The iPod Convenience

The iPod Convenience

A New Compact Way To Listen To Music

The small and smart iPod music technology is here and it is busy changing the way people listen to tunes. The first mobile device to listen to music came out in the 1980′s when people were seen walking the streets with big boxes beside the ear on the shoulder. Though not very good to look at, these boxes were nevertheless very popular. The iPod has evolved from this big box and not only is it small and convenient, but it is cute as well. It has already become hugely popular. This gadget, working much like a computer is able to store songs by the thousands when they are downloaded from the computer. The storage capacity is enormous so there is no need for the CD’s and cassettes.

Carry The iPod Music Everywhere You Go

Mobility is a major advantage of iPod music technology. Just make a unique installation to your car stereo and you can listen to the iPod music as you drive too. Or you can carry it to your gym and listen to your music while you are working out. An abundance of music can be stored on the iPod so that it can give a much needed lift to the listener when exercising rigorously and to keep one focused and energetic. Planning to go on a holiday or a business trip? Carry your iPod music with you and listen to your music while you travel in flight or in a car. When you are traveling in a group and listening to the radio not all will like the music that is played. But with your music on your iPod and a pair of headphones, you can listen to exactly what you prefer, and not disturb the anyone else.

With the iPod, there is no need to buy compact discs anymore. And anyways, if you are a music lover you may end up spending too much in CD’s, and they also get damaged from scratches. Alternatively, just visit a few websites online and at a minor cost for each song, download all the iPod music you need. Or you can also get a few CD’s and download the songs into your computer and transfer them to your iPod. A product of cutting edge technology, and the sound system of the speakers in iPod headphones can be superior. The price of the iPod music is going to vary though depending on where you download. It is very convenient, and will not hamper your activity. Perfect for the music lover on the go.

How To Get Movies On Iphone

How To Get Movies On Iphone

If you are lucky enough to own an Iphone and have been trying to find out how to put movies on it, this article aims to show you the way. You can’t have failed to realise that Apple have recently released their Iphone, which is technological marvel following along the lines of the Ipod.

The Iphone is, as it sounds, basically an Ipod mixed with the latest cellphone technology, allowing internet browsing, phone calls, and multimedia storage all from one small handset. There is obviously a lot that the Iphone can do alongside play movies, but the movie playing side of things looks a dead cert to be on of the most popular aspects.

With an Iphone you can show movies that have come either from a DVD or straight from the internet. Obviously, a DVD won’t fit into your Iphone, so you’ll first need to get the movie onto a computer, and you should then be able to transfer the files to your Iphone. In order to get a DVD saved on your computer in the required format, you’ll need some “ripping” software, which is capable of ripping the files into MP4 format, which is what the Iphone uses.

The other side of the coin is when you are trying to get movies on your Iphone when you don’t actually own them on DVD. This answer is one of the most sought after amongst Iphone owners, and once you know it you will probably be the envy of many of your friends.

Many people simply download the movies from torrent or peer to peer sites, which is of course illegal, and pretty dangerous for your computer too. Ever wondered why people that download lots of stuff get viruses all the time? It’s because they use places like that. Do you really want to run the risk of killing your Iphone or computer, or worse, actually going to jail, just to download the latest Tarantino movie? It’s simply not worth the risk.

Instead, there are some much safer alternatives springing up in the world these days. There are only a few of these sites because the Iphone is so new, and you really do need to know where they are to find them, but the way it works is that you pay a small fee and then you are given access to their download database, which is usually huge, much larger than any P2P site. Once you have access, you are then allowed to download an unlimited amount of stuff for your Iphone. It’s not limited to movies either, you could download MP3s, games, music videos, TV shows, pretty much whatever you desire. The downloads are usually pretty smooth and fast too.

Hopefully you will find this resource useful, as most people have no idea these sites exist.

Tips To Help You Manage Your Stress!

Tips To Help You Manage Your Stress!

Stress is a powerful psychological condition that affects the minds and bodies of many people. Different factors can lead to stress, and stress itself can have many different effects on the mind and body. With many causes and effects for stress comes many different treatments. The following article will give you tips to treat stress.

