Are you buying for the person that seems to have everything? There are a lot of silly things you can buy, though that person does have to have a rather keen sense of humor to receive some of them

Are you buying for the person that seems to have everything? There are a lot of silly things you can buy, though that person does have to have a rather keen sense of humor to receive some of them

Everyone has something they love. It might be something they collect, or a television show, movie, or cartoon that they are particularly fond of. If you know they like something like that, you can usually find novelty socks that will go with what they like. If they have a certain hobby like riding horses or if they are an artist or photographer, it’s not that hard to find novelty socks that would go with their hobby as well.

The reason why these works so well is that even though they are immensely impractical, they show you thought of them when you bought the gift rather than just grabbing something off of the shelf. Many times, the thought put into something is much more important than the gift itself. Novelty socks used to be something that children got from aunts and uncles for Christmas each year, but lately, they have been considered a much more acceptable gift, especially when they are given for the reasons of humor.

Novelty socks come with more than just pictures or silly designs. There are some that have no toes in them, and fit around the toes like a glove. I’m not really sure why these are around, but if you know someone who is weird about feet, they will die with laughter if you give them this type of novelty socks. You can find some that have hidden pockets in them that might have a surprise included. Others have things that hang from them.

You may find novelty socks in your local stores. They are usually with the normal socks, or near the accessories section of the store. If you can’t find anything in your local stores that fits what you have in mind, you should be reasonably sure you can find something neat and unique online with a simple search. You may find other gift ideas when you search for those special socks as well.

Protect Your Mobile Phone Pictures and Videos

Protect Your Mobile Phone Pictures and Videos

As more and more of us become owners of the latest camera phones and are able to capture information at a touch of a button, a new trend is being set in the world of journalism.
To set the scene, let’s imagine you are walking down the road when you spot a couple of A-List celebrities getting off the back of their car. You get your cam phone out of your pocket and start to snap your encounter so that you can share this moment with your friends, when out of no where a man begins an argument with the celebrities which quickly scales to a full-blown fight.
By the time the press are informed of the attack, the event is all but over, leaving journalists with the difficult task of having to collect information from eye witnesses at the scene and in some cases with few or no images to support the report.
Your pictures which are now a ‘first-at-the-scene’ account of the event, are collected by the journalist, often for little or no compensation, and used to produce an exclusive report. The images are then sold at exuberant fees to other members of the media industry, increasing their profits even further.
Scoopt, a new service designed to help and protect the information you capture on your phone or your digital camera has recently been launched and can be found at Scoopt will act as an agency between you and a wide network of media contacts, ensuring that as well as being recognised for your material, you are also financially compensated.

Legal Music Download Sites VS P2P File Sharing.

Legal Music Download Sites VS P2P File Sharing

This article compares the differences between legal music download sites VS file sharing networks.
1) Music files available for download:
The p2p file sharing networks heavily out number the legal music sites when it comes to the amount of files available for download. A p2p application provides millions of unlimited mp3 music files, while a legal music download site provides legitimately licensed music files in the hundreds of thousands.
2) The cost of downloading music:
You can download p2p file sharing networks for free, or for a very cheap one-time fee. A legal music download site is usually either "subscription-based" or "pay-per-download". A legal site will also usually charge extra for the ability to rip or burn music.
3) Variety of files available for download:
A legal music site mainly provides ONLY music files for downloading. A p2p application gives you, besides music files, full movie, game, video, software, TV show and ring-tone files to download as well.
4) Legal Issues & Controversy:
Legitimate legal music download sites are completely free of controversy and 100% legal to use. P2p file sharing networks, while legal, are not without lawsuit concerns and controversy due to how the file sharing technology can be used.
If you choose to use a p2p file sharing program, there are potential risks you need to be aware of, including:
Lawsuit Risks – Peer to peer file sharing networks have been ruled legal in a court of law. However, if you download and share "copyrighted material" you could risk becoming targeted, and possibly sued, by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).
Virus And Privacy Risks – In using a file sharing application, you risk the possibility of installing harmful spyware, viruses, worms and malware on your computer. And if that’s not bad enough, many p2p applications also leave you exposed to online hackers and identity thieves that can steal you personal information.
Legal Music Download Sites VS P2P File Sharing – Summary:
At first glance the p2p file sharing networks may seem to offer an easy way to get unlimited free file downloads. But remember, nothing is really free and this is especially true with the p2p file sharing applications.
The file sharing programs come with a price of increased privacy and security threats, and potential RIAA lawsuit risks. The ONLY way to guarantee getting safe music downloads online is by using a legitimately licensed music site that provides downloads of music legally licensed from the record labels and artists themselves.

