people that supported him throughout his career, as well as providing a means for racial cohesion through the cross-section of races and ages of the people whom he invited.

The movie follows Chappelle as he gets the show together, handing out golden tickets to the show like a modern-day Willy Wonka. Part of the humor provided by the film is the expressions on the faces of some of the older white women who agree to make the trip to New York to experience something new. And that is exactly what Chappelle was hoping for; exposure of his favorite music to those who would not normally give it a second’s listen. The film provides a message of unity and hope, giving a very positive outlook on racial relations. Chappelle is his usual goofy self, providing one-liners and humorous allusions that keeps the audience in stitches between acts.

Those who love Chappelle’s sense of humor but are not fans of the hip-hop genre may not get what they were expecting in this film; while Chappelle puts laughs in throughout the film, the focus is clearly on the music. The artists themselves put their best foot forward, showcasing various talents in the genre with their finest works. All in all, the film is well-suited for those already familiar with the artists that are involved or those who have an open mind towards new musical tastes. It provides an introspective look at the cultures and communities that separate us, and how our differences can help us to bind together.

Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches

One of the most daunting tasks for the best man might be what he has to do at the wedding reception. Tradition dictates that the best man has to give a speech, and today, more and more brides are asking their maid or matron of honor to do the same thing. The thing about these wedding speeches is that no one every really knows what to say. Some people are naturally gifted and writing and delivering a great speech, but most people suffer through it, and have no idea what they should do or say.

I have twice now seen people freeze in the middle of wedding speeches out of pure fright. Perhaps there is a lot of pressure to give the perfect speech, and everyone fears their wedding speeches may be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Some people like to use humor, but this can be very tricky. Talking about the couples first date might be funny, but Grandma won’t like it if it involves drinking and public nudity. It’s hard to think of things that may interest everyone and the speakers often feel the pressure of this before they even stand up and open their mouth.

If you have to give a speech soon, you will be glad to know that help is out there. You can find good wedding speeches online that you can customize to the bride and groom. This may help you relax a little, because at least you know at the very least it was a good speech when you started. If you are having trouble personalizing the speech, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just make sure you pick something appropriate for everyone.

If you want to write your own wedding speeches, make sure you take some time to think it through, and run it by a few people before the big day. Try to stay away from saying anything you wouldn’t want anyone to say about you in front of all of your family and most of your close friends. You can use humor; just make sure you aren’t going to make Aunt Jane pass out. Remember to keep it simple. Great wedding speeches don’t have to be long and detailed; they simply have to come from the heart. If you write something that comes directly from your heart and your love of the couple, you really won’t have anything to worry about.

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with a chocolate holiday gift? This most favorite confection has become a holiday tradition that many of us truly love, especially those of us on the receiving end

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with a chocolate holiday gift? This most favorite confection has become a holiday tradition that many of us truly love, especially those of us on the receiving end

Humor is an important element during this stressful time of year. If you know anyone who gets a little tense during the Christmas season you can inject a little humor into your chocolate holiday gift. There are a couple of options that are certain to evoke giggles and smiles.

The Christmas Survival Chocolate bar is a prime choice for stress-out friends and relatives. What could be more relaxing than a chocolaty escape? You can find this funny holiday chocolate bar conveniently on the Internet. This is a favorite choice for anyone who loves a laugh along with a treat.

Another great humorous choice is the Mistletoe Man Magnet. Now, this Christmas chocolate present comes equipped with mistletoe but I’m sure that the chocolate is alluring enough for most of us. The recipient is instructed to hold the bar over his head for optimal results. How irresistible is that?

Humorous Christmas presents are wonderful but there are occasions that call for something a little more serious. Whether you are looking for a great corporate Christmas gift to distribute or you just want to impress someone special. The wooden box assortment is ideal for you.

Companies that offer the wooden keepsake box along with the chocolates typically include seasonal flavors that are available during this time of year. Some of my personal favorites are the cherry blossom which is a fine mix of dried cherries, marzipan and deep, dark chocolate.

You can’t go wrong with the espresso flavored confections. These treats merge two favorites that most adults have come to know and love. You can find the espresso versions infused with a hint of hazelnut or vanilla. This is one of the most popular choices for this season.

Other Christmas-inspired flavors include sparkling cinnamon and rich raspberry. Of course, there are plain milk and dark chocolates in the mix as well. The wooden keepsake box is a wonderful choice not only for the treats but for the container as well. It is rare to find a keepsake along with a chocolate holiday gift.

When you are shopping around, try browsing through your chocolaty options this season. Your friends and family will be thrilled that you did.

The authentic Fendi Spy Bag is a fantastic addition to this Italian designer’s ensemble

The authentic Fendi Spy Bag is a fantastic addition to this Italian designer’s ensemble

The Italian designer is known for its many different products for good reason. Socialites, celebrities and models adore this powerhouse of fashion. An authentic Fendi Spy Bag is the epitome of attitude and looks that represent this designer’s overall personality. You can find this item on a number of people in the spotlight.

