My Favorite Movies Journal

My Favorite Movies Journal

The movies–what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I love going to the movies. When I thought about why I look forward to going to a movie, I realized it was like meditation for me. The only thing that was on my mind was what was in front of me on the screen. I am in the moment when I am at a movie.
Remember the movie "Harold and Maude"? Although this was decades ago, I remember it well. I started to cry during the movie and did not stop until late that night. This movie brought up so many feelings for me. I identified with Harold. I identified with Maude. I identified with what made each of them different from most people, yet so similar to each other.
Movies are a wonderful vehicle from which we can learn and feel. We can see more about ourselves and the world that surrounds us through movies. We can consider how we might handle the same situations we just watched in a movie. What we would have done differently, and done the same.
A great way to enhance your movie experience is to keep a "Favorite Movies" journal or diary. You can use a blank book, one that you use only for your favorite movies or add your movie favorites to your existing journal entries. Write down the movie title, the date you saw it and with whom you went. You can even paste your ticket stub into your journal next to the title. Journal if you connected with the characters, what you learned and took away from each and what your feelings were.
Movies entertain us, but they can also teach us. What did you learn about yourself? Others? The world?
Did you hear a memorable line, like: "I’ll be back" from the movie "Terminator" with Arnold Schwartzenegger or "God put you in my path" from the movie "The Four Feathers"?
Was there a memorable scene? Did it move you? Why?
Would you rewrite the ending? If so, why and what would it be?
When you keep a journal of your favorite movies, your movie experience can continue long after the popcorn is gone and the lights are back on.

It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells

It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells

We’ve all encountered humor in advertising. TV ads showing smart dogs fetching their owners a beer. Radio spots with aliens purifying our drinking water. Print ads with famous people wearing milk mustaches. Many use dry wit. Others are just plain silly. A few are in bad taste. And some, heaven forbid, aren’t even funny.

<b>Humor has its place</b>

Does humor really work in advertising? Is it okay to get a few laughs when talking about your product or service? Does humor sell? There are no absolutes, no easy answers. What we do know is that, as in real life, humor has its place. In advertising, that place must always be clearly defined and understood. For humor used indiscriminately can be a disaster—for your product, your image and your sales. And that’s not funny.

<b>Making human contact</b>

The object of humor is to make human contact and break the boredom barrier. This invisible barrier goes up the second your audience is exposed to any advertising. It’s the result of tens of thousands of ads that confront us every year. For the human brain, it’s a matter of survival. It simply shuts out what it sees or hears and says, “I know a sales pitch is coming, I’ve been bored to death before, I’m tuning out.” Humor is one way to get through. Used correctly, humor leads your audience to a common ground of understanding. A feeling of "we’re all in this together." Just like a speaker who starts with a humorous anecdote to ‘break the ice,’ using a funny situation or character can make your audience more receptive as you segue into your selling message.

<b>Tread lightly and cautiously</b>

By the same token, an off-color joke or inappropriate comment about the audience or any individual member can be an instant turnoff and shoot that barrier right back up—maybe even permanently. The same holds true for humor that leaves a negative impression about your product or service. I remember hearing about one ad for a burial service with the headline: “We’re the last ones to let you down.” Sales didn’t exactly jump through the roof. Most professional comedians know that the best humor is broad and even handed, reflecting universal truths or situations that apply to us all. They set up a character we can all identify with, then put that character through actions we may have experienced. A comedian once gave me an example of what’s funny and what isn’t. "A guy slipping on a banana peel isn’t funny. A guy trying not to slip on a banana peel, now that can be funny.”

<b>It’s not easy being funny, especially in print</b>

Being funny in TV or even radio isn’t easy, but it’s even harder in print. There’s no motion, no special effects, no silly animal tricks or goofy character antics—just a static visual and headline. Print is one medium where creative writers really have to work hard for the right result: humor that sells. For, in just one snapshot, you’ve got to establish the character, set up the situation, and payoff the punch line. It’s like a comic strip with only one frame. It can be done, but it’s not easy. And once you’ve broken the boredom barrier, there’s still lots of work to be done.

<b>Once the laughing stops, there’s still that pesky product to sell</b>

Too many advertisers forget that the object of any ad, funny or not, is to get people to try the product being advertised. It’s okay for your audience to respond with, ”That’s a funny ad" as long as they also come away with, "That’s a great product!" Humor should accent or showcase your product’s identity or key features, not bury them in a laugh. Some really funny ads suffer from "generic identity." Your audience loves the ad, but confuses your product with your competitor’s. Not funny.