Film Making School

Film Making School

So you have decided that you want to be an actor. Problem is it seems everyone these days wants to be an actor or get into the movies. While working with movies can be a very rewarding career, it is also probably the most difficult areas of profession to break into.

Competition is cutthroat and often you need more than just talent to make it through your first year of trying to break into the business. What you need is discipline, a good amount of luck, and skills that you have honed to sheen in a film making school.

That’s right. A film making school.

Sure, not many people subscribe to the idea of going to a film making school in order to build a career in the movies. After all, Hollywood big names like Martin Scorcese and Quentin Tarantino made awesome movies without having any formal training. So why would you want to spend that much money on something that may never work?

True. But, let’s not forget Steven Speilberg and George Lucas. These two went to prestigious film schools and look at where they are now. Can you say that the money they spent and the effort they made paid out? Absolutely!

So it’s not about whether you ought or ought not to go to a film making school. It’s about giving yourself an edge over the competition. If you have raw talent, that’s all you have. But if you hone that talent and find some way to focus it into something productive, then you’re set.

Going to a film making school won’t guarantee you success in the movie industry. Heck, it won’t even guarantee you a decent job in the filmmaking industry. At best, it will probably give you credentials to teach other filmmaking hopefuls like you how to make movies. However, if you do have a degree in film school and you have the talent to go with it, then you have given yourself an advantage over the rest. Consider it your stepping stone to your dream career in the movies, whether you want to act, direct, or film your own movie.

Know Your Career Goals

When considering a film making school, the first thing you need to consider is what choice of career you want to get into. What do you want to do? Do you want to be in front of the camera or behind it? Do you want to direct actors? Or do you find fulfillment as a cinematographer?

Those are the things you need to answer first. And once you have the answer, then it is time for you to tackle the next problem: Choose the right film making school.

Wedding Speeches: A Quick Outline

Wedding Speeches: A Quick Outline

Wedding speeches are reserved for the most important members of the wedding party and closest family and friends.

If you are one of the ones expected or asked to do a wedding speech, then preparing is a must. Winging it just won’t cut it especially when your wedding speech will be on video from now until eternity.

Wedding speeches should not last more than three or four minutes. It reminds me of that famous quote by John F. Kennedy,

“Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.”

It’s actually much harder to do a short wedding speech than a long one which reminds me of another quote,

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” –Mark Twain

You have to have an opening and closing. You probably want to throw in a story and at least one piece of humor. And it all has to make sense. Please, please, please don’t apologize for how bad you are as soon as you stand up, which reminds me of yet another quote by Kin Hubbard,

“Why doesn’t the fellow who says, "I’m no speechmaker," let it go at that instead of giving a demonstration?” hahaha I love that one.

Here’s a quick outline for a wedding speech:
Note: each one of the bullet points below could have many variations

· Opening – Could be comments about the lovely affair
· Comments about the bride and groom
· Story about your interactions with the bride, groom or both.
· Humor- Pick something that applies to them and is appropriate
· Closing – Something touching
· Toast – Brief and touching or funny

You’ll rarely be the hit of a wedding because of your wedding speech and rightfully so. The bride and groom are the stars. But poor preparation of your wedding speech certainly could make you the laughing stock.

Remember, you are going to perform your wedding speech live, but you’ll be on video forever. Take the time to prepare.

