How To Use Humor To Relieve Stress

How To Use Humor To Relieve Stress

Stress is a big killer today. It’s a suffering that cannot be escaped at the best of times though there is a remedy for it – humor. If you know how to use humor to relieve stress, your life can feel a whole lot more rewarding.

The power of a laugh can relieve stress and has been medically proven to help medical patients. Humor for all its sarcastic and jovial edges has been viewed as a discovery in the world of health treatment. Think about the last time that you laughed and almost split your sides. Humor used properly can help remove stress and unhappiness from the workplace or the home.

There are various methods. Look over the cartoons in newspapers and on television. Watch your favorite TV comedy particularly episodes on DVD or HD that you love as it tickles you silly. Satire can be very rewarding in this way. Comedy brightens up your day. For me, all I need to do is watch an episode of Friends or Red Dwarf and any stress is flushed away as I became elated from the joy of laughter.

Humor is vital to your general well being as a smile leads to laughter and that in turn promotes an inner peace within yourself. Using humor to relieve stress is as effective as your daily vitamins to maintain a healthy body. In the workplace, suggestions include a joke calendar and best joke of the day. As this instills happiness, the off-shoot of the activity results in boosted morale amoungst employees.

Now, I am not saying that humor should replace your local therapist but what I am saying is that humor will assist you in staying happy and healthy. Humor is a refreshing chocolate ice cream for the soul. Don’t treat it as something degrading or insulting.

Many feel humor is a threat particularly where an embarrassing story may emerge. It feels then that the story is promoting laughter within a group at your expense. It’s best not to view it that way unless it’s an attempt to actually undermine you in some way. Banter can be a funny event if it’s between friends whom understand each other and can share the experience of that particular story. You can be sure that someone else has an embarrassing tale to tell.

Do you have photographs of past events such as a holiday with friends and family? There will be some captured moments within those photos that will ignite your memory of that event. It may be photos of a fancy dress party or a stag night. There must be a bunch of outrageously funny moments in those memories to discuss with your friends.

Using Humor to relieve stress is about connecting yourself with a happier place. It’s important to harness the power of humor to make light of any stressful events and brush it to one side. It works in sickness and in health.

Celebrities Helping to End Global Warming

Celebrities Helping to End Global Warming

Global warming is an issue that is increasing in popularity. Global warming is widely discussed and debated on the television, radio, and even online. One of the many reason for this increased media coverage is due in part to celebrities. Over the past few years, a large number of celebrities have publicized their stance on global warming. In this same time frame, global warming saw an increase in media exposure. That leaves many wondering what if there is a connection and if so, is that connection doing good?

One of the many celebrities who have helped use their well known name to bring awareness to global warming is that of Al Gore. Al Gore was most well known for his role as the Vice President of the United States, under Bill Clinton. As for now, Al Gore is most well known for his fight against global warming. Al Gore is one of the first political figures to take global warming seriously. In fact, he has done more than that. His award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has brought much needed attention to this important issue.

Leonardo DiCaprio is another well known figure who has been and who is still using his name to bring attention to the many environmental issues. This award winning actor has turned into a well known environmentalist. One of the many topics that he brings attention to is that of global warming. In addition to making numerous celebrity appearances at global warning related events, he has also created his own documentary. This documentary is titled 11th Hour. Since Leonardo DiCaprio is considered one of the greatest actors of his time, he has the ability to bring much needed attention to global warming, as well as other environmental issues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another well known figure that has been using his status to do good for the environment. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known actor turned political figure. In addition to being outspoken on global warming with his views on the subject, he has also taken action not seen by many other politicians. In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has passed laws that reduce the greenhouse gasses emitted in the state of California and much more.

Laurie David may not be well known herself, but you may have likely heard of her husband before. Her husband is most well known as being the co-creator of Seinfeld. She worked on a documentary for HBO that covered the science behind global warming. There are also reports that she helped to bring Al Gore’s, an Inconvenient Truth, documentary into the public eye.

