Godzilla Action Figures

Godzilla Action Figures

Action figures are very popular and seem to come out all the time for various movies. Children, especially boys, love to use them for pretend play. Godzilla is a very well known monster from the movies and so you will find plenty of action figures out there that are from such movies. With 28 different Godzilla movies released though you will find there are many variations to the look of Godzilla out there.

Even though there hasn’t been a new Godzilla movie out for a while, most toy stores still carry a good supply of these action figures. You may want to order them online though if you want a particular look. In fact, the look of Godzilla action figures from Japan is quite different from what you can get in the United States. You can easily have those more unique models shipped to you.

Godzilla is well known for the various types of action in his movies. Therefore it is no surprise that so many of the newer Godzilla action figures can perform various movements. Some of them have built in sounds that you can activate by pushing a button. Others are able to walk or to do various stunts so kids don’t even have to use their own imagination any more. In fact, some children will be very bored with just a basic Godzilla action figure that doesn’t do very much.

Not all Godzilla action figures get played with though. Many of them are in the hands of collectors and they remain in their original packaging. Some of them are extremely rare and so they are extremely valuable. Others are easier to get your hands on but collectors and enthusiasts still want them. They may be hoping the will increase in value as more time goes by.

There is no shortage of Godzilla fans out there though and new ones continue to emerge all the time. When there are films on TV of Godzilla or a new movie comes out there is a segment of viewers that are new to the images of Godzilla. They will then begin to look for such action figures as well. Of course there are also older fans that remember Godzilla from when they were a child and so they too search for fun action figures either to collect or to buy for their children.