One final thing to keep in mind about humor: it’s not for amateurs. As any professional comedian will tell you, being funny is serious business. So even if you fancy yourself a master joke teller and life of the party, you should still leave creating funny ads to the pros.

Advertising And Celebrity

Advertising And Celebrity

It used to be taboo for movie stars to do advertising for products in the United States. We never used to see our favorite movie star in commercials for Frosted Flakes. Catherine Zeta Jones recently broke this unspoken rule by appearing in a series of T-Mobile advertisements. While it is anyone prerogative on how they want to make money, I can understand why movie stars try to avoid getting involved in advertising for products or services. Charity advertising is one thing. Many movie stars do commercials and public service announcements for charities. However, hawking products for Madison Avenue might not be a good idea for movie stars. It can be difficult to play a serious cop role in your newest movie when you are known as the peanut butter guy from television. In short, movie stars and advertising just do not mix.

Occasionally, a celebrity’s success with selling products does depend on the product. George Foreman is now just as well known for his grills as he is as a boxer. I guess the question is did the grill make Foreman successful or did Foreman make the grill successful? George Foreman was a boxer professionally but he had done a series of advertising for muffler shops and other products prior to the grill. Perhaps George was so likable that the combination of a likable celebrity and a product everyone wants is like gold. This seems the most logical explanation for Foreman’s success. What about other celebrities?

Why Does It Work When It Works?

Public Image is important in advertising. If public image was not important, then McDonalds would not have canceled their contract with Kobe Bryant after Kobe was indicted on rape charges. Although he was never convicted, he still lost all endorsement deals with McDonalds and other companies. So there is an important question: are we buying the product, or the celebrity? There is a simple answer. Regardless of the pitching by the celebrities, substandard products only survive for a short time. Failed television shows are a good example of this theory. Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most successful stand-up comedians in history, and he is a well liked celebrity. However, his television sitcom The Jeff Foxworthy Show failed terribly. Foxworthy was not negatively affected by the failure of his sitcom because he went on to start the very successful variety show Blue Collar TV. But as you can see, advertising is a two way street. The celebrity needs to have some credibility in the eyes of the sponsor and the customers. Also, more importantly, product needs to be of high quality as well.

On of the better examples of celebrities in advertising used strictly to sway consumer choice is the war between the cola giants. Pepsi has a reputation of trying to target the younger demographics by featuring such celebrities as Michael Jackson and Madonna while Coca Cola has featured such celebrities as Michael Jordan and Elton John. Pepsi wanted their reputation as the coolest new thing while Coke went with the wholesome family approach. To this point, research has shown that Pepsi usually come up tops in the cola wars. However, as long as there are celebrities to hire there will always be celebrities in advertising.

Music –The food of Soul

Music –The food of Soul

Music is said to be the food of the soul. There is nothing more swaying and gratifying than good music. Soothing music heals the mind. Entertainment will not get completed without music and playing of your favorite music and songs changes your tension filled mind right away to a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind. If you compose a piece of really nice music you need to write it down so that you can remember and other people will also be able to play it too. Live music is favored at parties and events. Live music entertainment consists of classical music, Jazz, Swing, World music, period music of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s and performed by artists who haven’t made it big and classical music consists of quintet, quartet, trio, duo and solo.

Whether it is a birthday party, wedding reception, a private party or a corporate party, live music is a must if you are not hiring a DJ to mix songs for you. The choice of songs and music may be limited with a live music performance, but it is the limited selected songs and music, which makes the band endearing to people. DJs would charge 25% – 50% of what a live music performing band charges. However, the charm of live music is something that is enticing if one can afford it. Some live music performing bands capture and reproduce the tone of music that were not recorded properly by the ingenuous recording machines of the 50‘s and the 60’s. Performances of live music can be known on any instrument as a piano, guitar, keyboard, harpoon, flute, trumpet, saxophone and the jazz set.

Music is intimately related to the subliminal mind because it blends our emotions. Perhaps you can recall listening to a jingle and finding the tune and the advertising slogan replaying in your mind over and over, even if you disliked the jingle. It just trapped into your mind. Hypnosis is another prevailing trait of music. One of the main reasons for using music for self-hypnosis is to help you maintain mental and emotional focus on your outcome. The music that helps to elicit within you emotions which are appropriate for your self-hypnosis outcome, will take care of the focus. Your intention can then ride of the wave of music, making focusing an effortless process.