The above mentioned celebrities are just a few of the many who have used their celebrity status to bring much attention to the hot topic of global warming. In addition to starting their own environmental groups and making their own documentaries or television programs that focus on the issue of global warming, celebrities do much more. Many celebrities are known for providing faces and voices for documentaries, concerts, and other charity events.

Although many individuals view the association with entertainment and global warming overkill, there is a lot that these celebrities and others have done to help in the fight against global warming. For example, there are a number of documentaries on global warming, but Al Gore’s documentary saw success more than others partly because of his well known name and status. For many individuals, they may have not heard about global warning or learned the possible affects of it if it weren’t for celebrities.

Many celebrities, such as the ones outlined above are known for showing their support for the environment, but there are others who have spoken out against global warming. One of those individuals is Michael Crichton, a well-known author. In the year 2002, he wrote a book that basically claimed global warming is nothing but a conspiracy theory. In this book, he claimed that many environmentalists are using global warming as a ploy to receive more money for their organizations. His book was met with a mixture of support and criticism.

Enjoying Mountain Climbing Movies

Enjoying Mountain Climbing Movies

Movies depict real lives. That is why through the years, people of all ages have been hooked on movies that movie producers and stars are earning hefty money from sales of movie tickets and other movie-related memorabilia.

Because movies are depictions of life, the medium is covering all the subjects that could be of great interest. Now, movies are evolving. They aren’t only confined to stellar flicks with famous celebrities on interesting story plots.

Documentaries are slowly conquering the movie scenes because people patronize them enthusiastically. Thus, mountain climbing can be seen at movies now.

Don’t get it wrong. Through, there are movies that have plots pinning stars to mountain climbing scenes, those about mountain climbing are different. Those movies are documentaries that provide video accounts about a person’s adventure on the trek to a mountain.

Climbing movies, as they are popularly called, are slowly becoming everywhere. With the rising popularity of documentaries, more and more people are starting to recognize the informative and entertaining nature of such flicks.

Thus, people who want to experience the thrill, fear and difficulties in mountain climbing need not actually experience the activity anymore. To know more about the real-life occurrences when mountain climbing, all you have to do is to buy a mountain climbing movie.

Now, you can experience mountain climbing in the comfort of your home. You can actually sit comfortably at the sofa or lay down on the bed, and at the same time climb the steep trek upward a mountain.

That is the wonder of the modern mountain climbing movie experience. You can actually eat while looking at the steep way or appreciating the blue sky and the view from the mountain.

Of course, these movies offer not only that. You will also learn from the experiences of the mountain climber who is documenting the experience. You will learn about the do’s and the don’ts in mountain climbing, as well as the dangers that await climbers if they aren’t attentive enough about the surroundings.

Watching climbers take the trek and encounter many mountain climbing challenges is truly a breath-taking activity. The movies can certainly serve as basis for your own personal mountain climbing training.

Or simply, you could just marvel at the numerous sights, which can only be found in mountains. Mountain climbing movies aren’t expensive, so owning copies won’t hurt your budget.

Get one now and enjoy the thrill of conquering a mountain.

You Love Them Because They’re Funny!

You Love Them Because They’re Funny!

For years I heard woman after woman say after obviously falling in love, "He’s so funny! I just love that about him."

Often after someone has lost a family member, they’ll say "I’ll always remember her smile, the way she laughed, the little jokes she would tell to lighten the mood."

Could it be we love people who have a great sense of humor? I’ve always thought so. And now we have scientific proof of what many of us long suspected. Humor is one of the things we enjoy most about life and, frequently, the people we love are the ones who make us smile.

Fortunately for those of us who probably aren’t that funny, humor is most often in the eye of the beholder. The guys at work may not laugh at your wise cracks, but if SHE laughs, well that’s all that matters.

For a long time, nobody in the scientific world knew much about humor. But during the past 20 years, more and more research has been done. We know what parts of our brains deal with humor. We also know when a baby starts to develop a sense of humor.

