Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches

One of the most daunting tasks for the best man might be what he has to do at the wedding reception. Tradition dictates that the best man has to give a speech, and today, more and more brides are asking their maid or matron of honor to do the same thing. The thing about these wedding speeches is that no one every really knows what to say. Some people are naturally gifted and writing and delivering a great speech, but most people suffer through it, and have no idea what they should do or say.

I have twice now seen people freeze in the middle of wedding speeches out of pure fright. Perhaps there is a lot of pressure to give the perfect speech, and everyone fears their wedding speeches may be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Some people like to use humor, but this can be very tricky. Talking about the couples first date might be funny, but Grandma won’t like it if it involves drinking and public nudity. It’s hard to think of things that may interest everyone and the speakers often feel the pressure of this before they even stand up and open their mouth.

If you have to give a speech soon, you will be glad to know that help is out there. You can find good wedding speeches online that you can customize to the bride and groom. This may help you relax a little, because at least you know at the very least it was a good speech when you started. If you are having trouble personalizing the speech, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just make sure you pick something appropriate for everyone.

If you want to write your own wedding speeches, make sure you take some time to think it through, and run it by a few people before the big day. Try to stay away from saying anything you wouldn’t want anyone to say about you in front of all of your family and most of your close friends. You can use humor; just make sure you aren’t going to make Aunt Jane pass out. Remember to keep it simple. Great wedding speeches don’t have to be long and detailed; they simply have to come from the heart. If you write something that comes directly from your heart and your love of the couple, you really won’t have anything to worry about.

Dancing with the Stars Contestants – Where are they Now?

Dancing with the Stars Contestants – Where are they Now?

Several of the contestants on the hit ABC television show Dancing with the Stars have had some great success pulling their careers back into the public spotlight. With a large number of celebrities getting renewed attention due to the show, many others are starting to look for new ways to revive their careers. With a large number of celebrities starting to appear in the spotlight more and more following their stints on the show it is a great ability for many to locate a rejuvenated career.

Joey McIntyre has picked up quite a bit of publicity surrounding his performance. After successfully finishing in a third place finish for season one his band New Kids on the Block decided to create a reunion tour and also is working on promoting an album of new material that the group has recently released.

From season two the biggest name to make a splash recently has been Tatum O’Neal who was recently in legal troubles after being arrested by police in California over drug charges. The only other member of the season two cast to spark a huge career boost has been Drew Lachey who has appeared in all three Dancing with the Stars The Tour as well as also stood in for the show’s co-host while she delivered her baby.

Mario Lopez in season three brought back the attention that had since waned from his A.C. Slater days on Saved by the Bell. By turning to Broadway to star in A Chorus Line, he has certainly seen a renewed spark of attention.

For season four the biggest contestants ended up being Billy Ray Cyrus who is working to heavily boost his image as the father of Miley Cyrus the star of Hannah Montana. With plenty of publicity surrounding his teenage daughter he has made great advances in staying in the public spotlight, just not quite for his career per say.

In the midst of season five Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls spent a large amount of time in a very public paternity dispute with actor and comedian Eddie Murphy as well as working to organize a reunion tour with the girl power group Spice Girls. All of the publicity that was extended also poured over to Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is nicknamed “Pretty Boy” and he made several appearances on shows that earned him additional publicity as well.

With all of the celebrities involved in season six; it is rather quite on the home front. There have been so far no major attempts to really create massive amounts of publicity for the newest season. However, with the season just ending at the end of May it is extremely early into the summer to see exactly how the publicity that the contestants received will really pay out.

For all of the attention that is drawn, many of the contestants disappear into the background once their time on the show is over. For all of the attention and all of the viewers that the show pulls, it is also important to stay on the show long enough to actually gather a good following in order to see real results in the publicity and careers of each of the contestants. With so much going on for a few of the contestants, it is true that the career really can see a huge boost after a great run on the show.