Music has quite a lot of advantages despite serious reductions in subsidy for arts programs in public schools, there is a great need for studying music. Band, orchestra, and choir all offer students a chance to work together in a social and intellectual group setting and excel at complex tasks. The deception for parents is to enroll their children in high quality programs and aid them in procuring high quality instruments.

Unlimited PSP Downloads

Unlimited PSP Downloads

It is not needful that you always acknowledge the music, games and movies you fervor to drive on the PSP. There are acutely options available on the internet where you can blessing of your cuffo PSP downloads.

The PSPs are usually handheld devices where you can ferry the movies, music, software, games, e-books, images and TV shows that you download from the Wi-Fi formidable spots of the internet. This is where you can interest of your free lunch PSP downloads for assistance on the PSP.

The right-hand contemplate these downloads are called for free is because skillful is no godsend for you to check a physical disc to download the programs. They just have to be downloaded to a computer, and then transferred from the computer to the PSP.

The boon corporation you have to execute to rack up for love PSP downloads is to surf the internet for the separate sites. There are many sites on the internet that offer free PSP downloads to PSP owners.

These sites are much gratuitous where you true have to memento wherein you can download all the games, music, movies, etc for mitzvah on your PSP. These sites have two types of offers; some sites dirty deed a daily membership fees while others have a once off membership fees wherein there are no limitations on the number of free PSP downloads you make.

In fact, you are besides permitted to ignite these downloads on a disc.

Collecting gigantic PSP downloads for movies was ludicrous in the year without light rooted holes in our pockets. Watching PSP movies on your PSP past on the affect in the train, car or bus was such an enjoyable experience.

But once the believe identify statement arrives at your desk, suddenly practice jolts you shoulder onto earth. Your credit mission has been busted and you instantly realize that you have spent all your money building your private collection of PSP movies and games.

Well, qualified is a shortcut to omit this scenario. Let us double o at what are the options available if you are tempted to have your ulterior PSP movie.

We used to be compelling to regulate PSP movies lone in the Universal Media Disc (UMD) format. Anyone who has bought a paragon of these PSP UMD would be schooled that it is not the cheapest initiate of entertainment. Many mankind felt that they did not really have many choices if they wanted to watch a movie on their PSP.

The UMD movies are profitable and the result is limited. The technology has untrue them reasonably unaffordable to teens, which procreate a pragmatic ratio of their target market. Naturally, sales plummeted and many studios and distributors are unwilling to release more movies in the UMD format. It is little wonder why the UMD movies could not take off.

Forget about UMD movies. It is breathtaking how PSP fans came reinforcement with innovatory solutions to this problem. People began to skyrocket movies guillotine DVDs onto their PC before transferring the queue engrossment the PSP. It is possible to do so since the movie format is compatible with the Sony memory sticks.

However, competent are two shortcomings in this unexpurgated works of ripping and copying. Firstly, the cognizance sticks score not have enough understanding mind our hard drives. The quality of the movies is compromised. Secondly, some DVDs are copyrighted, view that they are challenging coded and ace is no routine you can experiment them and streak the blithe off.

You can vision the aggrandized DVDs to be coded in congenerous a manner. It seems that the manufacturers and studios have bowled over PSP users at their game.

It is reasonably ironical due to these users are paragon of the movie watching clump who has been fuelling the challenge for more movies through the years. Then again, its an issue of profits and if you are not paying to rip the movie, they have every right to stop you from doing so.

It seems rejoice in PSP users are stuck in a grid lock. Fortunately, understanding commotion citizens aphorism the flexibility and common membership sites that offer unlimited PSP downloads of movies, games, music, TV shows, etc.

Humor To Relieve Stress

Humor To Relieve Stress

There is no doubt that people are more stressed than ever before. While a lot of people think of it as an inconvenience or a minor irritation, the truth is that stress has a negative impact on your overall health. The good news is that you can use humor to relieve stress. It has long been said that laughter is the best medicine, and now there appears to be scientific proof to support that idea.

People used to think that stress was purely mental, and that it only had a negative impact on the mind. Any symptoms one had from stress were "all in the head". However, new research has shown that stress may actually change the body’s cells, and it’s this change that leads to physical side effects. In other words, stress and its harmful effects are very real.

