Poker Movies: Top 5 Films about Poker

Poker Movies: Top 5 Films about Poker

Since the golden age of the Western, poker playing has always been a popular theme in Hollywood. Although many of the Hollywood films that feature poker are not very good and some of them even display poker in a ridiculous manner, watching poker action on the big screen is great fun, especially if you play poker yourself.

Here are the best poker movies that were ever produced in Hollywood. Some of the movies are actually excellent movies regardless to their display of the poker game, while in others the poker games is the feature that makes them worth watching. However, if you are a poker fan, add these movies to your musts list.

The Sting directed by George Roy Hill in 1973

The Sting is less about poker and more about the art of card sharking but it will provide you two hours of sophisticated fun. The 1973 Academy award winner features young Paul Newman as the greatest con artist of them all who mentors young Robert Redford in the art of trickestry. David S. Warn screenplay is based on true con games stories.

The Cincinnati Kid directed by Norman Jewison in 1965

The classic stud poker film known for its climatic final hand and the unforgettable quote: Gets down to what its all about, doesn’t it? Making the wrong move at the right time</i>. In short, The Cincinnati Kid is about the battle between Steve Macqueen who plays a young poker player also known as The Kid and the veteran poker gambler known as The Man who is played by Edward G. Robinson during the Great Depression in New Orleans. It may not appear at any other list of best movies, but it certainly has one of the best poker scenes ever seen on the silver screen.

California Split directed by Robert Altman in 1974

California Split may not be the pick of Robert Altmans creation, but is one of the best movies to depict the messy everyday life of two professional gamblers played by George Segal and Elliott Gould. Like in many of Altman films, the narrative is not particularly straight and the end is not necessarily happy, but it does succeed in describing an authentic experience. Additionally, poker trivia fans would be thrilled to learn that poker legend Amarillo Slim plays a small role.

Rounders directed by John Dahl in 1998

It is hard to tell whether the movie pushed to the 21st century poker boom or the rise in the popularity of poker during the last decade made Rounders a cult hit. However, Rounders is one of the best poker films to display the contemporary high stake poker scene. The core of the movie is a long poker marathon in which Mat Damon and Edward Norton are trying to earn money to pay off the latter gambling debts. World Series of Poker champion Johnny Chan plays a featured role.

Maverick directed by Richard Donner in 1994

Although Maverick is not the most brilliant film ever made and some of the poker scenes are kinda silly, it is a fun and lightheaded poker movie. It might even provide you a basic idea on what it was like to be a rambling gambler in the old west card scene with Mel Gibson as a maverick who tries to earn enough money for the big five card draw poker tournament.

8 Steps To Writing A Great Children’s Book Manuscript

8 Steps To Writing A Great Children’s Book Manuscript

Let’s face it: some kids just don’t like to read. Increasingly, parents, teachers, librarians, and editors are looking for books that will appeal to reluctant readers. When I was writing The Best Books for Kids Who (Think They) Hate to Read (Random House), I read hundreds of children’s books, old and new, that I thought would fit the bill. I discovered that there are eight qualities possessed by great books for reluctant readers, and to my surprise some of my childhood favorites didn’t pass the test. If you can work at least three of the elements listed below into your book, it will have a good chance of being loved by all kids, even those to whom reading is a chore.

* Humor. Making kids laugh is essential to building a pleasant association with reading. But you need to understand what tickles kids’ funny bones at different ages. The humor in picture books is broad and very visual. Easy readers (and some picture books for ages 6 and up) begin to introduce verbal humor: wordplay, puns, double meanings. As kids move into the chapter book arena they can handle jokes that need a setup and a payoff that’s played out over several scenes. Dialogue, how characters react to each other, or the situation in which a character finds himself may be innately humorous.

