The Creation Of Classical Movies

The Creation Of Classical Movies

Of the thousands—yes, thousands—of classical movies I have seen, a few stick in the recall room in the house of the head as if they ha taken the initiative to represent all classical movies of all time. Granted, the debate continues on what is the actual definition of the term, “classical”. Such positions hold that the term refers to all that belongs to a particular period of history, the classical era.

Others believe classical is determined by quality, by degrees of excellence and definitive, authoritative license, subsequently. Still others find that classical, as in classical movie, means that which is appreciated or valued by a majority and which stands up to the test of all tests—time. If it endures beyond its own era and extends into the future eras, the continued lives, the classrooms and courtrooms and libraries, it is worthy of being deemed a classic.

So, as I hold beliefs somewhere in the middle, there, I will merely discuss, or mention, or list a few of my favorite classical movies. That is, I will pretend that I have been asked to recommend classical movies that one must see before one dies. Here we go:

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (“But you ahhhre, Blanche…ya ahhre in a wheelchair….”)

Gone with the Wind (yes, the opportunity in this postmodern age to suspend disbelief about the realistic roles of men and women and feel that nasty egocentric Rhett grab you roughly…swoon.)

Citizen Kane (when she’s doing that psychotically large puzzle in that massive, clammy space, her nasal, piercing pitch echoing in the background as he is shown, brooding and frustrated, in the foreground—the shadows as ominous as the dialogue and the story this far….cripes)

2001, Space Odyssey (because of many things, but also because you have to watch it many times to “get” it…or any part of it, besides H.A.L. and his creepy megalomaniacal ways…. “Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”)

Those of you filmic aficionados might balk that Casablanca is not on the list or has not been mentioned. This is silly, especially for one who has seen so many classical movies in particular and movies in general, but every time it came on, I would turn the channel.

Then, one day a dynamo od a learning center director told me that I must have been avoiding Casablanca for a reason: she said that whomever you watch Casablanca—the king of the classical movies—with, you will end up marrying. Hmmm. I wonder, will he have to be a classical movies fanatic, too?

Contacting Celebrities Through Communities

Contacting Celebrities Through Communities

Hollywood is a massive organization and getting near to it could not even be dreamt off by the fans. The Hollywood stars are generally so dear and near to our hearts and everyone would really wish to contact or see them at least once.

It would be surely a real joyful moment to contact them. But mostly people do not know the way to get in touch with the celebrities as they think it is out of the reach of their hands.

To their astonishment there are several methods in which they can come in contact with the Hollywood celebrities. Some of them include MySpace, communities, forums and lot more.

There are several communities on different websites which helps you to get more information related to the personalities. You can also mail or send photos to be autographed and you get them back to put a smile on your face.

There are thousands of users in the community across different countries. Several celebrity addresses would urge you to join the site once you visit it.

This is because there are several sites which cannot be relied upon and give you false information leading to some other links once you click on it. So while searching make sure that the site is dependable and you can also gain more information of the site by discussions in various forums and networks.

You can also know more by mingling with friends and talking about the different ways to contact the celebrities. They would also be willing to have an opportunity to get in touch with them thus encouraging your enthusiasm.

Music is experienced by individuals in a range of social settings ranging

Music is experienced by individuals in a range of social settings ranging

Music is experienced by individuals in a range of social settings ranging from being alone to attending a large concert. Musical performances take different forms in different cultures and socioeconomic milieus. In Europe and North America, there is often a divide between what types of music are viewed as a "high culture" and "low culture." "High culture" types of music typically include Western art music such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and modern-era symphonies, concertos, and solo works, and are typically heard in formal concerts in concert halls and churches, with the audience sitting quietly in seats.

Other types of music such as jazz, blues, soul, and country are often performed in bars, nightclubs, and theatres, where the audience may be able to drink, dance, and express themselves by cheering. Until the later 20th century, the division between "high" and "low" musical forms was widely accepted as a valid distinction that separated out better quality, more advanced "art music" from the popular styles of music heard in bars and dance halls.