The first rate authentic Fendi Spy Bag is well named. There is wit and humor blended with high fashion. The mix of humor and elegance makes for a very attractive accessory indeed. Ladies of all ages would do well to add an authentic Fendi Spy Bag to their purse collection.

I am a fan of this particular Fendi purse because I love casual elegance. I want to feel dressy and attractive while still feeling comfortable and at ease. The well-made purse is roomy and fun but it is also so fine in quality and design that it is among the elite when it comes to this kind of accessory.

You can expect to pay over a grand for an authentic Fendi Spy Bag but this is a relatively small investment compared to some of the other purses offered by high end designers. Other handbags can run into the tens of thousands so when it comes to this level of quality, you really have a pretty nice bargain.

Considering that this bag is considerably less expensive than other top-notch fashion accessories, the authentic Fendi Spy Bag is typically sold out in many stores. Savvy shoppers know a good investment when they find one and this particular bag tends to fly off of the shelves.

The best place to locate this great deal in high fashion is online. There are plenty of retailers who have a nice collection of authentic Fendi Spy Bags for you to consider. Vendors offer a card of authenticity so you know that you are getting the real deal. Of course, you will be able to tell by a single glance and a touch.

The authentic Fendi Spy Bag is made of buttery soft leather that seems to melt under your fingers. The look is nearly impossible to duplicate and the feel of the bag can not be duplicated. Once you have your hands on an authentic Fendi Spy Bag you will know what all the fuss is about.

10 Passion Principles to Creating the Rest of Your Life

10 Passion Principles to Creating the Rest of Your Life

1. Take passionate action towards living your life by design. Talk is cheap. Action = deposits in the bank of a passionately authentic future. Without it, passion is void.
2. Commit to yourself as well as those you love to create powerfully a life you can love. Instead of reacting, commit to creating from your heart and soul, out of love rather than fear. Be amazed as the transformation begins.
3. Recognize and embrace the thought that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. If you are not pleased with the outcome, decide to use that moment to learn from and make the appropriate shift.
4. Dwell completely in a place of gratitude. Slipping into neediness will become less of a habit when you repeatedly shift towards gratitude, away from poverty consciousness.
5. Use a Passion Formula of Recognize/Reevaluate/Restore in place of the Shoulda/Woulda/Coulda whirlwind. The former is based in increased knowledge and abundance while the latter focuses on scarcity and lack. You would rather be richly passionate!
6. Keep humor at the forefront of thought, laughing at and with yourself when possible. You may find yourself quite entertaining when you loosen up! Humor is very attractive, very passionate: life-giving.
7. Trust that you are in the right place at the right time to learn whatever lessons you are meant to be learning. Become a part of a community of people where you can express from the heart and embrace each other’s dreams and life philosophy. Know that you will be honored as you honor one another.
8. When emotions arise, flow with them. Take time out to be fully in the moment. This will model for children and your colleagues what it means to be authentically engaged in life, no matter what is dished out. The freedom for you AND those whose lives you touch will amaze you.
9. Be strongly vulnerable in connecting with people core to core instead of superficially. Replace backing away behavior with drawing close behavior. Practice interdependency for the strength of synergy rather than the weakness of self indulgence.
10. Believe that you are the architect of your destiny. No one can take your passionate future from you except for you! Create your life authentically. Watch everything flow into place with perfect, passionate precision.