* Well-Defined Characters. Many kids want to identify strongly with the characters in their books; for reluctant readers, this is essential. It doesn’t matter what the character looks like on the outside (be it space alien, a clown or a talking frog), on the inside this character needs to embody the perspective of the reader. This means the character is dealing with issues the reader might face, or seeing the world in a childlike way. Book characters must have multidimensional personalities with strengths and weaknesses in order for the reader to care about them and want to stick with them for the entire story. In nonfiction such as biographies, authors who find an element of their subject’s life that is relevant to the target audience have a better chance of reaching reluctant readers.

* Fast-Paced Plot. Kids who love to read don’t mind a story that takes a few chapters to unfold, but reluctant readers don’t have that much patience. The action needs to start in the first paragraph, and by the end of the first chapter the reader should know quite a bit about the main character and have a good idea about the conflict or problem that character will face. Subplots are fine for chapter books and up, but too many will get in the way of the forward movement of story. Keep the pages turning.

* Concise chapters. Ideally, each chapter should contain one clear event (or one specific point in nonfiction), and have an arc of its own (a beginning, middle and end). This makes reading even one chapter a satisfying experience. Chapters that end on a high note in the action will make the reader want to see what happens next. Episodic novels (where each chapter stands alone as a short story) are also good bets for reluctant readers. Richard Peck’s A Long Way from Chicago and Louis Sachar’s Sideways Stories from Wayside School are two middle grade examples.

* Kid Relevance. This applies to the themes and ideas that form the basis for plots or how an author approaches a nonfiction topic. These ideas should be relevant, meaningful, and applicable to the reader’s life. Instead of conveying a lesson your adult perspective tells you the reader needs to know, try using the reader’s frame of reference as a starting point. Write to your audience, not at them. And remember, books can be just for fun.

* Suitable Text. Depending on the age and ability of the reader, the text needs to be challenging but not overwhelming. Strive to write your story as clearly as you can, using active sentences and concrete nouns and verbs. When writing for a broad age range of reluctant readers (8-12, for example), make the vocabulary accessible to the younger end, but the interest level appealing to kids on the older end of the spectrum.

* Unique Presentation. Reluctant readers often choose nonfiction over fiction because it speaks to their personal interests. Finding a new or unusual slant to your topic helps keep that interest alive. Humor doesn’t hurt either. It’s Disgusting and We Ate It! True Food Facts from Around the World by James Solheim appeals to middle graders’ love of the gross while sneaking in some history on the side.

* Visual Appeal. Authors generally don’t have much say in a book’s design, but author/ illustrators might. Larger typeface, the generous use of white space, and illustrations that elaborate upon the text all help break up the string of words and make the book less intimidating to read.

Discover The Truth About All Natural Beauty

Discover The Truth About All Natural Beauty

All natural beauty is something many women want but few know they have. Instead, they get expensive surgeries done, literally risking their lives in the pursuit of a beauty standard that is not only unrealistic but is completely unreal. They use beauty products that damage their skin and hair and ultimately wind up in landfills when they don’t have the promised effects. Women are hurting themselves and the environment all in an effort to be beautiful.

Fortunately, there are many different ways women can achieve the all natural beauty that they so desperately want and deserve. Some of these ways are exceptionally easy to incorporate into a woman’s everyday life. Some of them may be a little bit trickier for some to get used to doing everyday but once fitted into a woman’s daily habits, they will be easy to maintain for a lifetime.

The first step to all natural beauty is to stop idolizing the models you see in magazines or on billboards. Stop looking to female celebrities and comparing yourself to them. Nearly all advertisements in magazines, billboards, even head shots used in portfolios, have been touched up in one way or another digitally to get rid of wrinkles, acne, or other unsightly blemishes. No woman can ever live up to how a model looks in a photo because the photo simply isn’t real.

Next, women everywhere need to realize how beautiful they already are. Everyone has flaws or imperfections that they don’t like about themselves; even models and celebrities. You need to quit focusing on where you think you don’t measure up and instead focus on things you like about yourself. For some women, finding things they appreciate about themselves can be a difficult task. Recruit friends and loved ones to tell you what they like about you. You don’t have to restrict yourself to looks, either.

