Jazz Music Composition

Jazz Music Composition

Jazz music composition is the work of knowledgeable musicians with the skills to write, and create one of the most memorable masterpieces. Moreover, Jazz music Composition is a course included in colleges and universities who deem it a worthy subject to study. Composing Jazz music requires the theory of constructing chords that are altered or substitute that would fit within the guidelines of composition.

Meaning, experimentation is fine as long as you know how to fit in the musical shocks in the piece in a manner to not disrupt the flow. It is mandatory to keep the essence of Jazz music a part of you when creating, and keep all thoughts to restrict creativity out of your mind. The aim of Jazz music composition is to create what you feel about any subject into the sound of your musical work. To find your way into the making of Jazz music composition you should learn the skills of basic theory in ear training, notes on various instruments, key signatures, scales, chords, intervals, counterpoint, harmony, melody, music terminology, clefs, meters and time signatures, transposing of various instruments, and music reading.

Listening to Jazz music from various artists will give you a feel for the type of composition you would like to create. You can begin with music arranging which is recreating an old song with new ideas. For instance, it has been done many times by professional musicians to use a public domain song, or ask permission to use a certain song. One example is Chaka Khan’s " The End Of A Love Affair" written for Billie Holiday by Edward C. Redding in an arrangement that fit Chaka Khan.

There are many versions of Jazz standards such as "They Can’t Take That Away From Me" , "Misty", and "Stormy Weather" by different people who wanted to either keep the basic structure or interpret the song in their own special way. The basic rules to composing a Jazz Composition is to make a theme and arrange the music around it.

Meaning, as in basic songwriting structure you will need a beginning, middle, bridge, and ending. The order is always up to the person(s )creating the music. You can begin with the themes most common in notated Jazz and Blues sheet music or fake book forms. In addition, use the basic theory structure you find on sheet music as a format, but use your own ideas. In arranging, you can examine the basic format, and embellish on areas you think needs it. The direction one can go in music arrangement is infinite according to the history of how each style of jazz music was created.

When creating Jazz music composition one must remember the essential element present in all true Jazz music which is improvisation. Jazz Improvisation is not notated in any shape, way, or form. In fact, the improvisation in Jazz composition is invented by pure emotion of the musician moved by the accompaniment. Improvisation in Jazz composition can be in the beginning, the bridge and also at the end of the piece. Most commonly there is embellishment in the middle of the piece, but it all depends on the mood of the creator of the music.

Once you learn the theory behind Jazz music composition, you can learn the shortcuts on creating. For example, lead sheets usually have the Jazz chord symbol above the melody below it as a basic structure to follow. When all is said and done, you will have created your own masterpiece as a gift to the world from your heart.

Television VCR combo — the classic home video system

Television VCR combo — the classic home video system

Televisions are not only used for viewing TV shows, but more homes utilize it to watch movies and videos. There are those who prefer just to stay in the comfort of their homes watching their favorite movies, than going out and watching it with everyone else in the cinemas. Also, there are times when teens have sleep-over and they end their night enjoying a chick flick or a recorded sporting event or a horror film. Oftentimes, when there aren’t any good shows on TV, people opt to just watch movies on TV.

Thanks to the television VCR combo, television DVD combo, and television VCD combo, that people get to enjoy their movies while sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed. These inventions have definitely made the movies reach more homes than ever. From the early and classic television VCR combo which was originally aimed to record audio and video but can only be afforded by companies and TV networks, to its modern format and model in the late 1970s that were produced for mass-market consumption. Then came the period of the Betamax and VHS rivalry, and then came the other formats and models of the 1980s competing for consumers’ patronage. But in the early 2000s, the beginning of a new century comes the beginning of new inventions, the DVDs started to rule the market, and gradually, the television VCR combo started to fade out. As more developments are made, new models have started to come out in the market and attracting consumers, and before the decade ends, a hybrid format will definitely conquer the market.

Looking back at the beginnings of the television VCR combo, one can say that it is because of the limited technology they have at that time, that the formats were like that — an hour recording only with a 2-inch tape costing around $50,000 making it affordable only by television networks and stations. But as history shows us, with the improvement of technology, so did those television VCR combos — with compact systems, longer running hours, thinner tapes, and lower prices, making it attractive to mass consumers.

However, in most homes today, one would rarely see these television VCR combos displayed and used, not because it is expensive, but rather, electronic companies stopped its production on these equipments because of the new models of home video systems launched in the market today. Through the influx of improved formats, so will this electronic battle continue, who knows what the next year of electronic equipments have in stored for all.

A Closer Look At Answering Machine Messages.

A Closer Look At Answering Machine Messages.

Do you have an answering machine? If so what type of answering machine messages do you have? The reason I’m asking you this is that of late, I have been noticing that most people have started personalizing their answering machine messages. Even those who never bothered to do so for years and years. And most of these answering machine messages, if not all of them are rather funny.

I still remember that answering machine message that I heard that went, “Hi! You have reached XYZ. I’m not home right now. If it is mom or dad, please send money. If it is the bill collector, the check is in the mail. If it is the IRS I don’t have money and if you owe me money, tell me where you are and I’ll get there right away!” There is no doubt that an answering machine message that sounds like that will surely have your sides in splits as well.