31. Christmas Music

31. Christmas Music

Christmas music in the form of carols, songs stringed or instrumental
renditions, is constantly heard during the Christmas season. Music forms the
background against which everything else takes place to make the Christmas
season different from all others. Christmas music plays such a significant role
that during the entire season, other popular music temporarily disappears from
radio. That may be the reason for all the different types of Christmas music -
sacred, secular, popular and traditional – that have emerged throughout the
Popular and secular renditions of Christmas music has been developed by
musical artists and performers who ‘make over’ classic styles of Christmas music
with their own personal touch. One reason for popular make overs of Christmas
music may be because regular popular music is not heard during the holiday
season so pop musicians and artists do Christmas music to keep their voices
always in earshot of their fans and the general audience. It could also be that
they want to capitalize on the popularity of Christmas music.
Whatever the reason, it has become a trend for popular musical artists to
release new Christmas or holiday music albums during the season. Since variety
is the spice of life, it means there are more variations of secular, sacred,
classical or traditional and popular renditions of Christmas music that can be
Music at Christmas time is important to create the right mood. The
prevalence of Christmas music is what helps to create the special holiday type
of feeling or spirit that is present everywhere and among everyone. Everyone has
particular Christmas songs and carols that are favorites, maybe for the melody,
the lyrics or because they are reminders of special memories.
The most popular Christmas song is said to be ‘White Christmas,’ which is
popular even in warm and tropical climates where people sing of ‘dreaming of a
White Christmas,’ which in reality they would not want. Other popular Christmas
songs and carols are: Away in a Manger, which tells the Nativity story in song;
O Holy Night, Silent Night, Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels and Angels
we have Heard on High.
All of those songs are sacred and are all about the story of Jesus’ birth. Of
note also is Handel’s majestic ‘Hallelujah Chorus,’ which is a favorite that
choirs like to sing because of the splendor embodied in the music.
Nat King Cole’s ‘Chestnut Roasting On an Open Fire’ is a classical favorite. It
defies categorization as it isn’t sacred but is also not considered secular like
a song such as ‘Sleigh Ride.’ Among secular Christmas songs, there are also
funny ones such as ‘I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus Underneath the Mistletoe
Last Night’ and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The availability of a wide
Christmas music selection makes it possible to choose ones for different
occasions, such as for general use at home, for a fun or informal party or for a
formal dinner. As an example, selections can be made to create the right mood at
the start of a party, followed by more lively music when the party is in full
swing, and then selections to slow down the pace when the party is nearing its
It’s also important to note that professional groups such as choirs, symphonies
and orchestras will also record performances of Christmas music on albums. For
the very serious and critical music aficionados, these albums will provide
wonderful listening pleasure and also make good Christmas presents. Listening to
music from those groups is also a way of enjoying their performances if doesn’t
get the opportunity to attend a live concert by the professional group.
Whatever selections of Christmas music are made however, it’s likely that it
will create a festive mood and spirit among all who hear or are listening to the

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Action figures are very popular and seem to come out all the time for various movies. Children, especially boys, love to use them for pretend play. Godzilla is a very well known monster from the movies and so you will find plenty of action figures out there that are from such movies. With 28 different Godzilla movies released though you will find there are many variations to the look of Godzilla out there.
Even though there hasn’t been a new Godzilla movie out for a while, most toy stores still carry a good supply of these action figures. You may want to order them online though if you want a particular look. In fact, the look of Godzilla action figures from Japan is quite different from what you can get in the United States. You can easily have those more unique models shipped to you.
Godzilla is well known for the various types of action in his movies. Therefore it is no surprise that so many of the newer Godzilla action figures can perform various movements. Some of them have built in sounds that you can activate by pushing a button. Others are able to walk or to do various stunts so kids don’t even have to use their own imagination any more. In fact, some children will be very bored with just a basic Godzilla action figure that doesn’t do very much.
Not all Godzilla action figures get played with though. Many of them are in the hands of collectors and they remain in their original packaging. Some of them are extremely rare and so they are extremely valuable. Others are easier to get your hands on but collectors and enthusiasts still want them. They may be hoping the will increase in value as more time goes by.
There is no shortage of Godzilla fans out there though and new ones continue to emerge all the time. When there are films on TV of Godzilla or a new movie comes out there is a segment of viewers that are new to the images of Godzilla. They will then begin to look for such action figures as well. Of course there are also older fans that remember Godzilla from when they were a child and so they too search for fun action figures either to collect or to buy for their children.