So don’t hesitate. Let your funny bone show through!

* When you think something is funny, don’t be afraid to let it out. Just think first if your remark might be taken the wrong way by those in earshot. Humor is great — foot-in-mouth is less great.

* Use humor to ease uncomfortable situations. When the mood starts to get tense, an appropriate chuckle and humorous side remark can get everyone back on track.

* If you’re not naturally funny, read cartoons, joke books, the laugh lines at the back of Reader’s Digest, and pay attention to how script writers set up funny situations on TV. You CAN learn to be more humorous than you are. Pay attention to humor and your sense of humor will develop.

Above all else, be someone who APPRECIATES humor. Try not to make someone feel bad when you don’t find their attempt at humor to be all that funny. As long as the humor isn’t in grossly poor taste, give your humorist a smile. And be one who isn’t afraid to chortle and guffaw when someone really pushes your funny button. A good laugh can be the best medicine you’ve had all day.

The Real Value Behind Celebrity Videos

The Real Value Behind Celebrity Videos

Technology is everywhere; it has pervaded all parts of our existence. To add to this there is the cyber world. The Internet has made life easy and entertaining for so many of us. The website YouTube is one site that is dedicated solely to the use of personal videos that are viewed for recreational purposes only. This is a site where you can find a video on just about any topic that you want. What are the most popular videos on YouTube? We probably live vicariously when we watch videos of celebrities. That is why celebrity and gossip related videos do the best.

But what is it about celebrities that wants us to know everything about them? The celebrity lifestyle is one that is deemed unattainable by the average American, so being able to get a snapshot of what a day in the life of a celebrity is like is very entertaining. Celebrities are admired and they are not only famous but they also are among the wealthiest people on the planet. For people that don’t have a lot of money, being able to look at the lives of the rich and famous is an extremely entertaining venture.

There are many kinds of celebrity videos. Some are interviews, other are bloopers while still others are candid images of your favorite hero. Most often, regardless of what the actual topic is of the video, these are the funniest videos available to the general public. Outtakes are a very comical way to see a celebrity act a little more human by creating goofs and slip-ups while on camera. Celebrities are often viewed as being perfect entities, so when these goofs are caught in film, it is very funny for the viewing public. It is these kind of videos that make the sports celebrity seem vulnerable that makes them human and endears them to viewers.

People love to see their favorite celebrities embattled in real life situations. When a layperson can catch a glimpse of a marital fight between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, or see pop icons bleaching their children’s teeth or threatening to knock out the paparazzi, the public finds this very funny. At some psychological level, we probably feel less "small" compared to celebrities when we watch them suffer the same sufferings that we undergo ourselves.

I think that this is actually healthy and offers a measure of release to us. We ensure that we do not get too stressed out in life. What better cure than a simple guffaw at the expense of, basically nobody? I would advocate watching funny celebrity videos to anybody who would like to unwind. Would you like to unwind? Well now you know what to do. Come on now don’t be shy!

No longer are these iconic celebrities viewed as perfect creatures that make no mistakes, when their goofs and dramas are caught on film. There is a certain degree of reassurance we all feel about ourselves when we see celebrities behaving as we would have.

Music Copyright Law

Music Copyright Law

Are You Violating Music Copyright Law?

With the popularity of the Internet, many people are violating music copyright law and do not even know it. Music copyright law can be very tricky. There are multiple music copyrights that you must keep in mind – lyrics, composition and the recording of the music by an artist. Using someone’s music may involve you acquiring many different licenses such as mechanical, synchronization, performance and publishing licenses. Music copyright law has separate copyrights for the vocal or instrumental recordings of a composition or performance and the copyright of the written lyrics and music.

Standard music copyrighting practices usually entail that the writer of the song retains the rights to the right to the music composition which the studio that did the recording of the music holds the rights of the recording. Music copyright law can get very complicated. It can involve negotiations with the writers, producers, agents, heirs and more.