Which leads to the next truth about all natural beauty: it comes from within. It may sound very cliché but the phrase has existed for a long time for a reason. Beautiful personalities, feeling confident in yourself without being cocky, helping others, and honestly caring for those around you will make you a truly beautiful person. People with picture perfect bodies but who have ugly hearts and souls may lead a charmed life on the outside but on the inside; things aren’t as lovely.

Because they are so mean and hurtful to those around them, they drive people away from them, and wind up alone in the end.
Surround yourself with people that are truly beautiful from the inside and you will not only be happier but you’ll stop turning to a Hollywood standard that even models and celebrities can’t live up to. Don’t be tempted to turn into a plastic person through plastic surgery or other extreme measures in order to be a fantasy version of someone who doesn’t know you exist. The truth about all natural beauty is in understanding the beauty within.

More Information Regarding The Importance Of Digital Music In Our Lives-It Is Something Very Mood Altering

More Information Regarding The Importance Of Digital Music In Our Lives-It Is Something Very Mood Altering

It is proven that music is a mood altering experience. Listening to digital music, depending on the environment around you, can provide you with different mood changing experiences. If you are in a nightclub and the music is bumping, there is just no doubt about it, you will be up on that dance floor moving all around and shaking your money maker! It is really incredible what listening to digital music can do for an individual.

It is really important for all of you to truly understand the great importance of listening to music and really feeling it. If you are sitting at home, lights are down low and maybe you are feeling a little bit sad about something, you could start listening to some of them tear in your beer type songs and before you know it, you are going to be crying your poor little eyes out.

Music tones and sounds literally do something that will change things in your brain wave, which causes moods to develop, whether they are feelings of romance, sadness, cheerfulness or complete throw down partying type of mood. If you really think about that it is kind of funny isn’t it, the way that listening to digital music can just put you into like a total trance of some sort.

Often times when I am sitting here writing articles I will play my digital music very low in the background and it really helps to put me in that right zone or mood, to continue doing what it is that I am doing. Some might think that it would be distracting but it really all depends on the type of music that you are playing. If you are needing to just relax, put in some of your softer, slower melodies and upon doing so, you will slowly start to feel yourself calm down a bit.

Digital music will continue to grown in its advancements with technology and there will be more and more new items coming out on the store shelves, for you all lucky enough to get to enjoy. Being in a really crabby mood is not something that any of us really want so if you feel yourself having one of those bad days, just go with it. Listen to some awesome digital music on your mp3 player, perhaps some really hard rock or whatever your preferences may be at that time.

You might find your digital music experience to be quite enlightening and even helpful at certain times in your life. Everyone out there has heard a song playing on the radio or wherever and began to think about a time in your life, that suddenly strikes up an emotion, which might cause you to shed a tear or two. This is perfectly normal, this is what good music is all about.

Enjoying digital music of all types, can be really healing for many people and most avid music lovers will tell you that life without music just would be no kind of life at all. So, keep listening and enjoying all of your digital music and whatever mood comes upon you, just go with it!

Movies on Global Warming

Movies on Global Warming

It seems that people are coming from all directions to make movies about global warming. Many people are moved to educate people about the subject and want to reach the widest possible audience. Books do not hold the appeal they once did. Now, people want to sit down and watch a movie to understand subjects like global warming.

Although Al Gore has a book by the same name, most people know An Inconvenient Truth as a feature length documentary movie. The movie boils down to a power-point presentation that Gore has given many times on the subject of global warming. Al Gore simply presents facts in a low-key, personable way. The film includes some biographical information about Al Gore, too.

The 60 Minutes documentary, The Age of Warming, which aired April 1, 2007, is a must-see for those interested in global warming. In it, correspondent Scott Pelley explores Antarctica to find evidence of global warming. There, Pelley finds that the Adelie and Chinstrap penguins are being endangered by loss of habitat. He also finds glaciers that are in the process of rapid melting into lakes. It is an eye opener.