A Short Guide to Effective Public Speaking

A Short Guide to Effective Public Speaking

Delivering an effective presentation to 20 or to 200 people is difficult. Because listeners have better access to information since the internet became commonplace, audiences expect more content from speakers today. In addition, because of the entertainment slant of most media today, audiences want a presentation delivered with animation, humor, and pizzazz.
If you would rather spend your time preparing your content than reading a book on public speaking, this is an article especially for you! From my experiences in delivering over l500 speeches during the past 20 years, here is a quick guide to giving an effective and interesting presentation your very first time.
Begin with something to get the attention of the audience. This might be a startling statement, statistic, or your own story. Listeners pay close attention when a person begins with, “Two weeks ago as I was driving to work a car pulled out in front of me….” You could begin with a current event: “You might have read in the paper this morning about the flood that….” A question is another way to make people listen. “How many of you feel our society spends too much on medical care?” might be a way to begin a presentation about curbing costs. Whatever technique you use, when you grab the attention of the audience you are on your way to a successful speech.
Second, be energetic in delivery. Speak with variety in your voice. Slow down for a dramatic point and speed up to show excitement. Pause occasionally for effect. Don’t just stand behind the lectern, but move a step away to make a point. When you are encouraging your audience, take a step toward them. Gesture to show how big or wide or tall or small an object is that you are describing. Demonstrate how something works or looks or moves as you tell about it. Show facial expression as you speak. Smile when talking about something pleasant and let your face show other emotions as you tell about an event or activity. Whatever your movements, they should have purpose.
Structure your speech. Don’t have more than two or three main points, and preview in the beginning what those points will be. With each point, have two or three pieces of support, such as examples, definitions, testimony, or statistics. Visual aids are important when you want your audience to understand a process or concept or understand a financial goal. Line graphs are best for trends. Bar graphs are best for comparisons and pie graphs are best for showing distribution of percentages.
Tie your points together with transitions. These could be signposts such as “First,” “Second,” or "Finally." Use an internal summary by simply including the point you just made and telling what you plan to talk about next. “Now that we have talked about structure, let’s move on to the use of stories,” would be an example. When you have an introduction, two or three main points with support for each, appropriate transitions, and a conclusion, you will have your speech organized in a way that the audience can follow you easily.
Tell your own story somewhere in the presentation–especially in a technical presentation. Include a personal experience that connects to your speech content, and the audience will connect with you. You want to help the audience link emotionally with what you are talking about, and the personal experience does that. With almost any topic you might choose, you have at least one “war story” to relate to the topic. When you tell the story, simply start at the beginning and move chronologically through the narrative, including answers to the “W” questions: “Who,” What, “When,” "Why," and “Where.”
To add interest and understanding to your speech, include a visual aid. A visual aid could be an object, a flip chart, a PowerPoint presentation, overhead projector slides, or a dry erase board. Whatever visual you are using, make sure everyone can see it. The best way to insure this is to put the visual where you will be speaking, and then find the seat farthest from it and determine if you can read the visual from that seat. Introduce the visual properly rather than simply throwing it at your audience; explain what the visual will do before you unveil it. Don’t allow the visual to become a silent demonstration. Keep talking as you show the visual. You are still the main event and your visual is an aid. Look at your audience, not your visual. When the visual is not in use, hide it from the audience. Humans are a curious lot, tending to keep looking at the object and losing track of the speaker—you!
If you are delivering a persuasive speech, in addition to your own stories include testimony of experts whom the audience respects and whose views reinforce your points. Add a key statistic when possible to show the seriousness of what you are discussing. For example, if I were discussing the need for improved listening to better serve your customers, I might add that although we spend half of our communication time in listening, our listening efficiency is only about 25%. By using stories, testimony, and statistics in your persuasive talk, you add depth to your evidence.
Look at the audience as you speak. If it is a small audience, you can look at each person in a short period of time. If it is a large audience, look at the audience in small “clumps” and move from one clump to another. One way to insure good eye contact is to look at your audience before you start to speak. Go to the lectern and pause, smile, look at the audience, and then speak. This will help you maintain good eye contact throughout your presentation as well as commanding immediate attention.
One of the ways to have consistently good eye contact is not to read your speech. Use note cards that have key words on them. The word or phrase should trigger the thought in your mind and then you can speak it. If you are including a quotation or complex statistics, reading from your note card actually lends credibility. If you write out your speech you will tend to read it and lose eye contact with the audience, as well as not being as enthusiastic in delivery as when you speak from note cards.
Include a “wow” factor in your speech. Something in your speech should make your audience think, “Wow!” It could be a story, a dramatic point, an unusual statistic, or an effective visual that helps the audience understand immediately. With a “wow” factor, you then have something to look forward to in the speech that you know will have an impact on your audience. You’ll become a more enthusiastic speaker because the “wow” factor will get you as well as your audience pumped for the speech.
Consider using a touch of humor in your speech. Don’t panic at this suggestion; you are not becoming a comedian but rather lightening up a serious speech so that people will be more accepting and interested in your ideas. Humor will help you to be perceived as an amiable person, and it is hard for people to disagree or be bored if they are smiling at you. Until you have lots of experience, keep your humor short. Perhaps inject a one-liner or a quotation. Yogi Berra said a lot of funny things. “You can observe a lot just by watching” for example. Tell a short embarrassing moment in your life that you might have thought not funny at the time. Now that you can laugh at the experience, you understand the old adage, “Humor is simply tragedy separated by time and space.” Don’t poke fun at your audience; you should be the object of any shortcoming, showing that you can laugh at yourself. Avoid long stories or jokes. Even seasoned speakers know that funny stories soon become unfunny if they go on too long. Probably the least risky use of humor is a cartoon. The cartoon is separate from you and if people don’t laugh, you don’t feel responsible. (Be sure to secure permission to use it.)
Finally, leave the audience with something to think about. People remember best what you say last. You might summarize your main points, or you might complete the statement, “What I want you to do as a result of this presentation is….” But beyond that, make your last words a thought to ponder. For example, I might end a speech on becoming a better speaker with “As Cicero said centuries ago, ‘The skill to do comes with the doing.’”
A more modern guide to effective public speaking was penned by some unknown sage: "Know your stuff. Know whom you are stuffing. Know when they are stuffed."
One never becomes a “perfect” speaker; developing public speaking skills is a life-long experience. But the points discussed here will get you started in becoming the speaker you want to be and the speaker your audience wants to hear.