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with a chocolate holiday gift? This most favorite confection has become a holiday tradition that many of us truly love, especially those of us on the receiving end

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with a chocolate holiday gift? This most favorite confection has become a holiday tradition that many of us truly love, especially those of us on the receiving end

Humor is an important element during this stressful time of year. If you know anyone who gets a little tense during the Christmas season you can inject a little humor into your chocolate holiday gift. There are a couple of options that are certain to evoke giggles and smiles.

The Christmas Survival Chocolate bar is a prime choice for stress-out friends and relatives. What could be more relaxing than a chocolaty escape? You can find this funny holiday chocolate bar conveniently on the Internet. This is a favorite choice for anyone who loves a laugh along with a treat.

Another great humorous choice is the Mistletoe Man Magnet. Now, this Christmas chocolate present comes equipped with mistletoe but I’m sure that the chocolate is alluring enough for most of us. The recipient is instructed to hold the bar over his head for optimal results. How irresistible is that?

Humorous Christmas presents are wonderful but there are occasions that call for something a little more serious. Whether you are looking for a great corporate Christmas gift to distribute or you just want to impress someone special. The wooden box assortment is ideal for you.

Companies that offer the wooden keepsake box along with the chocolates typically include seasonal flavors that are available during this time of year. Some of my personal favorites are the cherry blossom which is a fine mix of dried cherries, marzipan and deep, dark chocolate.

You can’t go wrong with the espresso flavored confections. These treats merge two favorites that most adults have come to know and love. You can find the espresso versions infused with a hint of hazelnut or vanilla. This is one of the most popular choices for this season.

Other Christmas-inspired flavors include sparkling cinnamon and rich raspberry. Of course, there are plain milk and dark chocolates in the mix as well. The wooden keepsake box is a wonderful choice not only for the treats but for the container as well. It is rare to find a keepsake along with a chocolate holiday gift.

When you are shopping around, try browsing through your chocolaty options this season. Your friends and family will be thrilled that you did.

1940s and 1950s in Las Vegas

1940s and 1950s in Las Vegas

Bugsy Siegel started out in Las Vegas in the 1940s. He took some already existing properties and just added to them. In 1941, the El Rancho Vegas was built among these properties almost right across the street from where the Sahara Hotel is located now.
Las Vegas was promoted as the Wild West combined with glamour. Hollywood’s connection helped the town grow and become a playground for celebrities. In 1947, Siegel opened the Flamingo Hotel and its showroom boasted many headline entertainers. There were Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.
Hotel growth was phenomenal during the 1950′s. The town was moving from a frontier type to an entertainment type of place. Entertainers such as Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen brought an elegance with them and builders started to add golf courses and tennis courts to the hotels. In 1952, the Binion Horseshoe Club would opened and would later become famous as the home of the World Poker Series. In 1955, the Showboat Hotel opened that not only had the best buffets in town, but also had a bowling alley and twenty four hour bingo games.
In 1956, Elvis Presley appeared at the New Frontier, but his fans were too young at the time to appreciate the shows. In 1958, the 1,065 room, 10 million dollar Stardust hotel was opened. The show that opened there “Lido de Paris” was the longest running show ever in Las Vegas.
Competition for tourist monies also brought sporting events to the town. The 1950′s saw the start of the PGA Tournament of Champions for golfing. Also, the wedding venue took off and Las Vegas became a popular destination to go and tie the knot. A lot of celebrities sparked this takeoff in weddings getting married there themselves. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are just one of the couples that took advantage of the chapels in Las Vegas.