Some fictional movies have been made with the theme of global warming. One is The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. While the science may not be precisely or even nearly right, the special effects are fantastic. It is a good old-fashioned disaster flick with all kinds of natural disasters. Bring out the popcorn, but do not expect to be educated.

An Earth Story, starring Ross Gelbspan and John Hutchison is another of those documentary-type movies. It tells the story about all those scary predictions of climate change due to global warming. The sub-title is An Alternative to Extinction. That alone should explain how dramatic this movie is. The solutions to global warming are equally dramatic.

Not exactly a traditional movie, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris’ Crisis as Opportunity: Living Better on a Hotter Planet is unique. Instead of being distraught and woeful, Sahtouris views global warming as a natural evolutionary process. She sees it as a beneficial challenge that will help people learn to live together as they never have before.

Energy Crossroads: A burning need to change course, is a documentary movie about the energy crisis. It deals with the amount of oil that will be left in the future and the different ways to overcome that crisis. However, a good part of this movie is devoted to a study of how energy issues are tied to global warming. It points to global warming as one of the reasons humans need to make changes.

There is a set of movies called the Secrets of the Millennium. Probably the best of this series is the one with information on global warming. It is titled Secrets of the Millennium: Man vs. Nature: Who Will Win? It dramatically exposes humans’ desires to control earth, while letting things get out of hand environmentally at the same time.

Many celebrities have made their own movies on global warming. Some of them are not available for viewing yet, and some of them can be seen on the internet. One example is global warming films by Leonardo DiCaprio that can be viewed on his website. As the reality of global warming sets in, more movies will certainly deal with the subject.

Intelligent And Satirical T-Shirts From Fusilly, Inc

Intelligent And Satirical T-Shirts From Fusilly, Inc

Tired of the same old t-shirts? Are you looking for something edgy and provocative? Or maybe a shirt with a little college humor to start the semester off right?

Fusilly, Inc. is proud to announce its launch as a new kind of T-Shirt company aiming to change the way T-Shirts are done. Starting with the premise that T-Shirts should be witty and relevant, Fusilly produces memorable, high-quality shirts that you’ll be excited to wear.

Fusilly Tees Are Witty

Offering a lighter look at today’s current events, Fusilly T-Shirts employ a mix of irony and intelligent satire to produce a line of clothing designed to make people laugh. One of our shirts boldly proclaims "I Is A College Graduate" capturing the ironic humor of an educated person talking with bad grammar.

Fusilly Tees are Provocative

Our shirts aren’t afraid to be controversial and confrontational. Want to get under people’s skin? Fusilly has the perfect tshirt to do just that. From the Iraq war to women’s suffrage, we’ve got T-Shirts that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Fusilly Tees are Relevant

Many of our shirts deal with the lighter side of up to the moment cultural issues. We touch on topics such as school prayer ("I prayed in school and look how I turned out") and even make homage to the latest trends in popular culture ("Shake & Bake" from Talladega Nights).

Fusilly Tees are Intelligent

Fusilly shirts are designed to make intelligent statements on what you care about most. Almost all of our shirts use a play on words to make subtle but sharp points. Intelligent commentary on your back; that’s what we’re all about.

All Fusilly T-Shirt are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and come with a 45 day money back guarantee. Shirts can be ordered online by credit card using PayPal.

Obtaining Your Favorite Celebrity Autographs

Obtaining Your Favorite Celebrity Autographs

Being a fan of any celebrity, particularly musicians, you may come to a point in your life where you want to have them autograph a CD, poster, or photo. Many fans collect autographs to display proudly in a showroom and many people collect autographs as a way to earn a profit by selling them later on down the road. Whatever your reason, getting a celebrity autograph can be quite a difficult task but not impossible.

If the person you are seeking an autograph from is fairly new in their career, it is much easier to request their autograph. A new career means that these musicians are playing the smaller venues, many of these venues allow for easy access backstage or to meet and greets after a show. These budding new artists are also usually more than willing to sign an autograph as they appreciate their fans much more in the beginning. You can often get photo opportunities as well as an autographed CD or photo.