Spend time in nature. Watching animals and looking at natural sights like trees and the ocean can be a great way to stop feeling stressful. People have known for years that natural sounds calm people, and the more opportunity you take to enjoy nature the better you will generally feel.

To help you deal with stress you should have a sense of humor. Having a sense of humor and understanding that it’s ok to laugh at yourself, will help your body fight off stress. So if you want to be stress-free, stop taking things so seriously and learn to have a sense of humor.

A good tip that can help you keep your stress levels down is to stop worrying about what other people are or are not doing. You only have control over your own actions. Worrying about what other people are doing constantly will make you feel very stressed all the time.

A good tip that can help you fight stress is to start being assertive in social situations. Being assertive insures that you’re always being true to your own wants and needs. If you’re passive all the time, you’ll feel resentment to other people and it also comes with stress.

If something is making you feel anxious and stressed, take a minute to stop and think about things. Is this something that will matter to you in a year? A month? Even a day? Many times the answer is no. If you realize the level of important that this particular thought or action has, you can often reduce the stress level associated with it.

Walk, bike, run or whatever! Just get out there and do it! A variety of stress hormones and neurochemicals build up in our bodies when we experience chronic stress. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce these chemicals, one of the most effective ways to prevent significant stress-related damage to our health.

Everyone smiles when they are happy. Try smiling when you are stressed out! It really can help you alleviate symptoms of stress and turn your day around. Just like it helps when someone you are around is in a good mood, much of your mood adjustment and stress level can be attained by redirecting your attitude and smiling!

If you have problems with stress, try joining a sport team or community. Look for adult softball, racquetball, basketball, or other team sports. Sports are great for relieving stress because they satisfy our need for competition as well as proving exercise. Let yourself have some fun and burn some calories to relieve your stress.

As stated before, stress affects the minds and bodies of many people. Stress has many causes and effects on the mind and body. Because of this, there are many different ways to treat stress. By using the tips from the article above, you can combat your own stress.

Celebrity Autographs – Spotting the Frauds

Celebrity Autographs – Spotting the Frauds

Celebrity autographs are not only fun to collect but they can also serve as great investments to add to any portfolio. There are a several things to keep in mind when purchasing celebrity autographs to be sure you are investing in authentic autographs.

Recognizing fake autographs is almost a black art. Spotting them can be difficult when celebrities change their signatures on a regular basis. Some simple approaches include the basics such as spelling. Often, the imposters will incorrectly spell celebrity names and these are easy to spot. Also check for age of material. For example, if the celebrity is relatively old and they have laser printed photos floating around the web, with their so-called signature, you know these are fake as laser photos did not exist when they were alive.

It is a good idea to also remember that there are celebrity autographs often referred to as "secretarials", meaning that they are autographs signed by their assistants. These types of signatures are also often printed in bulk on 8×10 photos and are not worth the paper they are printed on. Spotting these frauds is important since you do not want to waste not only your time, but your money in what turns out to be a worthless investment.

If you are looking to make a profit from your celebrity autograph collection, consider how the celebrity lived their life. For example, James Dean not only died at a young age, but he is known to have led a controversial lifestyle. The age that the celebrity passed away can play a significant part in how much their autograph is worth. Imagine celebrity autographs from such public figures as Bruce Lee or Marilyn Monroe. These types of autographs can garner you a hefty profit quickly.

More up to date celebrities can also turn a quick profit if the celebrity has been in or continues to be headline makers. Think along the lines of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Sports celebrities are no different. In their case, famous athletes like David Beckham who is not only a great athlete, but a well known sex symbol, should be a good investment when you are actively seeking autographs.

Just remember to play it smart and think twice about fraudulent celebrity autographs before plunking down your cash. Use common sense methods to spot the frauds and you can begin building a great portfolio.

Music Production Software

Music Production Software

I have been playing with music production software ever since I downloaded a trial version of Cool Edit way back in high school. It was kind of clunky, but I absolutely adored it. I suddenly had a powerful program in my hands the could do all kinds of musical things that I had never imagined possible. I could synthesize my own tones, give them different ambiences and effects, layer multiple tracks on top of each other, play things backwards – you name it. By the standards of today’s best music production software, It wasn’t very powerful, but at the time it absolutely blew me away.