Kitchen Clocks: The Evolution Of

Kitchen Clocks: The Evolution Of

Kitchen clocks have been used throughout history as a means of keeping accurate time for meal preparation, baking, and simple as a charming addition to the busiest room in the house. Over time kitchen clocks evolved from more than just a necessary means to keep track of time and are now stylish additions to kitchens around the world.There have been literally thousands of versions of the kitchen clock, some featuring cartoon characters, celebrities, and any number of inventive, unique designs. As the times change, so do the available patterns and styles of kitchen clocks. You can purchase a basic kitchen clock for very little expense or you could opt for a more upscale, sophisticated model depending on your needs and your budget.

You can easily purchase a cheap kitchen clock from your local discount or grocery store, but why not take a little time and shop for the perfect kitchen clock that expresses your special personality and style? A few minutes browsing the available options will open a new world of kitchen clocks that you probably never realized existed. There are sleek, modern styles, you will still find your favorite cartoon characters and celebrities, but you will also notice many unique styles that make a statement about your kitchen and your life.

Your purchase of a kitchen clock will be a great addition to your kitchen and will help to enhance that inviting, relaxing atmosphere that you have worked so hard to create. Make your kitchen the best-decorated room in your home with a new kitchen clock that expresses your family’s lifestyle. You may also want to consider shopping for a vintage kitchen clock from the 1940s, 1950s, and beyond. You’ll find an outstanding selection and prices that will fit any budget.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy

It has long been suggested that “music soothes the savage beast.” But is this true? And if it is, does this have any implication where humans are concerned? The answer, apparently, is yes. To illustrate this, researchers point to the different physiological changes that take place within the human body in response to different sounds and noises. A loud noise that shatters the silence sets the human heart racing and stimulates a rush of adrenaline that prepares you for flight. In contrast a soft, soothing sound helps us to relax.
Music therapy has, in fact, been around for thousands of years. Nearly four thousand years ago the Hebrew Scriptures recorded that the boy who would later become King David was hired by his predecessor to play the harp to calm King Saul when he would go into a rage. Likewise, the use of music therapy is found in the writings of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome.
More recently, scientists have been studying the effects of music therapy and have documented changes in respiratory rates, blood pressure, and pulse in response to musical stimuli. Likewise, researchers in the realm of music therapy have found that the use of music therapy can be effective in areas as diverse as IQ and recovery rates, pain management and weight loss.
Some object that this sounds too good to be true. How can music therapy change something like pain management? Researchers tell us that the reason music therapy works is based on how we hear. Sound is little more than vibrations in the air that are picked up by the inner ear and transferred to the brain which is a key component in your nervous system and controls the functions of the body and the brain responds to the stimuli that it is given.
In light of this, music therapy can and often is used in a wide variety of applications. One common application for music therapy is in working with autistic individuals because research has found that music can help autistic children to express themselves. Likewise, music therapy has been found to help individuals with physical disabilities to develop better motor skills.
With music therapy, individuals with high levels of anxiety can be helped to express suppressed emotions thereby discharging anger, or enabling the individual to express the joy they would not otherwise be able to express. Likewise, research has found that music therapy can help lower the anxiety levels of hospital patients who find themselves facing frightening prospects and in an unfamiliar environment. Furthermore, music therapy has been found to help medical professionals with pain management such that they have been able to reduce pain medication by as much as one half by helping to stimulate the production of the body’s own pain killers, called endorphins.
Music therapy can come is a wide variety of forms. In some cases it’s as simple as having the individual listen to particular music. In other cases music therapy requires a more interactive approach, having the individual respond to the music either in dance or using some other form of expression. But in its many forms, music therapy has often been found to be beneficial.



Many of us were uncomfortable when movies on VHS began being phased out by the DVD. Yet we adjusted to this new technology without any problems. In fact, we came to really enjoy all of the features that DVD’s offered over VHS. We didn’t have to guess where to rewind or fast forward the materials to. We also can watch the many bonus features in addition to the main movie. Well, DVD’s now have some competition in the form of the Blu-Ray.