American Influence Of Jazz Music

American Influence Of Jazz Music

The Jazz music sensation began to rub off on other parts of the world which encourages the experimentation of melding their familiar sounds with the essence of Jazz. In Europe’s country in the Region of France came the Quintette Du Hot Club de France who was responsible for the making of the early "Gypsy Jazz".

The Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt created gypsy jazz by mixing the style of French Musette which was used in the dance halls, eastern European Folk known as Jazz Manouche, and American swing of the 1930′s. The sound was developed by instruments from the string family which are a steel string guitar, violin, and an upright bass. The atmosphere of the Jazz music is seductive with sudden unpredictable twists, and accelerating rhythms. The French artist Bireli Lagrene plays this unique music with old elements of the past.

Another style of Jazz music that allowed the musicians to express themselves freely was the invention of Avant-garde or free Jazz music. Both of these styles stemmed from the Bebop era, yet produced a relaxed form of harmonic and rhythmic music in the 1940′s and 1950′s. The musicians John Coltrane, Dewey Redman, Charles Mingus, Sun Ra, Sam Rivers, Ornette Coleman and many more were the creators of the free Jazz music. Between the 1960′s and 1970′s the Latin musicians created the Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Jazz Music styles after Bebop musicians Dizzy Gillespie and Billy Taylor cultivated it.

Gillespie and Taylor was influenced by the music of Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians Chico O’farrill, Tito Puente, Chano Pozo, Xavier Cugat, Mario Bauza and Arturo Sandoval. Jazz music expressed in a Latin interpretation was termed Bossa Nova with origins in Samba music which is a mixture of Jazz, classical and pop music from the 20th century. Bossa is a moderate sound of music with Classical harmonic structure from Europe, Samba polyrhythm’s from Brazil and cool music. The tempo of such a work is about 120 beats per minute. The instruments used in this particular sound is nylon stringed guitar, piano, high hat tap of eighths, tapping on the rim of the drum like Sade’s "Sweetest Taboo", and a vocalist. The sound produced is a new relaxing sound where the acoustic sound of the guitar can lull one to sleep with it’s easy melodic line.

Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim became popular in the sixties with this style of music. The influence of Jazz music returned to the place of its origins in the religious music known as Urban Contemporary Gospel from the spirituals music. Much of spiritual music sung by southern slaves in the past has a haunting dark and mournful sound during the 1800 and 1900′s. The churches know as the sanctified or holy churches took a more happier approach by encouraging member to sing speak their personal testimonies as they celebrated with song and dance.

The sanctified artist Arizona Dranes who was a traveling pastor made recordings that would fit in many musical categories such as blues, and boogie-woogie with the use of Jazz instruments. At the time the Jazz instruments used with religious themed music were percussion and brass instruments.


Many of us were uncomfortable when movies on VHS began being phased out by the DVD. Yet we adjusted to this new technology without any problems. In fact, we came to really enjoy all of the features that DVD’s offered over VHS. We didn’t have to guess where to rewind or fast forward the materials to. We also can watch the many bonus features in addition to the main movie. Well, DVD’s now have some competition in the form of the Blu-Ray.
This is a type of high definition video so if you already have a TV set that high definition compatible you will have the very best possible picture available. In addition to being able to play the materials you can also copy information to blank Blu-Ray discs. They hold a great deal of information so you should have no problems at all storing the information you are interested in.
You may have noticed quite a selection of Blu-Ray materials at your local stores. The common ones including Target and Wal-Mart already carry them for all of the new releases. Most video rental stores also carry the newest movies out on Blu-Ray. Since not everyone has this capability it can help ensure you get your hands on those new releases when they are offered.
If you don’t think you will have to transform to Blu-Ray then you better think again. Many of the leaders in the areas of technology are going that direction. In addition, the major production companies including Disney, MGM, and Paramount are also looking at only releasing movies on Blu-Ray by 2010.
Consumers may have no choice but to buy the Blu-Ray discs in the next year or two. They will begin phasing out DVD formats just like they did with the VHS movies that many of us still have lying around our homes collecting dust. Right now Blu-Ray disc movies are just a couple dollars more than a DVD. It is expected that they will drop in price as DVD’s become obsolete.
Those of you that have had problems with scratches on DVD’s before will be very happy to learn that this is virtually impossible with Blu-Ray discs. This is because they use a laser and they have a protective coating on them.