Many artists and studios are upset with the decline in music sales. They are attributing this decline to people who are violating music copyright law by downloading music on the Internet. Music files are under the same copyright law as music recordings and the owners of these copyrights are entitled to royalties or compensation for the music that people are illegally downloading on the Internet.

The simple fact is you are stealing if you make copies of copyrighted music recordings without authorization to do so. If people were sued for the music they have downloaded illegally, it could result in thousands of dollars. Music copyright law states that it is illegal to duplicate and distribute creative work. If you send someone an email with a song that you have illegally downloaded on the Internet, you could be in for some serious trouble. To put it bluntly and plainly, if you download (or upload) music that is copyrighted without permission to do so, you are breaking the law.

Many people violate music copyright law and do not even understand how their actions are criminal. If you purchase a music CD you can make a copy of it for yourself on your MP3. However, if you then use that recording and put it on your website or blog and make it available for everyone to download, you are performing an illegal act. Even if you join a site and pay a fee to download music you are in violation of music copyright law.

This may sound like something that would never come back to haunt you. After all, if you were caught, it would be a first time offense, right? Well, you should know that there have been first time offenders who have been fined up to $250,000 and up to five years in jail for violating music copyright law. It is so much easier to go out and pay 20 bucks for a CD.

Whether you are uploading music or downloading music, educate yourself on music copyright law. No one wants to ruin their financial future and face jail time. Enjoy music, just do it the right way!

Download Full Version Movies

Download Full Version Movies

Thanks to the internet and high speed Internet connection in most households today, it is just natural that most of us can download full version movies from the comfort of our own home.

Past are the days that we needed to go out to the local DVD store to buy or rent a DVD when we can just simply open our computer and download full version movies right off the Internet.

There are huge advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using the internet as a free source.

The advantages are obvious.

The Variety and the freedom to choose our full version movie downloads are almost endless. Just Google download full version movies and you will get 82,500,000!!! (To date) WebPages, many of them offer to download full version movies for free.

The disadvantage is that the amount of offers you are presented with could be overwhelming. Like going into a huge toy store and try to decide which toy you want to buy.

That wouldn’t be so bad, especially when you are presented with so many free offers. "Toys you can get for free"…. BUT all that "free" stuff offered across the net could be very dangerous for your computer’s safety.

Downloads from an unknown sources could carry viruses and spyware that could attack your computer and cause great damage.

Another issue that must be addressed and to many of us ignore is the violation of copyright laws.
There are quite a few online movie download sites that permit you to download free full version movies but they are illegal.

It is of outmost importance to only download copyright free and piracy free movies.

To enjoy all the current, high quality full version movies downloads I highly recommend signing up for the credited and well established Paid Online Movie Sites.

Yes, its not free, but for a one time membership fee which is about 45$ – 50$ you can download unlimited full version movies including the most current ones as well as get full access to all their archives of games and music – all legal.

Checking various free movie download sites I also found the movies to be of low quality and in many cases the download speed was very slow.

Paid movie download sites, on the other hand, offer superb quality movies and the download speed is much faster.

If you want to download full version movies I highly recommend paid movie download sites.