This is a type of high definition video so if you already have a TV set that high definition compatible you will have the very best possible picture available. In addition to being able to play the materials you can also copy information to blank Blu-Ray discs. They hold a great deal of information so you should have no problems at all storing the information you are interested in.

You may have noticed quite a selection of Blu-Ray materials at your local stores. The common ones including Target and Wal-Mart already carry them for all of the new releases. Most video rental stores also carry the newest movies out on Blu-Ray. Since not everyone has this capability it can help ensure you get your hands on those new releases when they are offered.

If you don’t think you will have to transform to Blu-Ray then you better think again. Many of the leaders in the areas of technology are going that direction. In addition, the major production companies including Disney, MGM, and Paramount are also looking at only releasing movies on Blu-Ray by 2010.

Consumers may have no choice but to buy the Blu-Ray discs in the next year or two. They will begin phasing out DVD formats just like they did with the VHS movies that many of us still have lying around our homes collecting dust. Right now Blu-Ray disc movies are just a couple dollars more than a DVD. It is expected that they will drop in price as DVD’s become obsolete.

Those of you that have had problems with scratches on DVD’s before will be very happy to learn that this is virtually impossible with Blu-Ray discs. This is because they use a laser and they have a protective coating on them.

Baby picture frames are very important accessories for any home that has a new arrival

Baby picture frames are very important accessories for any home that has a new arrival

You don’t want to display your darling’s beautiful little face in just any old holder. Baby picture frames offer the perfect place for the image of your infant. You just have to work through the different options available for sale. There are lots of choices and you can spend a lot of time deciding.

Narrowing down your search is a breeze when you shop online. The first thing you want to do is to think about where you are going to display the baby picture frames. This is probably the most important aspects of the process of making a good choice. Of course, your personal tastes and your family’s personality come into play as well.

If your home is filled with a bunch of characters, why not choose baby picture frames that have, well, characters in their designs. You can find everything from animal figures to your favorite cartoon personalities adorned on the adorable frames for babies. These items are abundant and you are certain to find something that appeal to you.

How about some humor? Babies are known for putting grins on our faces no matter what situation. Add to that power of the puss by using some humorous baby picture frames. I love using these items in my office to give me a moment to look up and laugh for a moment before delving back into work.

Characters and humor are great for office spaces and nurseries but the themes might not play out so well in your formal living room. Classic baby picture frames are ideal choices for formal rooms. There are a plethora of well designed, striking frames for babies available in a classic theme.

Sentimental parents might want to opt for the “baby’s first year” frames. I love that you can add an image of your little one as he gets bigger. These baby picture frames typically have a central space surrounded by eleven or twelve other openings. You can put a new picture in the frame each month.

If you really want to showcase your little one, you really want to think about which baby picture frames to choose. Remember, you are putting the most precious images that you have in these items.

Charity Wristbands

Charity Wristbands

Confused about how to support a cause you passionately believe in? Go for charity wristbands as they are the latest buzz in the field of promoting a cause for charity. Wristbands are mostly small loops of laminated or plastic paper placed around the forearm.

The charity wristbands give instant recognition to fight for a cause indeed. The wristbands can be used for many purposes such as to make a statement, for identification and to support any charity cause. Charity wristbands have become hugely popular these days to represent different causes. There are different types of popular charity wristbands among the public today.

Mostly the wristbands are made up of cheap silicon and rubber materials, so they are not costly at all. People may want to support many cause at times but may not be in a condition to do so financially. The wristbands are the perfect option for such people as they can easily afford to buy them and lend money to fight for the cause. Most wristbands come under $5. This can be easily afforded by anybody. If you buy the bands in a large number, there are many companies which offer discount on such purchases.

Charity wristbands come in different colors and designs. They can also have different types of designs and writings embossed on them. There are some charity wristbands which are famous worldwide. The most recognized charity wristband is the yellow band sold by Lance Armstrong Foundation. In fact the trend of charity wristbands was started by the foundation itself. Lance Armstrong is a cyclist and he survived cancer to win the most prestigious tournament in cycling. Tour De France is the most premium cycling event and he won it for a record 7 times.