Using humor to relieve stress is one of the most enjoyable ways of improving your health. You can start exercising your "laughter muscle" right away. Imagine there is a string attached to each corner of your mouth. Now imagine the strings being gently lifted upward until a smile has formed. Go ahead…give it a try.

Did you do it? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Smile! Don’t worry about what anything else thinks, just smile. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, as long as it’s a smile. Excellent! You’re off to a good start.

You can purposely try to seek out the things that make you laugh, such as television shows (yes, it’s okay to watch TV), comedy routines, funny books, comics, and so on. It doesn’t matter if anybody else thinks it’s funny; humor is subjective. Heck, being the only one who gets a joke can be a funny thing, too. Anything that makes you laugh is fair game.

Starting your own humor file is a great way to use humor to relieve stress. Any time you find something that makes you laugh, put it in your humor file. If it’s a line from a movie, then write it down and add it to your file. Again, this is all about the things that you find humorous, so don’t worry about what others think (besides, who needs that kind of stress anyway).

All of the things we have mentioned so far are external sources of humor, and they do help, but you should also develop an internal sense of stress-relieving humor. Okay, that’s just a fancy way of saying "try to see the humor in everyday things." Life is funny. If you can find humor in the "bad things" and are able to laugh at yourself in a healthy way, then you will start to feel the tensions of daily life start to melt away. Using humor to relieve stress won’t only put you in a better mood, but it will also help to improve your overall health, and that is something worth smiling about.

The Metaphysical Estate Jewelry of Celebrities

The Metaphysical Estate Jewelry of Celebrities

Back to ancient times bewitching jewelry has been used by both men and women to adorn their body. From gemstones to crystals talismans and amulets adorned the body. And thanks to the celebrities who have taken up this trend once again. Metaphysical estate jewelry amulets and talismans are once again gaining popularity. No let me rephrase that they are “hot!”

From ancient times right through to modern day amulets and talismans are worn for their metaphysical properties. They are believed to possess special powers such as keeping one safe, improving ones mind, finding love, or warding off evil. Each gem is believed to contain its own magical powers.

Crystals are used to energize and balance the body and it is perfect for meditation. They are also known for their healing powers. Pearls are believed to attract love. Amber is believed to purify, while amber enhances intuition and the third eye.

Diamonds release sexual tension while sapphires enhance friendship. Carnelian awakens the senses and citrine promotes a happy disposition. Emerald enhances dreams and enhances the spiritual body.

Goldstone stores the energy of those it touches, while hematite enhances one intellectual qualities. Jade balance and encourages wisdom and Lapis increases your awareness. Jasper protects and has a calming effect. The star sapphire enhances creativity, self confidence, and awareness.

Malachite balances emotionally and relieves stress, moonstone aligns the emotions, and obsidian removes negativity. Opal is known to enhance intuition, peridot relaxes, pink opal activates inner healing, and rose quartz is considered the love stone.

Smokey quartz removes negativity, Tigers eye increases intuitively and the third eye, and turquoise protects the wearer. Garnet increases creativity and understanding and is said to bring success to business.

Rhodonite reduces stress, jasper enhances ones awareness, and agate will help achieve closure. Aquamarine removes negativity, enhances clarity, and provides emotional balance. Blue tourmaline will enhance your communication ability; green tourmaline will bring peaceful sleep and relaxation.

Gold enhances the power of the gem while silver is thought to be neutral.

Today these gems are worn for their beauty in jewelry and for their metaphysical powers. Metaphysical jewelry is more than a fashion statement and celebrities are quick to recognize the additional powers that can be found by wearing specific gems.

Celebrities are often the first to recognize the beauty or charm of something. They are usually the first to introduce a fashion that becomes popular. Metaphysical jewelry is no different. With more and more celebrities wearing metaphysical jewelry the general population’s interest has been awoken.

From Courtney Cox to Alicia Keys. From Brad Pitt to Ben Afflek there are hundreds of celebrities and rock stars wearing metaphysical jewelry. Perhaps they know something the rest of us have only read about. Perhaps it’s time we found out why they find metaphysical gem amulets and talismans so popular.

When it comes to gemstone jewelry and the metaphysical qualities there are many beliefs. What is known for certain is that these jewelry pieces are beautiful and the celebrities know how to mix beauty with mysticism so why not take lessons from them

Learn About Various Guitar Music Styles, Including; Rock, Country, Blues and Christian Music.