There was another answering machine message I heard that went, “You have reached the house of the XYZ’s. Obviously we are not in right now, so why don’t you call us back at a more easonable time? We promise to take your call if we are in.” To me, this sort of a message sounded almost rude. But when it comes to answering machine messages and a sense of humor, consistency or sameness can hardly be expected.

In recent times, probably because of the want of something better, answering machine messages have achieved a kind of cult status. Most people I know shudder at the thought of creating and storing the right kind of answering machine messages.

This is not because they don’t know what to say or how to say it, but purely because everyone seems to be in the quest for the perfect sort of answering machine messages that is funny, memorable and better than the scores of answering machine messages they have already heard.

But answering machine messages don’t just stop there. Even those who leave messages on answering machines tend to take humor rather seriously. One unforgettable response to a rather plain answering machine message went as follows. “Hi there! When I called in, I was hoping to find someone interesting to sell this service to. But after hearing your answering machine message, I’m not sure you are the right kind of person I’m looking for. So goodbye. And don’t bother calling me even if you have my number on your machine!” Now how does that grab you as a clever retort to answering machine messages.

Can You Wear Casual Clothes Clubbing?

Can You Wear Casual Clothes Clubbing?

My answer is…why not? Now, let’s take define casual clothes for a moment here. Casual is defined as relaxed, comfortable, sporty, laid-back and informal. Now, if that’s the case, I don’t see a problem with wearing casual clothes clubbing. Obviously, we want to look good when we go clubbing because of the fact that we either want to attract the opposite sex, look classy or perhaps keep our image intact.
But I have seen lots of women and celebrities who look fanta-bulous in casual clothes in clubs too. In fact, what you can do is flip through some magazines and you’ll soon see that even celebrities wear casual clothes clubbing. The point is that we’re comfortable in the casual clothes that we wear and don’t compromise the way we look.
First off, the casual clothes that you choose to wear to go clubbing should have nice colors. If you feel like it, wear something with attractive prints. Perhaps, with a popular saying or an expressive t-shirt or something. Casual clothes that give you a personality boost. Casual clothes that gives you character – no, let me say that again, casual clothes that enhance your personal character.
As long as you don’t choose casual clothes that are either too baggy and the casual clothes should make you look neat and presentable. When you’re wearing casual clothes clubbing, slippers, sandals and sports shoes are totally out of the question, regardless of the attire. The belts and accessories that you have on with your casual clothes will definitely make a big difference to your clubbing experience. Try a nice little casual tank top with cropped khaki pants with large hoop earrings for a change.
You’re not expected to be able to afford the kind of clubbing clothes that a CEO or royalty can afford but it’s essential that you invest in good quality casual clothes for clubbing. The bottom line is your clubbing casual clothes should never be your gym clothes or jeans. Well, ok, sometimes you can pull it off with nicely pressed casual clothes with jeans.

Independent Music Blossoms on the Internet

Independent Music Blossoms on the Internet

Today, the Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for independent music to find an audience. Unsigned bands and solo singers can now build a fan base that will not only listen to their music, but to buy MP3 downloads.

The Internet’s Grassroots Movement

It’s indisputable that the Web has created a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. We’ve come to depend on the Internet for communications, information gathering, shopping, and so much more. With the advent of what is widely known as Web 2.0, the Internet has once again shifted into what could best be summed up by one word: democratization. For example, journalists are no longer affiliated with mainstream media outlets; they’re researching, blogging, and breaking some of the top news stories of the day. Experts no longer sit in their ivory towers and publish papers in academic journals; your family members, neighbors, and co-workers are constantly refining the compendium of expertise known as Wikipedia. Throw in MySpace, YouTube, and other social networking sites, and the top-down information structure is tossed out the window, replaced by a bottom-up, grassroots movement.

The Music Industry is Reeling

Nowhere is this revolution more apparent than in the music industry. The Internet hasn’t sent the industry rockin’ and rollin’ – it’s sent it reeling. Napster, the progenitor of music sharing on the Web, is now viewed as ancient history, but the insurrection lives on. While iTunes is here to stay, some major record labels continue to resist the opportunities that the Internet provides, instead opting to distribute music only through traditional sources.

During the first part of October, these dinosaurs faced another challenge to their survival when Radiohead released their much-anticipated "In Rainbows" on the band’s website. The kicker? Fans could get online downloads for free, or pay as much or as little as they wanted. So much for the business model that the music industry has traditionally employed.

How Independent Music Finds a Voice

Prior to the widespread use of the Internet, musicians and singers had to pound the pavement, sending demos to music labels and radio stations in the hope of breaking through to the big time. Today, however, independent music can take a page from Radiohead’s playbook, and speak directly to potential listeners and fans. Indeed, specialized music sites have sprung up to showcase independent music, and to give musicians, performers, artists, and bands a platform for promoting their work. These sites offer MP3 downloads for less than the cost of an iTune, while supporting artists’ work by giving them a 50-50 split of the proceeds. This is in start contrast to the deals that music labels give even the hottest bands, which typically receive only about 20 percent of the revenue generated by their music.