Another widely recognized wristband is the white band for ‘make poverty history’. The cause is supported by many celebrities like Elton John and Bono, lead singer of U2 band. The pink wristband for supporting breast cancer is also very well known by the public. Ever since Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the sale of the pink wristbands has witnessed a dramatic rise.

Celebrities endorsing a particular charity cause and taking up wearing the wristband hugely boosts public opinion about the cause. Leading footballers like Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney wear the black and white wristband to promote the cause of combating racism.

The charity band which you choose for a particular cause must be appealing to the public. The cause must be hugely publicized by the media with the involvement of celebrities. This is the one way by which people can show support for a cause. Public awareness and support for a cause is very important if you want to really fight for the cause. The band can be sued as a fashion accessory or to raise fund for a cause. The funds collected by selling the bands can be used to fund research works for finding solutions to particular causes.

Sport a charity wristband and lend your support to any cause which you deeply feel for. This will give you immense satisfaction.

The Importance Of Getting Music Licensed

The Importance Of Getting Music Licensed

There are musicians out there playing every type of music ever made and once they come up with a sound that catches on, everyone in the industry tries to copy it. For this very reason it is vital that every musician knows about the process for getting their music licensed. This means they have the copyrights to the music they have created. If that music is to be used by someone else for advertising or in a movie they need to gain permission and generally pay royalties in order to get that permission.

Let me tell you a story about this musician I know who plays the violin. He found a contest of interest to him where he needed to compose a piece of music for a fast food restaurant. They wanted the material for an upcoming marketing campaign. He won $500 for his music with that contest, but it was only after the fact that he realized he should have had that music licensed.

The fast food restaurant make a fortune from the marketing campaign using his music. They also sold it to another company so they could use in a movie. My friend created the music but he never was entitled to a cent for the use of his song after that $500 prize due to the licensing requirements.

You need to keep these music licensing rights in mind when you are accessing music you don’t rightfully own from the internet or other source. Even if you make a CD for your friend from music CD’s you do own that is a form of piracy. This is because the music industry and the artists aren’t getting their royalties for that music, so in essence you are stealing from them.

The cost of legal fees to take care of charges of infringing on the music licensing rights of someone are too expensive to take lightly. There are also fines and jail time that could be attached to any sentence you receive as a result of such charges. It is legal to download and share music that is found without a license. Many new bands allow this in the hopes that their songs will get discovered. They have nothing to lose by you accessing their materials because they haven’t been offered a recording deal yet.

Hollywood’s Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero

Hollywood’s Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero

The public fascination with comic book superhero characters have been exploited by movie production companies for years. Hollywood has been creating feature length comic book movies, movie serials and TV shows to continue to whet our appitites. But as special effect technology and costume designs became better and better, Hollywood kicked it up a notch with feature-length high budget productions. Superman, the Movie and the 3 sequels started in the 1970s and the ’90s and beyond brought us Batman, The Hulk, the X-Men and the now infamous Spider-Man, to name a few.
Why all this interest in producing comic book superhero movies? Big bucks!! The two Spider-Man movies alone have netted about 800 million dollars apiece in worldwide ticket sales. That’s not chicken feed. This kind of income could not be generated without an avid public interest in comic book movies. So if you feel you are alone in your voracious passion for your own comic book collection, think again.
And now a new twist has been added. Directors, screenplay writers, and even actors are writing for, of all things, comic books now. Big name Hollywood writers are helping to sell more comics. For example, Joss Whedon, perhaps best known for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has written stories for Marvel in the series Astonishing X-Men. Back in the 90s, who would have known that all these fan boys had been hiding in the Hollywood woodworks waiting for comics to gain some cultural credibility?
If you haven’t followed some of the comic news of the last several months, Stan "the man" Lee has been fighting his personal battle with His life long employer, Marvel Comics. Stan is probably one of the most well known character creators in the comic book industry. He has characters like Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk credited to his creative imagination.
Seems Stan had a contractual agreement with Marvel for 10% of any revenue acquired by Marvel from comic book superhero movies and TV projects centered on Stan characters. But apparently the high dollar superstructure of the corporate mind doesn’t want to part with all their income. Now this is nothing new, but Stan Lee managed to win the first round for the little guy. The judge presiding over Stan’s case agreed that Stan should receive his share of the agreed on profits.
Now maybe Stan will get his share and maybe he won’t. Sounds like Marvel will be appealing the decision. At any rate, if there weren’t big bucks involved in the production of comic book superhero movies, this case would not have been such an issue.
I believe the near future is going to bring many more of my favorite comic book superheroes to the silver screen. I have already started my own DVD collection and as more comic book superheroes get transferred from the screen to round disc, I will continue to increase the size of my collection. Do you think a DVD comic book movie collection will be worth as much as a comic book collection in the future? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from building my collection anyway.
What does the future hold for comic book superhero movies? It almost seems that we can call the present and near future the Golden Age of the comic book movie. I spend a lot of time researching comic book superheros and creating new content for my comic book site. Is there a movie in the planning stages for your favorite comic book superhero? A frequent visit to my site may inform you as to when you can expect the next comic book movie. See you there.