The authentic Fendi Spy Bag is a fantastic addition to this Italian designer’s ensemble

The authentic Fendi Spy Bag is a fantastic addition to this Italian designer’s ensemble

The Italian designer is known for its many different products for good reason. Socialites, celebrities and models adore this powerhouse of fashion. An authentic Fendi Spy Bag is the epitome of attitude and looks that represent this designer’s overall personality. You can find this item on a number of people in the spotlight.

The first rate authentic Fendi Spy Bag is well named. There is wit and humor blended with high fashion. The mix of humor and elegance makes for a very attractive accessory indeed. Ladies of all ages would do well to add an authentic Fendi Spy Bag to their purse collection.

I am a fan of this particular Fendi purse because I love casual elegance. I want to feel dressy and attractive while still feeling comfortable and at ease. The well-made purse is roomy and fun but it is also so fine in quality and design that it is among the elite when it comes to this kind of accessory.

You can expect to pay over a grand for an authentic Fendi Spy Bag but this is a relatively small investment compared to some of the other purses offered by high end designers. Other handbags can run into the tens of thousands so when it comes to this level of quality, you really have a pretty nice bargain.

Considering that this bag is considerably less expensive than other top-notch fashion accessories, the authentic Fendi Spy Bag is typically sold out in many stores. Savvy shoppers know a good investment when they find one and this particular bag tends to fly off of the shelves.

The best place to locate this great deal in high fashion is online. There are plenty of retailers who have a nice collection of authentic Fendi Spy Bags for you to consider. Vendors offer a card of authenticity so you know that you are getting the real deal. Of course, you will be able to tell by a single glance and a touch.

The authentic Fendi Spy Bag is made of buttery soft leather that seems to melt under your fingers. The look is nearly impossible to duplicate and the feel of the bag can not be duplicated. Once you have your hands on an authentic Fendi Spy Bag you will know what all the fuss is about.

Why Ugg Boots are here to stay

Why Ugg Boots are here to stay

When ugg boots first hit the world by storm everyone was screaming how ugly they were.
Womens uggs have fast become one of the most fashionable items of footwear you could have in your closet.
Unlike many fashion trends however uggs are here to stay.
Top fashion/trend experts have predicted that although uggs are highly fashionable, they are not just a fashion craze that will pass over time.
Uggs have some major advantages that the unsuspecting wearer may not even be aware of and it is this that makes them so unique, versatile and quite simply wanted by women all over the world.
Originating from Australia they were soon introduced to the United States and the rest of the world.
World famous celebrities endorsed womens uggs, indeed Oprah Winfrey is a huge fan of the classic short ugg boots. With celebrities wearing them the rest of the world followed and ugg mania took hold.
Sales of womens uggs continue to be high and many stores regularly sell out of particular in vogue colours and styles.
Classic short ugg boots [pictured at the top of this page] have been the best selling style to date and the latest colour to hit the stores is purple.
Major ugg suppliers offer up to 8 different collections covering all height and style boots and slippers.
Most popular styles include classic, ultimate and essential each offering various height options.
Colours range from green, navy, orange, yellow, ruby and purple to white, black, sand and chestnut.
Fluffy uggs were launched a little later and have become popular being available in high fashion colours such as bright pink and baby blue.
Womens uggs are such a must have item because they are highly fashionable, unbelievably comfortable and have such exceptional advantages to them.