However, in the 1980s and 1990s, musicologists studying this perceived divide between "high" and "low" musical genres argued that this distinction is not based on the musical value or quality of the different types of music. Rather, they argued that this distinction was based largely on the socioeconomic standing or social class of the performers or audience of the different types of music. For example, whereas the audience for Classical symphony concerts typically have above-average incomes, the audience for a Rap concert in an inner-city area may have below-average incomes. Even though the performers, audience, or venue where non-"art" music is performed may have a lower socioeconomic status, the music that is performed, such as blues, rap, punk, funk, or ska may be very complex and sophisticated.

When composers introduce styles of music which break with convention, there can be a strong resistance from academic music experts and popular culture. Late-period Beethoven string quartets, Stravinsky ballet scores, serialism, bebop-era jazz, hip hop, punk rock, and electronica have all been considered non-music by some critics when they were first introduced.

Such themes are examined in the sociology of music. The sociological study of music, sometimes called sociomusicology, is often pursued in departments of sociology, media studies, or music, and is closely related to the field of ethnomusicology.

How To Watch Movies Online Fast & Easy

How To Watch Movies Online Fast & Easy

The revolution that the Internet has brought opened up an entire new method of watching movies from your chair at home. Nowadays, not only you have the possibility to rent your favorite movies but you have the ability to watch them in a streaming format right onto your personal computer. There are plenty of sites on the Internet that offer links to online movies while other sites allow visitors to rent them and watch them directly on that site.

The major advantage a streaming movie has to offer is that you don’t have to download the movie so you don’t have to worry about viruses and other malicious issues that might occur when downloading a file from the Internet. On the above mentioned sites that offer links to sites on which you can view movies, most of them allow the visitor to search by movie title or by type which is a great tool to find your favorite movie very fast. It is important not to forget that you have the possibility to view other things besides movies, like: television shows, sporting events and others as well.

The major downside a site like this has is that from time to time it can be very hard if not impossible to access it due to the overwhelming traffic. This issue will probably resolve in a few minutes so having patience is the wise thing to do. Quality sites are updated on a daily basis with the latest offers of online movies. If you are looking for a certain movie online it is advisable to search for the Divx format as it offers the best quality from all video formats. On the Internet, there are several sites that list only movies in Divx format so if you are looking for top quality image, these sites offer what you need.

In order to view a movie or a television show in a Divx format you need to download either a Divx player or a web player. This download deserves the space it will occupy on your hard drive for the main reason because such a player is the fastest and easiest way to enjoy a movie online. Some sites that offer online movies allow memberships which allow users to elect to watch some of the movie selections directly from the site without having to wait for the site to mail them. One issue that might occur is that these sites don’t always have the exact same selection that they offer for mailing but the list is still rich.

Watching movies online is probably the next best thing on the Internet and sites that provide the latest links to online movies and television shows will surely become a huge hit very soon. If you find this method interesting it is advisable to search for those sites that offer lots of links and also they update the site regularly so that you can find for example, the latest episode from your favorite television show.

All things considered, by visiting a site like this you will enjoy watching your favorite movie or television show from your chair right at home without having to worry about viruses, spam and other things like this. It is quick, easy, safe and it will probably become very popular among movie enthusiasts.

Yoga Works Wonders To Relieve Stress And Anxiety (2)

Yoga Works Wonders To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

It can be really frustrating to even think about all the stress in your life and how to deal with it, but the fact that you’re here, says you want to do something about it and that’s a good start. You have to stay positive and keep an open mind when you learn new tips and ways to reduce stress. Take some time to read this article and you may discover a few, new tips, on how to manage your stress.

Monitor your stress. Stress that becomes excessive to the point where it takes a toll on your daily life can frequently lead to depression. To avoid getting to this point, try to eliminate as much stress from your life as possible. Learn to say ‘no’ to others, and be sure to surround yourself with positive people and things. Try to use humor as a coping skill, as research indicates that this helps to reduce stress.

Learn how to say no. One of the easiest ways to fall into major stress is saying ‘yes’ to every inquiry. You can’t be everything to all people. It’s important to comprehend what your limits in life are. Yes, challenge those limits, but don’t overwhelm them. You will not make yourself, or the others you’ve made promises to, happy.

To get through a complicated task without getting burnt out, break it up into steps. Instead of trying to take on the whole task at once, set simple, achievable goals and take them on by one by one. As the task gets smaller, it will feel much more manageable, and completing minor goals will give you a much needed confidence boost.

