Comedy Film Festivals

´╗┐Comedy Film Festivals

Summary: Funny films could never be even better, all that because of the recognition they vie on the Comedy Film Festivals

Comedy when enjoyed in a communal circumstance can be the best experience. Such were the words of wisdom according to the gospel by the WCFF. So what could be an even better communal circumstance than comedy film festivals?

Comedy films have always been evolving, and comedic ingredients have been in a constant flux but the outcome is always the same: we laugh hard. ROFLOL. Just as we laughed at the Three Stooges who seemed very funny yesterday with its grainy slapstick humor as we laugh today at The MASK with its eye boggling jaw splitting special effects humor.

Comedy films could never be even better, all that because of the recognition they all vie on the Comedy Film Festivals. That’s why comedy films have been in constant flux, ever evolving to come up with the recent formula of laughter to showcase to the crowds gathered at the annual comedy film festivals.

The World of Comedy Film Festival (WCFF) is one reason why comedy films strive for excellence. The WCFF provides comedy filmmakers a chance to showcase promising works to the laughter expectant crowd of the annual World of Comedy Film Festival on Toronto Canada. The WCFF is being presented by The Humor Group (THG), an independent non profit organization. To visit them, log on to

Over the Fence International Comedy Film Festivals at is an Australian event organized by Voces Arts Networking Group solely for non profit. This festival encourages the growth of funny bones on Australians. Aussie culture and humor depicted on films whether independent or not can make it to the Over the Fence Comedy Film Festivals where it can receive due recognition.

For 10 years, OTF have arduously build a reputation as a unique, entertaining, and exciting event and now it is considered Australia’s national comedy film festival. OFT is celebrated annually, which is quite different from other comedy film festivals that take place in a more frequent timetable.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival a great way to witness Comedy Film Festivals in its workings. It features short independent films in a free big screen at Federation Square. So if you’re near the vicinity, check it out for a few good laughs. Log on to for more info about upcoming events.

Like the 1st Sundays Comedy Film Festivals at which as the name implies takes place every 1st Sundays of the month. 1st Sundays Comedy Film Festivals cater more on short comedy films and spoofs.

Throughout the ages comedy films have made everything it touches better. It makes suffering lighter, sickness tolerable, and despair a painless suffering. That’s why it’s beyond doubt that comedy films did earn that special place in the limelight of cinematography.