Building Self Determination in Relationships

Building Self Determination in Relationships

The best rules for any type of relationship whether you are dealing with kids, mates, friends, or relatives are posted below:

Never expect more from you than you can manage: Expecting more than you can manage makes you an over determined person. You need balance to stay strong.

Do never expect more of your partner or child than you would expect of you: Follow this golden rule will help you develop in a relationship and keep the relationship growing strong.

Accept realization: each of you is adapting to the new changes – work on developing self-actualization to ensure that you can adapt to changes as you progress in self-determination and self-development.

Take advantage of time you can share with your mate and baby – do not forget to spend time with you as well. Spending time with you allows you to assess your inner strengths and weaknesses in order to move through the processes of self-development.

Express your emotions and feelings maturely – expressing your emotions enable you to clear up doubts, confusion, hate, or other negative thoughts that form in the mind. You can work through maturity by adapting to this rule.

Talk with your mate and let him express his feelings also about the new baby, breastfeeding, experiences, sex interests, body changes, and what the two of you feel about being new parents – discussions are healthy. Make sure that you learn and get in the habit of discussion your interests, while listening to the interest of others as well.

Learn to solve problems as a family unit – this will ensure that you have room to grow. When you have a happy family unit, it gives you the room you need to take time out for you and move through the stages of self-determination and self-development.
Discuss changes and your dislikes and likes during your childhood – this is another part of maturity. This rule is a healthy rule that will bring you many benefits. Not only will you feel happy and content, you will also feel in control of your life – and you will stay determined to meet your goals.

Discuss your parent’s upbringing and which mistakes you can learn from them to avoid making the mistake in your relationship and parenthood – it is always healthy to spill out your guts and discuss differences in points of views to create a healthy environment for everyone, including you.

Use nap time to converse and share activities with your mate – conversation is the main skill we have that helps us to build relationships, open our minds up for discoveries, learn something new and more. With good conversation you can exchange ideas, which will help you learn. You make room for discussions, which creates a healthy environment for everyone, including you. This is only part of building the self-determination you will need to live a healthy, productive life.

More tips:
Accept unorganized house care, since it occurs when you have a new baby – spend quality time and try to clean up together – do not spend your time or burn energy nagging or complaining over simple things. Instead keep your self-determination strong by overlooking the things that do not matter.

Work as a team – working, as a team is the only way that each member in your unit will keep the unit growing strong. Take some unity time to discuss self-growth and self-determination, as well as related topics so that all of you can grow together.

Put your priorities in focus as a team – create a list to help you work together – priorities are essential elements we need in life. Priorities keep us focused, determined, and prepared.
Maintain a sense of humor — life is too difficult not to add a little humor into your life. Do mistake humor as watching a funny program on television; rather open your mind to all aspects before you open your mouth to speak. Think about the positive instead of the negative at all times.