Musicians who are at the high point in their career are often more difficult to attain an autograph from. You may have to join their online fan clubs for meet and greet opportunities. Even then, meet and greets are highly protected and do not allow personal photos or videos to be taken. You are often allowed an autograph and a digital photo taken by a professional photographer who will send digital versions of the photos via email. Meeting a celebrity through methods other than meet and greets usually requires some type of "hook up." Meaning, if you know someone who has some type of personal connection to the musician, the higher your chance of meeting them and requesting a photo and autograph.

A singer who is towards the end of their career or simply not as popular as they once were, are often more than willing to take a photo with you and sign an autograph. By this point in their career, they realize that the fans keep their bills paid and appreciate them more. Many celebrities continue to be approachable throughout all stages of their careers. However, they are much easier to connect with during the very early stages or late stages of their careers. Many celebrities who never regain momentum very often continue to have a strong fan base, so their autographs can still continue to be worth some value.

Once you have a nice collection of autographs, you can either keep them for yourself as nice reminders of meeting your favorite celebrities, or you can offer them up for auction and earn a nice profit from them. You can sell celebrity autographs at online auctions or specialty sites that deal with celebrity autographs. Depending on the celebrity and how controversial their lives are or were can determine just how much you can make. You would be surprised at what some celebrity autographs can go for. Also remember that you can purchase autographs and turn around and sell them for profit. Just be sure to learn about authenticity before purchasing random autographs.

Playing Instruments Makes Beautiful Music

Playing Instruments Makes Beautiful Music

Playing instruments is really like riding a bike. Playing an instrument is a physical, highly demanding, and coordinated activity. Nothing in playing instruments is neater than being able to get a hold of an older instrument and trying to make music out of it. One of the most important things when playing instruments is when you have just enough skill to be able to produce the music that you want. People who play instruments don’t understand why people who don’t play think its difficult, because it really isn’t.

Your child explores the world of music through singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening. Students in the early stages of music education learn by doing. Persons with almost any disability have ability when it comes to music. Experiencing music involves the creation of the following: playing instruments, dancing and singing. Creating, responding to and performing music are the fundamental music processes. Student’s experiences music through playing instruments, song and listening which makes playing music enjoyable and spontaneous. People have learned in many different ways about music and playing instruments, it definitely changed over the past 100 years. The making of music, musical intelligence, arises within the process of listening and playing.

All children derive a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from playing instruments. In the history of human race we have been writing playing instruments, songs and singing for thousands of years it is a way we express ourselves.. Playing instruments is a physical, highly demanding, and coordinated activity. Studying music is accomplished through many different methods, some of them are playing instruments, singing, and listening to music are just a few of the methods we use in our everyday lives. Since the beginning when musical instruments were invented, for some reason people have strived to convert them into automated self-playing instruments. Young people who continue playing instruments following the transition to secondary school have greater confidence in their own. Singing, listening, playing instruments, moving, performing, and creating enable them to develop artistic skills and knowledge.

For many people the experience of purchasing instruments and playing instruments has been signified by financial constraints. It is always important to consider value when buying an instrument. There are many choices when faced with buying a professional quality instruments.

Singing and playing instruments is actually a sign of being highly intelligent. Nobody know why people think playing instruments is difficult, it’s not. The more you practice and the more time you put into it the easier it gets.

Dvd Rental Database Check It Before You Go

Dvd Rental Database Check It Before You Go

Does this ever happen to you? You see a DVD advertised and you think to yourself, "wow, I really want to see that" but when you head to your local rental store you can’t remember what movies you said you wanted to see? I do that all the time, but now I’ve got a better way. I now check out dvd rental database for movie names before I even head off to a rental store.

No matter what type of rental service you use, you too can benefit from a dvd rental database. Most of us will not only forget the movie that we saw advertised months ago, but we also tend to only rent movies in a certain genre; comedies, romances, horror films, sci-fi, etc.