Spiritual Side of Humor

Spiritual Side of Humor

The use of the two primary tools of witnessing and sharing, discussed in a previous article, is closely tied to one of our most precious commodities: a sense of humor. What is the quality we call a sense of humor and why is it so highly valued? Understanding the answer to that question will raise the level of desirability on those two fundamental tools and will hopefully make us want to cultivate them more completely.
Remember that witnessing is observation or awareness plus equanimity or acceptance. Sharing is openness or willingness to connect plus honesty. In observing what we call a sense of humor, we see that humor requires perspective. To be able to laugh at a condition or a situation, one must have sufficient distance from it. If we’re too strongly identified to a thing, our emotional reaction to it will lack detachment, and we won’t be able to laugh at it. It’s only when we step away from identification with a thing and communicate either its inner workings or our own workings that humor arises. In other words, it’s only when we witness something, somebody, or ourselves, and share our observations that we are exhibiting a sense of humor. We see what is, we maintain adequate distance so as not to judge it, and we report our findings. Think of the episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry spends the entire show trying to remember his new girlfriend’s name. It’s stressful to him because he’s in the situation, but to us it’s hysterical. The quicker we can accomplish an attitude of detachment, the quicker we can find humor in the circumstances of our lives. You’ve heard people say, “Someday we’ll look back at this and laugh.”
I say, “Why wait?”
Total honesty + total acceptance = Humor
Certainly, much humor seems to be laced with judgment, but if we look more deeply, we’ll find that there’s compassion and love behind the judgment. Perhaps the individual evoking the laugh is using judgment, but we’re laughing because of our delight with that person’s way of sharing. In other words, we’re creating humor together. They’re supplying the honesty and we’re supplying the acceptance. Both of these need to be present for humor to exist, and each of these is a component of the tools we use for making connections with others. Humor embraces rather than rejects life’s ironies, allowing us to celebrate our flawed humanity.
Humor is one of the highest forms of communication, more capable than any other form of communication of eliciting states of delight and ecstasy, putting both the giver and receiver in touch with the divine within. Take the time to find the humor in your everyday life. You’ll be elevating your consciousness and that of others.

Hip-hop Jewelry and Today’s Stars

Hip-hop Jewelry and Today’s Stars

Watch any of the major movie, television, and music award shows on television today and one of the first things you’ll notice about the celebrities on the red carpet, aside from their extravagant (and sometimes outlandish) attire, are the amount and size of the jewelry they are wearing. Hip-hop jewelry, more commonly known as bling-bling, is definitely not understated fashion. The bigger and the flashier it is, the better. Preferred by many of today’s celebrities, hip-hop jewelry adorns the fingers, necks, arms, even the teeth of many stars.

Oversized studs and chains are the trademarks of hip-hop jewelry and are preferred by celebrities such as Sean Combs, or P. Diddy. At the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, he sported a diamond ring, bracelet, and watch from Jacob and Company. Rapper 50 Cent is another celebrity who is hardly ever seen without his hip-hop jewelry. On his web site, 50 Cent offers more affordable, though just as flashy, bling-bling for those of us who do not earn the megabucks that he and his fellow celebrities rake in. There are also many other web sites that offer low-priced hip-hop jewelry inspired by popular rap artists.

Hip-hop jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes, all of them meant to catch the eye and attract attention. Heavy chains of silver or gold (or both) can oftentimes be seen on celebrities such as LL Cool J and Ja Rule in their music videos. Hip-hop jewelry web sites offer fully ‘iced-out’ bling-bling, or watches, rings, bracelets and earrings that are heavily decorated with real or faux diamonds. So-called ‘spinner’ watches and rings are big best sellers in the hip-hop jewelry category. Also available are customized, removable gold, silver and platinum teeth which may be studded with jewels and gemstones, so even the pearly whites can have their share of hip-hop jewelry.

Women celebrities are keeping pace with their male counterparts when it comes to wearing hip-hop jewelry. Stars such as Beyonce, Lil’ Kim, Ashanti and Missy Elliott are regularly seen in pictures wearing large diamond jewelry items of various colors. Even young female celebrities are getting on the bling-bling bandwagon. Teen stars like Jo Jo and Hilary Duff are said to be avid hip-hop jewelry enthusiasts and count themselves among the large number of bejeweled stars today.

Large, ostentatious pieces of jewelry did not start becoming popular only because of the hip-hop cultural phenomenon (think Elvis Presley and Tom Jones), but hip-hop has altered the jewelry market in a big way. Fans see what their favorite celebrities are wearing, and there are numerous options for them to emulate their idols – at least in terms of fashion. Jewelry has always been a part of popular culture, and today’s hip-hop jewelry and the celebrities who wear them are even more so in this age of instant information.