A Short Guide to Effective Public Speaking

A Short Guide to Effective Public Speaking

Delivering an effective presentation to 20 or to 200 people is difficult. Because listeners have better access to information since the internet became commonplace, audiences expect more content from speakers today. In addition, because of the entertainment slant of most media today, audiences want a presentation delivered with animation, humor, and pizzazz.
If you would rather spend your time preparing your content than reading a book on public speaking, this is an article especially for you! From my experiences in delivering over l500 speeches during the past 20 years, here is a quick guide to giving an effective and interesting presentation your very first time.
Begin with something to get the attention of the audience. This might be a startling statement, statistic, or your own story. Listeners pay close attention when a person begins with, “Two weeks ago as I was driving to work a car pulled out in front of me….” You could begin with a current event: “You might have read in the paper this morning about the flood that….” A question is another way to make people listen. “How many of you feel our society spends too much on medical care?” might be a way to begin a presentation about curbing costs. Whatever technique you use, when you grab the attention of the audience you are on your way to a successful speech.
Second, be energetic in delivery. Speak with variety in your voice. Slow down for a dramatic point and speed up to show excitement. Pause occasionally for effect. Don’t just stand behind the lectern, but move a step away to make a point. When you are encouraging your audience, take a step toward them. Gesture to show how big or wide or tall or small an object is that you are describing. Demonstrate how something works or looks or moves as you tell about it. Show facial expression as you speak. Smile when talking about something pleasant and let your face show other emotions as you tell about an event or activity. Whatever your movements, they should have purpose.
Structure your speech. Don’t have more than two or three main points, and preview in the beginning what those points will be. With each point, have two or three pieces of support, such as examples, definitions, testimony, or statistics. Visual aids are important when you want your audience to understand a process or concept or understand a financial goal. Line graphs are best for trends. Bar graphs are best for comparisons and pie graphs are best for showing distribution of percentages.
Tie your points together with transitions. These could be signposts such as “First,” “Second,” or "Finally." Use an internal summary by simply including the point you just made and telling what you plan to talk about next. “Now that we have talked about structure, let’s move on to the use of stories,” would be an example. When you have an introduction, two or three main points with support for each, appropriate transitions, and a conclusion, you will have your speech organized in a way that the audience can follow you easily.
Tell your own story somewhere in the presentation–especially in a technical presentation. Include a personal experience that connects to your speech content, and the audience will connect with you. You want to help the audience link emotionally with what you are talking about, and the personal experience does that. With almost any topic you might choose, you have at least one “war story” to relate to the topic. When you tell the story, simply start at the beginning and move chronologically through the narrative, including answers to the “W” questions: “Who,” What, “When,” "Why," and “Where.”
To add interest and understanding to your speech, include a visual aid. A visual aid could be an object, a flip chart, a PowerPoint presentation, overhead projector slides, or a dry erase board. Whatever visual you are using, make sure everyone can see it. The best way to insure this is to put the visual where you will be speaking, and then find the seat farthest from it and determine if you can read the visual from that seat. Introduce the visual properly rather than simply throwing it at your audience; explain what the visual will do before you unveil it. Don’t allow the visual to become a silent demonstration. Keep talking as you show the visual. You are still the main event and your visual is an aid. Look at your audience, not your visual. When the visual is not in use, hide it from the audience. Humans are a curious lot, tending to keep looking at the object and losing track of the speaker—you!
If you are delivering a persuasive speech, in addition to your own stories include testimony of experts whom the audience respects and whose views reinforce your points. Add a key statistic when possible to show the seriousness of what you are discussing. For example, if I were discussing the need for improved listening to better serve your customers, I might add that although we spend half of our communication time in listening, our listening efficiency is only about 25%. By using stories, testimony, and statistics in your persuasive talk, you add depth to your evidence.
Look at the audience as you speak. If it is a small audience, you can look at each person in a short period of time. If it is a large audience, look at the audience in small “clumps” and move from one clump to another. One way to insure good eye contact is to look at your audience before you start to speak. Go to the lectern and pause, smile, look at the audience, and then speak. This will help you maintain good eye contact throughout your presentation as well as commanding immediate attention.
One of the ways to have consistently good eye contact is not to read your speech. Use note cards that have key words on them. The word or phrase should trigger the thought in your mind and then you can speak it. If you are including a quotation or complex statistics, reading from your note card actually lends credibility. If you write out your speech you will tend to read it and lose eye contact with the audience, as well as not being as enthusiastic in delivery as when you speak from note cards.
Include a “wow” factor in your speech. Something in your speech should make your audience think, “Wow!” It could be a story, a dramatic point, an unusual statistic, or an effective visual that helps the audience understand immediately. With a “wow” factor, you then have something to look forward to in the speech that you know will have an impact on your audience. You’ll become a more enthusiastic speaker because the “wow” factor will get you as well as your audience pumped for the speech.
Consider using a touch of humor in your speech. Don’t panic at this suggestion; you are not becoming a comedian but rather lightening up a serious speech so that people will be more accepting and interested in your ideas. Humor will help you to be perceived as an amiable person, and it is hard for people to disagree or be bored if they are smiling at you. Until you have lots of experience, keep your humor short. Perhaps inject a one-liner or a quotation. Yogi Berra said a lot of funny things. “You can observe a lot just by watching” for example. Tell a short embarrassing moment in your life that you might have thought not funny at the time. Now that you can laugh at the experience, you understand the old adage, “Humor is simply tragedy separated by time and space.” Don’t poke fun at your audience; you should be the object of any shortcoming, showing that you can laugh at yourself. Avoid long stories or jokes. Even seasoned speakers know that funny stories soon become unfunny if they go on too long. Probably the least risky use of humor is a cartoon. The cartoon is separate from you and if people don’t laugh, you don’t feel responsible. (Be sure to secure permission to use it.)
Finally, leave the audience with something to think about. People remember best what you say last. You might summarize your main points, or you might complete the statement, “What I want you to do as a result of this presentation is….” But beyond that, make your last words a thought to ponder. For example, I might end a speech on becoming a better speaker with “As Cicero said centuries ago, ‘The skill to do comes with the doing.’”
A more modern guide to effective public speaking was penned by some unknown sage: "Know your stuff. Know whom you are stuffing. Know when they are stuffed."
One never becomes a “perfect” speaker; developing public speaking skills is a life-long experience. But the points discussed here will get you started in becoming the speaker you want to be and the speaker your audience wants to hear.