Producing music was a dream of mine at the time. I even contemplated going to college to start a music industry career. One of my brothers was heavily involved in the music industry as a local performer in LA. Although he wasn’t really making a career out of it, he did have a nice tidy supplementary income from his shows. I did not have the skills to be a musician, but I did have an ear for music. I could take a good track and make it better – a skill that all music producers need.

I decided to invest in some serious music production software about the time I left high school. I was a realist. Although the technology wasn’t quite up to what it is today, I still knew that music production programs were the wave of the future. Buying racks and racks of studio equipment was prohibitively expensive – particularly for an amateur sound recording engineer like myself. The software for music production cost several hundred dollars, but this was nothing compared to the prices of goods sound recording equipment.

What I didn’t realize at the time was how many different varieties of music production software there are, and how different the results were between them. A typical music production program could run anywhere from 50 dollars to 500, I know to have the same features. Some were basically music recording and mixing programs, designed to do multiple tracks and clean up the sound quality. Others were designed for electronic music recording artists. They had music sampling, advanced effects, and MIDI capabilities. I slowly realized that if you wanted to be a recording engineer, you needed to have one of everything and be able to do it all. You could not very well have someone come into your studio and not able to access the equipment he needed. I decided to learn it all.

New Golf Tip – How Mind-Movies Will Improve Your Golf Quickly

New Golf Tip – How Mind-Movies Will Improve Your Golf Quickly

If you want to improve your golf game nothing will get you on the right track more quickly than well formulated Mind-Movies. The good news is that you can at last get a really first class guideline on how to develop effective Mind-Movies.

A great deal is written about visualization in sport. A lot of it seems to center around the idea that what the sports person should do is visualize the result they wish to attain.

I do NOT agree with this.

I agree that it is a good idea to have objectives and targets and to visualize those objectives, but that it NOT the most powerful way to use visualization in sport, or indeed in any other area of your life.

In any aspect of our lives objectives only serve as a destination for your efforts. So it helps to visualize your golf ball nestling near the hole. But what gets you to that destination is the effort that you make and the quality of that effort. It is the quality of your golf swing that gets your ball next to the hole.

The real power of visualization is in its ability to guide your effort. Good visualization provides a guide line or template for the body movements necessary to a good golf swing.

Once you know what you’re doing you can create and produce a Mind-Movie of your golf swing in a matter of minutes. And you can make that swing as powerful, accurate and elegant as you want.

The other great beauty of visualization is that it gives you the ability to constantly hone and improve the Mind-Movie which is guiding your body and thus your swing. So you can get better and better as you rehearse your swing more and more in your mind.

And, because no-one else knows that you’re working on your golf swing, you can practice in your mind anywhere you like and as often as you like. The new Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack recommends that you practice visualizing your golf swing as often as you can.

The trick is to learn how to write, direct and produce a good Mind-Movie which will guide your swing so that it becomes a powerful, reliable method of propelling your golf ball accurately to any target you choose.

Whether you are new to golf or an old hand The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack will almost certainly improve your game in next to no time.

The fact that the beta trial version of The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack sold out in just 19 hours bears strong testimony to the revolutionary effect that Mind-Movies are having on the games of many golfers. Go here to get more information:

Meet The Fockers (DVD) Review

Meet The Fockers (DVD) Review

Arguably the best comedy of 2004, Meet The Fockers is a hilarious, humor-filled marathon. Screenwriters Greg Glienna and Mary Ruth Clarke (who should have received Oscars for their flawless penmanship of Meet The Parents) turn in another blockbuster manuscript. But, as with its predecessor, Meet The Fockers wouldn’t be the comedy masterpiece it is without the onscreen chemistry of Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. Stiller, son of comedian Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld & King Of Queens), is a comic genius in his own right and has recently dominated the Hollywood box office with a string of smash spoof comedies such as There’s Something About Mary (1998), Meet The Parents (2000), Zoolander (2001), Along Came Polly (2004), and Dodgeball (2004). De Niro, on the other hand, moves from the less serious roles of his early career into the comedy genre with an ease fully indicative of his enormous talent. Earlier comic roles in Wag The Dog (1997), Analyze This (1999), and Meet The Parents (2000) prepared movie-goers for the veteran actor’s zinging one-liners. Throw Dustin Hoffman (who’s also surprisingly funny) into the mix, and Meet The Fockers becomes one of those rare comedies that movie aficionados will want to see over and over again…

Meet The Fockers follows the continuing hardship of Gaylord "Greg" Focker (Ben Stiller), a male nurse whose future father-in-law, Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro), is a never-ending source of torment. A retired CIA operative, Jack is paranoid and controlling, and Greg’s previous attempts to win over Jack’s affections have always come up short. Now, Greg’s life problems are multiplied by the imminent first meeting between his in-laws-to-be and his "birth parents".

