Autographs for Sale

´╗┐Autographs for Sale

The fact that so many celebrities find their autographs up for sale is really annoying to them. In protest of this fact, many of them don’t sign on a regular basis anymore. They are more concerned with promoting their skills or even supporting other organizations with their time.

Yet many celebrities are more than willing to sign for a good cause. Jay Leno is famous for having motorcycles, jackets and more signed by handfuls of celebrities. The money raised from the sales of these items goes for various charities that Leno supports. This is a great way for those in such a position to offer their support as well.

You will find plenty of places online that offer autographs for sale. You definitely what to do your homework to make sure that it is a real signature. There are plenty of ways to fake a good one these days. You may pay hundreds of dollars for an autograph to discover it isn’t legitimate.

Many sporting goods stores offer autographs for sale from various players. They may be on helmets, balls, jerseys, or other items. The cost of such an autograph depends on the status of the player. When they retire or they change teams their items are often worth more. It is a good idea to get your autographed sports items when someone is still a rookie before the prices increase.

It is amazing what people are willing to pay for a certain autograph though. Some of them are very rare due to the person choosing not to give out very many of them. Collectors look for these rare items and they are often willing to pay thousands of dollars once they have verified that the autograph is real.

If you are interested in a particular autograph, you should be able to locate it. You may not like the price associated with it though. Still, having such autographed items can be fun. Some people make a living though out of getting these autographs and then selling them. It is controversial as to if it is ethical for them to be doing so. Many celebrities feel that they are being exploited in this manner.