One way to deal with stress at work, is to have others assist you with your work via delegation. This is important because you have people there to help you and you should make the most out of your resources. Of course, this may not work for everyone but for those who have it as an option, it is extremely important to take advantage of.

To help you deal with stress you should have a sense of humor. Having a sense of humor and understanding that it’s ok to laugh at yourself, will help your body fight off stress. So if you want to be stress-free, stop taking things so seriously and learn to have a sense of humor.

A great way to deal with your stress is to get regular exercise. Try jogging, biking or swimming three to five days a week for about thirty minutes. In response to exercise, your brain releases endorphins, which help lift your mood and reduce your stress. Not only will you feel better, but you will get in better shape.

Hopefully, with all of the tips you just learned, you’re already feeling like you can manage the stress in your life. Just remember to try and have a clear head and be positive. These tips won’t work if you don’t stay positive and try them out. Keep an open mind, relax and relieve all of that pent-up stress.

Music Inside Us

Music Inside Us

Everyone of us has music inside. And it is not an abstract statement, but scientifically proved fact. Molecules of DNA "sound" inside us and it is very important if music from outside is in keeping with music inside us.

Scientists pay great attention to researches concerning music’s influence on human beings. Attention to such researches has increased recently and their results are interesting and convincing. For example, after listening classical music cows have increased their yield of milk and mimosa and petunias have grown faster and burst into bloom 2 weeks earlier. 120 breast-feed mothers took part in experiment in Japan. Some women listened classical music, other women listened pop and rock music. In first group the amount of milk increased in 20 per cent, and in second group – reduced twice.

Such researches are the attempt to synthesise science and art (music). But in ancient India science and art were considered to be the parts of single creative power. All knowledge of ancient India one can find in the Vedas (Holy Indian Scripture) and one of four main Vedas Sama-Veda is entirely dedicated to music. According to the Vedas the creating of the world started from the primordial sound "OM", which appeared while division of the Almighty (Sadashiva) and his creative energy (Adi Shakti). "OM" was the foundation of the universe and the first musical sound.

Human subtle system consists of 7 main chakras (energetic centres) and 3 channels, which rule mental, emotional and physical life activity of person. 7 chakras of our subtle body revolve with certain frequency and form an octave, which consists of 7 tones of proper altitude. Intervals between them should reflect intervals between chakras. These tones were called musical sounds – notes (’svars’ in Indian music). They sound – sa, re, ga, ma, pa, da, ni and they are in keeping with chakras – from first till seventh. 5 notes can change (fall and rise), creating 5 additional sounds (left and right aspects of chakras). Thus, these notes are built-in subtle body and represent the ideal "repository" of information, the repository of those feelings, emotions, wishes and thoughts, which composer or performer has.

While listening music a person receives some influence on subtle level, which later appears on physical body. Same notes can bring destruction or good, it depends on the inner condition of person. For example, anger, aggression, drug intoxication and so on, which have power over the mind of composer or musician, will find the reflection in his music. There are some styles and forms in music which reflect only such bad qualities. Such music may do harm not only the musician, but also a person who listen to it. Clear, inspired people, who have lucid mind will never create such music. They created only folk music with great variety and classical music which has its roots in folk music.

Let’s listen to music, which is in keeping with music inside us.

Want a Movie Get a Player

Want a Movie Get a Player

Songs and music files are not the only items being shared and downloaded on the Internet. Movie files have become extremely popular, though generally not very legal until recently. The proliferation in technology in general, and among high school and college aged students in particular, has led to a boom in file swapping, which has also led to the trading of movie files, and the demand for movie downloads on the Internet. There were always a lot of sites to find free movie downloads, though there was always a question of legality. Now there are some legal sites to not just rent, but actually buy and download movies. Some of the major companies in this business even advertise themselves as the first legal companies to allow movie downloads.

One of the problems that someone wanting to download movies from the Internet may run into is different files and formats. First off, if you have a computer, you probably already have some type of a potential movie player on your system. If it is an apple then most likely you have a QuickTime Player. If not, then you should know that a QuickTime Player is a good movie program that, though it will function on non-Apple computers, this is a program that was designed to function at maximum capacity with the Apple systems. Any other type of computer will almost certainly have Microsoft programming on it, which means that the far majority of computers in the world will have a Windows Media Player, which can be used to view movies, though that does not mean that every movie will be compatible with the player.