Baby picture frames are very important accessories for any home that has a new arrival

Baby picture frames are very important accessories for any home that has a new arrival

You don’t want to display your darling’s beautiful little face in just any old holder. Baby picture frames offer the perfect place for the image of your infant. You just have to work through the different options available for sale. There are lots of choices and you can spend a lot of time deciding.

Narrowing down your search is a breeze when you shop online. The first thing you want to do is to think about where you are going to display the baby picture frames. This is probably the most important aspects of the process of making a good choice. Of course, your personal tastes and your family’s personality come into play as well.

If your home is filled with a bunch of characters, why not choose baby picture frames that have, well, characters in their designs. You can find everything from animal figures to your favorite cartoon personalities adorned on the adorable frames for babies. These items are abundant and you are certain to find something that appeal to you.

How about some humor? Babies are known for putting grins on our faces no matter what situation. Add to that power of the puss by using some humorous baby picture frames. I love using these items in my office to give me a moment to look up and laugh for a moment before delving back into work.

Characters and humor are great for office spaces and nurseries but the themes might not play out so well in your formal living room. Classic baby picture frames are ideal choices for formal rooms. There are a plethora of well designed, striking frames for babies available in a classic theme.

Sentimental parents might want to opt for the “baby’s first year” frames. I love that you can add an image of your little one as he gets bigger. These baby picture frames typically have a central space surrounded by eleven or twelve other openings. You can put a new picture in the frame each month.

If you really want to showcase your little one, you really want to think about which baby picture frames to choose. Remember, you are putting the most precious images that you have in these items.

Building Self Determination in Relationships

Building Self Determination in Relationships

The best rules for any type of relationship whether you are dealing with kids, mates, friends, or relatives are posted below:

Never expect more from you than you can manage: Expecting more than you can manage makes you an over determined person. You need balance to stay strong.

Do never expect more of your partner or child than you would expect of you: Follow this golden rule will help you develop in a relationship and keep the relationship growing strong.

Accept realization: each of you is adapting to the new changes – work on developing self-actualization to ensure that you can adapt to changes as you progress in self-determination and self-development.

Take advantage of time you can share with your mate and baby – do not forget to spend time with you as well. Spending time with you allows you to assess your inner strengths and weaknesses in order to move through the processes of self-development.

Express your emotions and feelings maturely – expressing your emotions enable you to clear up doubts, confusion, hate, or other negative thoughts that form in the mind. You can work through maturity by adapting to this rule.

Talk with your mate and let him express his feelings also about the new baby, breastfeeding, experiences, sex interests, body changes, and what the two of you feel about being new parents – discussions are healthy. Make sure that you learn and get in the habit of discussion your interests, while listening to the interest of others as well.

Learn to solve problems as a family unit – this will ensure that you have room to grow. When you have a happy family unit, it gives you the room you need to take time out for you and move through the stages of self-determination and self-development.
Discuss changes and your dislikes and likes during your childhood – this is another part of maturity. This rule is a healthy rule that will bring you many benefits. Not only will you feel happy and content, you will also feel in control of your life – and you will stay determined to meet your goals.

Discuss your parent’s upbringing and which mistakes you can learn from them to avoid making the mistake in your relationship and parenthood – it is always healthy to spill out your guts and discuss differences in points of views to create a healthy environment for everyone, including you.

Use nap time to converse and share activities with your mate – conversation is the main skill we have that helps us to build relationships, open our minds up for discoveries, learn something new and more. With good conversation you can exchange ideas, which will help you learn. You make room for discussions, which creates a healthy environment for everyone, including you. This is only part of building the self-determination you will need to live a healthy, productive life.

More tips:
Accept unorganized house care, since it occurs when you have a new baby – spend quality time and try to clean up together – do not spend your time or burn energy nagging or complaining over simple things. Instead keep your self-determination strong by overlooking the things that do not matter.

Work as a team – working, as a team is the only way that each member in your unit will keep the unit growing strong. Take some unity time to discuss self-growth and self-determination, as well as related topics so that all of you can grow together.

Put your priorities in focus as a team – create a list to help you work together – priorities are essential elements we need in life. Priorities keep us focused, determined, and prepared.
Maintain a sense of humor — life is too difficult not to add a little humor into your life. Do mistake humor as watching a funny program on television; rather open your mind to all aspects before you open your mouth to speak. Think about the positive instead of the negative at all times.



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