But, by going through a database we can open ourselves up to much more variety.

And, if you are a member of Netflix, or some other online service, that allows you to make a list of the movies you want to see (they get all fancy and call it a queue) than you can do that too.

Being able to scroll through the available movie titles ahead of time and add them to your queue can really save you a lot of time later. Many times, we decide to rent a movie on the spur of the moment which can make it hard to decide what to rent.

But, if you have taken time when you had time to make a list, this spur of the moment movie rental will be a lot easier. At that point all you have to do is decide what you are in the mood for and you are ready to go.

And, if you were wondering how the whole "spur of the moment" thing works when you get your movies in the mail, it’s because these online sites also have the option of streaming your videos right over the internet. Talk about instant gratification.

But, even if the movie you want to see isn’t available to be streamed (at this point, not all the movies in the Netflix, or Blockbuster libraries are available for streaming) you can still run to your local Redbox or video store and pick it up if you want to.

Some people do find that having an inexpensive subscription to one of these online services and combining that with the occasional trip to the local store gives them the greatest flexibility and availability in the titles they can rent… spur of the moment or not.

My kids think it is great fun to tease me about getting old and not being able to remember things. I think they are exaggerating, but even so, having a list of the movies on my "must see" list sure makes it a lot easier to know what I’m looking for before I head off to the video store.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss seeing a certain movie, you can use a dvd rental database to help you keep track too. You don’t need to be a member of an online site either, you can just go to their site and see listings of the available movies than make note of which ones you want to see. Easy as that.

Feeling Stressed? Use These Tips To Wind Down!

Feeling Stressed? Use These Tips To Wind Down!

Many people think that there is nothing that you can do about stress, but there are many practical ideas and tips that can help you cope with the challenge that every day stress brings. Take a look at some of the helpful tips below to see if you can start today to deal with the stress in your life.

Try taking up a hobby to relieve some of your stress. A hobby – whether it’s gardening, building model cars, writing, or whatever – can be a great way for you to forget whatever’s bothering you and just relax and have fun for a bit. Whenever you’re feeling stressed out, take some time to work on your hobby.

Trim down your schedule. Often we simply pile too much on ourselves and then become overwhelmed when we simply can’t keep up with our schedules. Whether we are taking classes at college, attending various social functions, or volunteering to work extra hours at work, we have to realize we can only accomplish so much.

Shake your body out on a daily basis! You may think you carry your stress only in your mind, but your body carries it just as much. Take ten minutes every day to let go and shake every part of your body. Stretch your legs, your neck, your arms and your back. Shake your hands for ten to fifteen seconds. Breathe deeply while doing these exercises. You’ll find you feel less stressed afterwards!

Don’t let your emotions get bottled up. Find a way to release them and you won’t feel as stressed. Some people feel better after venting to a friend, others prefer to write to get their feelings out. If you’re sad, cry for a bit. If you’re angry, try hitting a punching bag for a few minutes. If your emotions aren’t being pent up, you won’t be as stressed.

Identify what is stressful in your life. The key to minimizing the physical and psychological symptoms you might be experiencing as a result of stress, lies first in identifying what exactly is stressing you out. Is it your job? Is it too many financial obligations? While we can’t entirely eliminate such causes in their entirety, we can take steps to address the causative factors within the larger overall problem.

To help you deal with stress you should have a sense of humor. Having a sense of humor and understanding that it’s ok to laugh at yourself, will help your body fight off stress. So if you want to be stress-free, stop taking things so seriously and learn to have a sense of humor.

To help yourself get through a stressful and overwhelming day, prioritize. Think about your duties, decide what needs to get done, and what can be saved for another day. Knowing what you’re going to work on and what you’ll do next gives you a goal to work for, and makes dealing with a long assortment of tasks a little less stressful.

As you realize from the practical advice in the article above, there are many things that you can learn about handling the stress that comes your way. Start today to use this sound advice and you will be on your way to facing the challenges that come with dealing with the stressful situations in your life.