Many movies available for download are designed for the DivX system. DivX also comes in many software bundles, and was one of the early programs used to view and collect movies on the computer. Another free movie player that is common is the Real Player. This can be used to view all kinds of movies, and is somewhat similar to the QuickTime Player, though it is not designed specifically for any computer system, though it is designed with the specific purpose of showing movies. There are other programs such as Winamp, which was designed more for music, but has a movie/video viewing option.

The best idea is to go to find a reputable web site where you feel comfortable downloading movies and see what the requirements are there. See what their requirements are and go from there, then prepare to enjoy your movies!

Humor Turns E-Mail Viral

Humor Turns E-Mail Viral

A study by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing agency, revealed that 89% of adult Internet users in America share content with others via e-mail. This is excellent news for those companies who use self-propelling word-of-mouse” e-mail techniques to sell their products.

The study generated some interesting results regarding the type of content that is most often forwarded, as well. The most popular content is humorous material.

The second most popular category is news, followed by healthcare and medical information, religious and spiritual material, games, business and personal finance information and sports/hobbies… in that order. So it is easy to see that humor is the best content for your viral e-mail campaign.

Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added to an e-mail to insure that it will go viral. People will want to pass along something that makes them laugh.

They are a lot more likely to hit the forward button and send your email to their friends and relatives if it is an “advertainment” rather than an advertisement.

Not along ago, about 35 million people got an e-mail containing a picture taken in Disneyland. It took a minute to see it but there was Donald Duck lying prone in front of the famous Cinderella Castle. The title of the picture was “Bird Flu has hit Disneyland”. It was a viral e-mail advertising Disneyland and used the edgy strategy of making light of what’s serious… and it works.

I’d guess that most people who own a computer have seen that picture… and thus the advertisement for Disneyland. The bird flu epidemic is newsworthy and has the potential to attract an enormous amount of attention to any brand that might, for whatever reason, associate itself with it.

Remember that people are much more likely to share a joke or a funny picture than anything else so you would be well advised to include humor in your e-mail campaign.

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The Exciting World Of Autograph Collecting

The Exciting World Of Autograph Collecting

The hobby of collecting autographs scaled to new heights of popularity during the 1980s. Earlier on it was only children who asked celebrities for their autographs. However, soon people from all age groups began to get interested in philography. Seeing the huge market potential of autographs as memorabilia, the dealers and celebrities started charging money for their signatures and a once innocent hobby became a commercial venture.

The history of autographs is rather interesting. When you flip through the pages of history you realize that being given an autograph by the aristocracy was considered a huge honor in East Asia. An item, which had a high official’s signature, was considered to be of high value. In China during dynastic rule, the emperor’s autograph was considered priceless and selling of such an item was considered a criminal offense!

There are many famous personalities who always oblige their fans by signing autographs free of cost. This makes them more popular and helps retain the innocence of the hobby. Some extremely popular kids’ idols like Hillary Duff are known to willingly sign autographs for their fans. In fact Hillary Duff publicly lashed out to those teen idols that avoid signing for free. There are many high profile people who do not want to distribute their autographs for free. Sportsmen like the late Joe DiMaggio and Barry Bonds are a couple of players who belong to this category. As a matter of fact Michael Jordan could not give autographs to his innumerable and frenzied fans throughout his career, which is worth a lot of money.

The demands for celebrities’ autographs have always been steep. Dealers usually present several photographs for the celebrity to sign and then sell those pictures. Many dealers even go to the extent of finding out a celebrity’s residential address and then write to him/her asking for their autographs many times! Many celebrities are in the habit of maintaining records of how many autographs they provide and to which person. This helps them know if the person who is requesting for their signature is a genuine fan or just a dealer who wants to make money by selling their autographs.

The most sought after celebrities, for their autographs, are those who are movie stars, musicians, singers, members of music groups, teenage idols, political leaders, social and religious leaders, award winning scientists, popular and/or award wining authors and astronauts.

Different hobbyists like to collect signatures of celebrities in specialized or specific fields. These could be Nobel Prize winning authors, religious leaders, politicians, scientists, or mathematicians. The specifics of the collections are a matter of individual choice and liking.

While autographs may be worth hundreds of dollars for some, for a sincere hobbyist, his collection is a reflection of his admiration and loyalty for a celebrity and hence totally invaluable!