Traveling by RV, Greg, his fiancée Pam (Teri Polo) and the rest of Byrnes family arrive in Florida where Bernie (Dustin Hoffman) and Roz Fockers’ (Barbra Streisand) free-love, hippie lifestyle stands in stark contrast to Jack’s serious façade. Throughout the visit, Greg works overtime to avoid having Jack learn of his mother’s thriving sex therapy business, his own youthful indiscretion with the family maid, and his inability to supervise Jack Jr. for even a single afternoon. When Jack gets the idea that Greg fathered a child back in high school, he administers truth serum to Greg, sparking a series of events that is sure to make even the most ardent critic of ridiculous and juvenile movies (and this is one of them) burst forth in laughter…

Meet The Fockers is a rarity in that it’s a sequel to a fairly successful film that manages to live up to the reputation of the original. Although Meet The Parents is probably the better film, Meet The Fockers is a truly hilarious comedy in its own right. Directed by Jay Roach (director of the Austin Powers franchise), Meet The Fockers is a highly entertaining comedy, deploying all the tricks of the trade – slap-stick, bathroom humor, zinging one-liners, classic "fish-out-of-water" sequences, and situation humor. By no means is it a cinema classic worthy of artistic awards and praise from sophisticated critics. But it delivers on its promise. It promises to make you laugh, and it performs that task with relative ease…

How to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant

How to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant

A celebrity personal assistant earns almost double than the average personal assistant. Perhaps one of the perks is talking with this person and meeting other celebrities in the process. But how do you become a celebrity personal assistant?

One thing you should know is that celebrities rarely put an ad in the paper saying they are looking for a personal assistant. If you want to get your food in the door, you have to network with people who are in the entertainment industry so your name will come up if there is an opening.

If you want to keep your job as a celebrity personal assistant, you have to know everything. This means you have to be internet savvy and competent with the new technologies around because the person you may be working for does not know how to transfer files from the cellphone to the computer, send an email or keep track of their finances.

You may even need to go shopping sometimes for them if they don’t have the time to pick it up from the store.

One of the most important qualities of a celebrity personal assistant is to be trust worthy because there are things you know that must never get out into the public. Remember, there is an image to protect and part of your job is to keep it that way.

Before you decide to go to an interview with a certain celebrity, see to it that you like the person you are working for. Do some research because if you don’t think you are able to work with this person, you are just wasting your time when there is probably someone there that you would prefer to work for.

If someone refers you to a celebrity, come to the interview, be calm and explain what you can do for them. You may not meet the celebrity during the initial interview since this will be handled by their current assistant or a production company representative but if things go well, he or she will be the next person you will talk to.

But if you don’t get the job as a celebrity personal assistant, don’t give up and try working as a non-celebrity personal assistant first. Perhaps you need to develop some experience before trying again.

Should networking not get you anywhere, you can try talking to a celebrity to see if they have an opening. You can do this by calling up their publicist and even if they have no opening now, it wouldn’t hurt to leave your contact number or resume because there could be an opening in the future.

You may also join an agency that handles the personal assistant needs of celebrities. To increase your chances of landing a job, send your resume to as many agencies as possible.

Working as a celebrity personal assistant will be very hectic. Whenever they want something, you have to get it for them at once even if it is late at night or early in the morning. If the celebrity you happen to work for is a singer and goes on tour, you will also have to travel with them so if you can handle things like that, then you are in the right business.

One perk of being a celebrity personal assistant is meeting other celebrities and attending special events. If the celebrity you work for can’t make it, chances are you will so the ticket does not go to waste.