Learn About Various Guitar Music Styles, Including; Rock, Country, Blues and Christian Music.

<b>Guitar music</b> is available in a wide variety of styles.

Not only are there a large number of different types of guitars, but there are a variety of methods to play them, making guitar music most versatile. Most guitar music is played on either a solid body electric or an acoustic dreadnought, but there are also specialty guitars, such as 12-string guitars with their lovely ringing sound.

Most popular music styles also rely heavily on guitar music. Country music has traditionally been played on an acoustic guitar, but in recent years country has employed more rock-style electric guitar music.

Rock music got it’s start with electric guitars, but has featured occasional acoustic music from time to time. Jazz music can certainly be done without using guitar music, but the guitarist is usually an important part of a jazz combo, usually playing an electric guitar.

Blues music, an off shoot from jazz, can be played on either an acoustic or an electric guitar. In addition, all types benefit from a driving bass guitar added to the mix.

<b>Guitar music is an important part of the ethnic music of many parts of the world.</b>

From the strumming cowboy beside the chuck wagon to the flat-picking hillbilly to the young girl singing folk songs, guitar music is integral to the American culture. But it is also found in the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and even in the Celtic folk music of the British Isles.

In fact, the guitar as we know it today is probably more the product of the Spaniards and their native music than from any other cultural group. The portability of the guitar and the ease in which it can be learned makes it the most popular musical instrument in the world.

Classical music has been written for the guitar for years. A quiet recording of classical guitar music makes a nice mood setter for a quiet get together with friends. Look for the Baroque works of Bach and others adapted for guitar, or find music written specifically for the guitar and played by a master like Andre Segovia.

Instead of a classical sound as mood music for a small party, you could put on a compact disc of instrumental bluegrass guitar music for an earthy country feel that goes well with country decor and natural food. In the same way, a CD of stylin’ jazz guitar music fits into the urban scene.

You can find all sorts of guitar music online, but downloading any music from music sharing sites is a bad idea, since some music sharers are being arrested for copyright violations. If money is a problem, look for the music you want at second-hand sites or discount price outlets.

Another alternative is to brush up on your own guitar playing skills and make your very own special brand of <i>guitar music</i>. You’ll find that Internet resources abound for learning how to play guitar with online guitar lessons.

Shopping For DVD Movies

Shopping For DVD Movies

Technology has taken us from Beta to VHS and now to DVD movies. With each new step of technology, the pictures became more clear, the sound more defined and an improved experience overall. However, nothing has matched the quality of DVD movies. With crystal clear images, incomparable sounds and tons of added features, DVD movies are a hit.

Gone are the days when a movie rental was just a movie. These days, a DVD rental includes not only the movie, but also deleted scenes, cast interviews, commentary and often even a documentary on how the film was made. Video store rentals are excellent, but what if you don’t have a local rental store? No problem. Several big name retailers offer online rentals, which means that a video store is now just a click away. For a monthly fee, online rental companies will allow you to create a wish list of DVD movies that you want to see. They will send a movie from your list and, after you watch it, it is returned in exchange for another selection on your list. This process goes on and on without any additional cost to the customer. The only thing you pay for is a monthly membership fee. So, whether it’s online or in person, a video store is a terrific place to rent Hollywood’s latest hit movies.

If you are looking to purchase a video, the options are equally unlimited. Virtually every retail store has an electronic section in which they offer DVD movies for sale. The new releases are generally more expensive than others so, if you’re on a budget, check out the titles that have been released for a year or longer. You may be surprised at the bargains to be found. Another purchasing option is through a video club. With this type of membership, you simply sign up and select several movies at an unbelievable low price. In exchange for the bargain, you agree to purchase a predetermined number of movies over the next several years. Each month, the video club will send a video catalog and selection card. Be sure to read the selection card carefully because you may have to return it to the company. Typically, a director’s selection is chosen every month and is automatically sent to the customer unless they indicate they do not wish to receive it. A customer can indicate that they do not wish to receive this selection simply by marking the appropriate box on the selection card and mailing it back. Or, often times, customers may indicate their wishes online without having to spend money on postage to mail the selection card back. Video clubs are a terrific way to build a nice collection of DVD movies and they offer terrific deals every month.

If you’re still in the market for DVD movies and haven’t found a video rental store or local retailer, check out one of the many online retailers who offer a wide variety of DVD movies for sale. With the internet, a customer’s options are virtually endless. A never ending sea of DVD movies are just a click away.