The Music Aficionado’s Advantage

From the perspective of the music fan, independent music sites are a dream come true. In the music mainstream, a tremendous amount of talent is overlooked by labels in favor of "packaged" acts that are perceived to be revenue generators. Now, thanks to the Internet, music fans from around the world can hear and experience songs that might otherwise never have found an audience.

Classic Christmas Memory Movies

Classic Christmas Memory Movies

Christmas is a time for memories. What better way to create lasting ones than to gather the whole family around to watch some great classic Christmas movies?
Many movies come to mind, but following are the three considered by many to be the best.
1) It’s A Wonderful Life(1946): James(Jimmy) Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore
George Bailey(Jimmy Stewart) is considering ending it all to escape all the problems in his life—on Christmas! Just as he is about to jump off a bridge, he’s interrupted by Clarence, his guardian angel(Henry Travers). To convince George not to go through with it, Clarence shows him what life would be like without him.
Did you just hear that bell ring? An angel just got his wings.
2) Miracle On 34th Street(1947): Edmund Gwenn, Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Gene Lockhart, Natalie Wood
When nice, old Kris Kringle(Edmund Gwenn) claims to be the real Santa and is put in an insane asylum, Fred Gailey(John Payne) decides to represent him in court. In a hearing that tests the people’s beliefs, Kris is found to be the real Santa.
Yes, Susan(Natalie Wood), there is a Santa Claus.
3) Scrooge(1951): Alastair Sim, Mervyn Jones, Michael Hordern
Everybody knows the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. But, even with all the different versions of “A Christmas Carol,” over the years, none have given a better performance than Alastair Sim. It’s as if he was born to play the stingy, hard-hearted Scrooge. Sim is the embodiment of what Charles Dickens had in mind.
I think I’ll go buy the biggest goose in all of London.
Now go rent these three all-time classic Christmas movies, make some hot chocolate, gather the family around the TV and start making some classic Christmas movie memories.

The 6 Best Seduction Techniques!!!

The 6 Best Seduction Techniques!!!

The dating game is all about the approach. If you dont try you are never going to get a date on your terms. Most people feel a little intimidated when they enter the dating game. They feel the pressure when trying to walk up to someone they dont know and ask for a date. Breaking the ice is an important first step in this nerve racking process in the search for romance.The opening words you may utter will speak volumes. Literally, in less than 10 seconds you will either have set yourself up for life, have a definite date, or be going home alone as usual with your tail between your legs.

The initial step in initiating a date are simple but daunting. Psychologists tell us that people make their mind up within seconds and I think most of us who are truthful will agree that we know pretty much instantly if we are attracted to someone or not. This can be changed over time but why make it hard for ourselves? Why not strike when the irons hot and grab our date on the first attempt.

If that is the case why is speaking still important? Well, looks are the visual presentation and if someone likes the look of us, its a start but not the full package.

Here are some tips :

1) SMILE -

Psychology and body language experts agree that one of the easiest things you can do to make yourself instantly attractive and approachable is to smile. Make yourself look like a fun person to be with. The look of happiness is an attractive quality.


Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin discovered that when deeply in love, couples look at each other when talking, and are slower to look away when someone else joins the conversation. Simply lock eyes with the person you are attracted to and keep them there, even when they’ve finished talking or someone else joins in,’ advises sexpert and flirting guru Tracy Cox. This way they will know that you’re more interested in them than the other person. If they hold your gaze several times in a row, you can be quietly confident they like you too.


Mirroring someone’s body language is the single most effective thrick to flirting. Just match their gestures and movements. We like people who are like us. If they mirror our behaviour we sense they are on the same level and they tend to drop their guard and let us into their personal space. If the other person is interested they tend to start copying your body language too.


They will feel more important and flattered if they feel you are listening to them. You are making them feel good about themselves and if they feel good about them selves they are more likely to stick around you, giving you all the time you need to impress them.

5) TOUCH -

Touch is the number one instant bonder. A momentary touch can have an electric effect on how somebody feels about you. The more you like someone, the more you want to touch them and the more you touch them, the more they tend to like you.


Compliments, if done correctly will always make someone feel good about themselves. They are more likely to like you and become more responsive to your advances

It is often said that women are genrally attracted to men who are witty and amusing. This can be confirmed if you look at any dating column request. “Must have a (GSOH) good sense of humor”. A funny, comical approach is always a great opener. Women dont want a 24hour stand up comedian but to break the ice, humor does work. The delivery of this humor is essentially the key, which brings me to my final point.

Chat up lines. They do work, and always will if done correctly. For some, chat up lines are a chore and look stressful to watch. Many come across as aggressive and foolish just because their anxiety levels are rocketing. Under these stress level they just tense up or communicate in a manner they would under normal circumstances. It is all about practice and confidence. The more people you speak to, the more socialable you become and the quicker you will master it.

Look at chat up lines as an ice breaker, not the foundations of a potential relationship