Unusual Baby Names – A Popular Trend

Unusual Baby Names – A Popular Trend

Parents today seem to be favoring unusual baby names. At one point in history, over half of the children born were given popular names. No more. Today’s trend is to break with the traditional. Your picking a name because you love it, not because of what everybody else thinks of it.
A name is central to a child’s earliest sense of identity. It’s often the first word he or she learns to read and write. Naming trends of today are defined by celebrities, literary classics, and even name brands. Look no further than your favorite book, car, or brand for baby name ideas. Names like "Armani", "Del Monte", "Infiniti", "Celica", "Chevy", and "Lexus" are increasing in popularity.
So, how do you go about finding an unusual baby name? Believe it or not, celebrities are a great source of unusual baby names. There has recently been a major trend amongst celebrities choosing unusual names for their children. Julia Roberts named her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are the parents of Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle. Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin recently named their child Apple. Sylvester Stallone has given his children the names Sage Moonblood and Sistine Rose. Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are the proud parents of Coco and John Travolta and Kelly Preston named their boy Jett.
While you may not want to be quite this unusual, a creative name gives your child a unique identity and distinguishes them from all the James, John’s, and Jacob’s.
You can also get some great baby naming ideas from other countries. In Ireland, some of the most popular baby names are Cian, Dylan, and Conor. Germany likes the names Felix and Lucas while Norway prefers Andrian, Sander, and Tobias.
You could even make up your own baby names! Here are some tips on how to come up with original names.
Create a name from two names. You can combine two names that you really like. If you really like Sarah and Beth, you could combine them to form Sarah-Beth. If you like David and Daniel, you could form Daviel.
You could also start spelling names backward to come up with some unique combinations.
Another common technique that is being used is giving a traditional name a different spelling. So David might turn into Dayvid or Sierra could be Cyera.
You might also want to consider naming your child after cities, street names, or landmarks. Montanna, Everest, Shea, Austin, and Dakota all make for great baby names.
Whether you choose a name that expresses family loyalty and tradition or your own flare and originality, it is sure to be an exciting milestone. Take some time to choose a name that your child will enjoy for a lifetime. A name is forever.
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How Music Can Help You Burn More Fat

How Music Can Help You Burn More Fat

Browsing one of the Russian websites I have recently found a little article claiming that music can affect our health both improving and worsening it. That sounded very interesting and I decided to research how can music actually affect our well-being.
What I found has blown my mind and I want to share the results with you.
Scientists all over the world agreed that music influences hormone production that are directly connected with our emotions. If you think about it you are influenced by music all the time. Think of your last time you’ve watched a horror movie. Remember how music actually made your heart race faster. Music physicians in Japan and China help patients form their own music aid kits, where you can find CDs with the names like "Liver", "Lungs", "Migraine" or "Metabolism".
Now let me tell you about my most valuable discovery. Music can not only improve your overall health, it can also help you lose weight! Eating dinner while listening to Mozart helps to improve your metabolism and food digestion. When you eat while listening to the pop or rock music you automatically start eating faster. As a result you swallow bigger pieces making it harder for your stomach to digest the food.
Which inevitably leads to extra pounds. "When we listen to classical music, subconsciously you get an image of luxury, wealth and sophistication", explains this phenomenon psychology Dr. Adrian Nort. It improves our mood, and makes us take our time and eat slowly enjoying food.
Exercising while listening to the classical music help you lose weight a lot faster than listening to loud fitness pop music. Why? Maybe because during the experiment a first group of people listening to Vivaldi music worked out on a stationary bike a half an hour longer than the group who was listening to the pop music.
Even if you are not a big fan of classical music I urge you to try it! What do you have to lose except for the ugly looking cellulite, extra body fat, and bad eating habits?

DVD Online Rentals! Rent Movies In Your Pyjamas, And Watch Them In Your Jammy’s Too

DVD Online Rentals! Rent Movies In Your Pyjamas, And Watch Them In Your Jammy’s Too

When it comes to convenience, DVD online rentals have to be the most convenient way to rent your favorite movie releases without having to leave your comfy couch in your home!

Since the Internet opened the DVD rental service market, many individuals and families quickly took advantage of the valuable features they offered, such as free trial periods, and also the low introductory membership fees that lets you rent unlimited movies per month, and you never have to experience late fees ever again.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the rental services through many online movie companies including Blockbuster, Intelliflix, and DVD Avenue, and for the Canadians the rental site, than you don’t know what your missing.

With a monthly membership, you can choose and rent as many movies as you like, however, many online rental companies will allow 3 out at a time. That’s not bad, considering once you get the shipping system down, you can have a load of movies and games coming to your door just as fast as you ship them back!

<b>Top Entertainment Titles From Classics, Comedy, To Adult Videos Are Delivered Directly To Your Door!</b>

Having delivery to your door is the future, and many movie and game rental enthusiasts are taking advantage of this feature, and eliminating frustrating line-ups for good! The rental process is simple, and when you go to Blockbuster’s or the online video store of your choice, all you have to do is visit the your interested categories. Find your choice of film or game, and click the computer mouse and that’s all it takes.

Online movies are sent to you within days, and most online rental companies will let you know the average time it will take to arrive. Then all you have to do is wait until they arrive, and you’re ready to watch them as many times as you like.