Small Bands And How Internet Helps Them

Small Bands And How Internet Helps Them

The Internet has revolutionized every aspect of the world from fiancé to music. A few years ago small bands played in garages, family functions, and cafes. They cut discs and sent them to music giants in the hope they will be noticed.

The World Wide Web and MP3 music has brought about many changes in the fortunes of small bands. The distribution system and marketing options changed. New media formats and many personal websites sprang up and the reach of music became world wide. Gone were small town boundaries or traveling on the road to spread awareness. The click of a mouse increased popularity.

However it is not all about success after the initial boom, several music sites and bands went bust. What every band with a dream of golden discs must do is:

• Weigh their options carefully and make the time to do a complete study of their options.
• Create a fool proof marketing plan.
• If in doubt consult marketing professionals with expertise in the music industry.

To promote your creativity online you must:

• Not expect any financial returns to start with. You need to popularize your music by giving it away. Put MP3s and videos on your website. When a person downloads a song and listens he may like it and play it time and again. Such a person is the one likely to listen to your next song.

• Ensure that your music is traceable—if a person has your song on their IPod then they will only be able to trace you if the artist/band name as well as web address are available.

• You must categorize the music correctly. Decide whether it should be placed under rock, pop, folk, or electronica.

• Locate popular music distribution sites and use these to promote your music. Most people who are looking for new music and have a good listening ear visit these sites.

• To eternalize your band you must set up your own website, purchase a domain name, park it with a reliable host, and optimize it so that it ranks high in search engines. Read about how to construct a successful web site and how to promote it successfully.

• Build an interactive web site with stories, reviews, and other music related news. Make the site interesting so that visitors are tempted to browse and listen to your music.

• Arrange to have reviews of your music and where it is available posted on community sites and blogs. Host a music forum and submit press releases to well established press release sites.

• Once you have established a small presence think about ways to generate funds. You could sell the music or offer subscriptions. Alternately, the downloads of music could be free but generate money from other channels like advertisements, pay per click and so on. Or host a music related commerce site selling iPODs, Xboxes, accessories and so on. The business aspect will have to be worked out carefully.

Make sure people know that your band accepts gigs. In case you like writing lyrics or jingles for small business promotions you must advertise this aspect of your creativity. The world can be yours if you are adventurous.

Unique Movies Can Boost Pupils’ Reading Proficiency

Unique Movies Can Boost Pupils’ Reading Proficiency

Does your child read at a proficient reading level? National statistics paint a bleak picture.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 90 percent of eighth-graders in Washington, D.C., 81 percent in New Mexico, 80 percent in Mississippi and Nevada, 78 percent in Louisiana, California and Hawaii, 74 percent in Texas, and 73 percent in Florida were reading at a level below proficiency in 2003. At least 63 percent of eighth-graders in 32 other states read at a level below proficiency.

To assist educators and parents in helping children become more proficient in reading, SFK Media Specially For Kids Corp. provides an innovative learning program called ReadEnt. It blends reading with entertaining movies to teach and improve vocabulary and comprehension. These Reading Movies use a patented technology called "Action Captions," which show each spoken word on-screen, in real-time, as a character speaks.

According to SFK Media, this type of captioning is effective in improving the rate of vocabulary development and comprehension. The words become ingrained in the children’s minds and, therefore, both reading and spoken language skills develop naturally.

"[Students] watching these Reading Movies, even though they think they are just watching a movie that is entertaining, … are comprehending words. They are reading whether they realize that they are or not," said Chelsee Atkins, an educator and reading specialist in Florida. "If they sit down and watch a couple of these movies each week, they are spending 10 hours a week reading."

ReadEnt’s Reading Movies are available as interactive DVD programs for use on the TV or computer and include such classic titles as "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," "Tales of Gulliver’s Travels" and "The Trojan Horse." They can be used in a variety of different teaching configurations: as a shared experience on a single television monitor; as a guided activity, where a group of students interact on their own computers; and as a one-to-one tutorial, in which the teacher or parent assesses the child’s comprehension and vocabulary recognition.

"Learning is playing in its best sense, and entertainment should be learning," said Joy Esterberg, a language skills specialist at Baruch College in New York. "This program is a wonderful marriage between learning and entertainment."