<b>Late Fees Are The Thing Of The Past! For The Renters Who Forget To Return Their Movies, No More Worries!</b>

You may remember the times you were charged nasty late fees that ended-up being more than the actual DVD movie you only planned to rent for a day or two. I recall the local movie rental store being so rude and inflexible with the fees, and it made me very angry.

I considered myself responsible, and when the odd occasion I would forget to take a movie back, or I just got too busy and couldn’t make it to the store on time. I would sneak the movie into the drop box, but the next time I went in to rent a flick, it almost seemed that they waited for day to push the fee in my face.

When many of the top online rental companies expressed there were no online fee charges, I was extremely excited, and looked forward to going to my local store to tell them that they would not be getting anymore of my excess late fees, because I was not going to rent from them anymore! I was about to venture in renting my movies from this day forward via the Internet, and the rest was history.

How to Prepare for Your Award Presentation Speech

How to Prepare for Your Award Presentation Speech

There’s nothing as exciting – and terrifying – as making an award presentation speech. With all eyes on you – some impressed, others critical, and a few envious – it’s of the utmost importance that you do not make a mistake. While we can’t read the future, there is a way to ensure that things would go your way as much as possible.

Look Good
You’ll feel better if you know that people won’t have anything to criticize your appearance for. One worry firmly squashed is still one worry less for your burdened mind. It would allow you to feel more confident with your speech because you know you look good.

Write Your Speech Down
Some people have the talent of winging it on the spot. Are you willing to risk and see if you’re one of them or not? If you’re not willing to take the risk then write your speech down. It’s best to prepare it as early as possible to have enough time to revise them at will.

Start by making a list of the things you should include in your award presentation speech. Would it be your role to explain the history of the award? Would it also be your task to explain other related factors such as the criteria used for determining the winner? Are there people in the crowd that you’d have to acknowledge? Would you have to provide a brief background for each candidate?

If you’re not sure about the required content for your award presentation speech, don’t hesitate to ask others. It’s better to verify the requirements beforehand than set yourself up for an unpleasant surprise at the big night itself.

Memorize Your Speech
There’s nothing wrong about having notes with you but it would definitely make your award presentation speech more professional if you’re able to complete it without glancing often at your notes. Do your best to memorize your speech. You don’t need to memorize it word for word. Being able to deliver the essence of your award presentation speech is more than enough. Take note of the important ideas and its sequence to make it easier for you to remember what to say and in what order.

Have Someone Proofread Your Speech
Ask someone with excellent communication and grammar capabilities to proofread your speech. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve pronounced a simple word erroneously. Ask for advice about your choice of words as well. Sometimes, one of two words of the same meaning would have more impact on the audience.

Keep It Brief
Even if you’ve been given the green light to speak as long as necessary, your audience would still better appreciate your award presentation speech if you can keep it short but sweet, brief but detailed.

Use Humor
Even the most serious assemblies won’t find a touch of humor here and there adverse as long as you’ve used the right joke at the right time. Humor will also make it easier for you to connect with your audience.

Speak with the Right Tempo
Take note of commas, periods, and other punctuation marks. These are present for a reason. You should always be aware of the tempo of your speech. Don’t speak too fast or slow.

Make Eye Contact
Keeping eye contact with your audience shows them you’re confident about what you’re saying and will consequently convince them to listen more to what you have to say.

That’s it. Good luck with your award presentation speech!

What’s the deal with celebrities? Wait a minute! I’ll give you the spiel

What’s the deal with celebrities? Wait a minute! I’ll give you the spiel

Much of our grooming comes down to what we’re willing to spend. This applies to time and money. How much effort are you willing to devote to making yourself look nice each day? The truth is you can spend as much as you’re able to. The prices go up and up. Ever heard of the Golden Gate Spa? This is a fancy one. But, when it comes to celebrity skin care and pampering, the stars go all out. Personally I can only take this to a basic level. Since I’m a man it consists of fine shaving products, some hair wax, and a moisturizer from Jack Black. How’s that for celebrity skin care? Uh, it’s probably not up to par. I watched a special VH1 program on celebrity skin care and pampering, and it almost made me hurl. J Lo is one of the most ridiculous. She apparently purchases some sort of special moisturizer that’s produced according to the lunar cycle. It costs thousands, and she smears the stuff all over her entire body. Give us all a break J Lo. This is absurd.

There are products online that are advertised as those used by celebrities. One thing you can always count on about celebrity skin care is that it’s pricey. So don’t be shocked if you have to fork out the big bucks to have a complexion like J Lo’s or legs like Fergi’s.